27 Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

There is always something new to learn about family and friends, even those we have known for a long time.

These free Thanksgiving conversation starters make the dinner party lively and fun.

It’s a fun Thanksgiving activity for adults and kids, especially teenagers.


Talk about your future plans and the things you have accomplished in the past.

It will be quite interesting to hear which three words the guests would use to describe themselves or what their perfect day would look like.

And who knows what odd things you’ll hear when guests answer the question: What makes your family special.

Thanksgiving conversations starters, free printable. Questions included: what event of this year are you thankful for? What would a perfect day look like for you?

These conversation cards are great for Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving dinner. Easy way to entertain family and friends.

Speaking of Friendsgiving, if you have been thinking about having a Friendsgiving this year or in the future, you’ll love the ideas for hosting a Cozy Friendsgiving.

In that article, you’ll find ideas for delicious food, fun invitations, awesome games, cool decorations, and fabulous party favors that also work as hostess gifts.

Make the Holidays Fun

Have a blast at the Christmas party!

Stuff those stockings with fun little gifts.

Fun For Kids

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27 Thanksgiving conversation starters, free printable. Questions included: if you had a pet turkey what would you name it? What do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving Day?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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