13 Action-Packed Dinosaur Party Games

Calling all the parents of dinosaur lovers to check out these dinosaur party games! The activities will liven up the party, bring laughter, and create great memories.

I know. Kids’ parties tend to be lively anyway, but organized games keep the group together and all the excitement in specific areas of the house.

From dino egg hunt to tail whip games, it’s all here. Get ready to plan a birthday party that your child will love!

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13 fantastic dinosaur party games for roaring good times

1. Design Your Dinosaur Masks for a Parade

Color your dinosaur mask with your favorite colors. And when you are done, hold a parade to introduce all the dinos at the party.

2. Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur

…if you dare.

“Pin something” is a popular game at parties. And no wonder. It is simple, and anyone can participate and do well. Check out the Pin the tail on the Dinosaur Games and choose your favorite.

3. Dinosaur Egg Stomp

This is one of the energetic dinosaur party games. I can see kids loving this! Stomping on eggs!

Thrilling dinosaur egg stomp game the kids will love.

a. Version 1: Dino and His Egg

For this game, you’ll need

  • inflated white balloons
  • string

Yes, that’s it.

Tie a balloon to each kid’s ankle. Use long enough string so the balloon drags on the floor. The kids try to crack the others’ eggs while protecting their own. The one who has his egg intact in the end wins.

b. Version 2: Dino Teams

Let’s not forget about dinosaur party games for teams!

You’ll need

  • inflated white balloons
  • something to build a nest (paper bags, crepe paper, blankets)
  • Build two nests and put the balloons in them.
  • Depending on the number of kids you have at the party you might need more than two nests.
  • Divide the kids into teams.
  • Each team will get a nest full of eggs they need to crack. Whichever team cracks the eggs first wins.

C. Egg Cracking Race

Turn it into a race.

Again, you’ll need the balloons and a nest. A nest for each team.

One team member at a time runs to the nest and cracks ONE egg. And then runs back to the start line. Then, the next team member runs to crack one, and so on.

And, of course, the team that cracks the eggs first wins.

I’d suggest you use real eggs… outside, but maybe I shouldn’t… that could be quite the mess! And the other parents might not be too happy about the egg-covered shoes either.

4. Know Your Dinos?

For this game, you simply print out images of dinosaurs and ask each team to identify them. Whichever team gets the most correct wins.

I’m amazed at how much even the little kids know about dinosaurs.

5. Dinosaur Egg and Spoon Race

So many dinosaur party games to play with eggs.

You’ll need eggs (plastic ones would be the best) and spoons.Play this game like you would any spoon race. Yay! Easy, cheap dinosaur party fun!

6. Dinosaur Tail Whip

Be a dinosaur in the city and knock over stuff!

These cool dinosaur tails are perfect for this game. Take turns wearing the tail and knock down objects.

You could make it a team competition. One tail for each team. One team member at a time knocks down an object and then hands the tail to the next member.

And your kid will probably play with the tails long after the party. So, the money would be well spent. He could even use them as throw pillows!

7. Dino Egg Hunt

Haha… more dino eggs!

For small kids, play just like any Easter egg hunt. Simply scatter eggs filled with surprises and send the kids to look for them.

You could also turn it into a treasure hunt. Print dinosaur footprints and tape them to the floor, leading the little hunters to the treasure.

Older kids would love a treasure hunt with clues. To make it more challenging, ask them to perform a specific task to receive the next clue.

8. Cave Painting

Crawl into a cave and draw a picture of a dinosaur. Exciting!!!

Make a cave with giant cardboard boxes. Are you saying you don’t have giant cardboard boxes? No worries. Make a cave any way you can with blankets, plastic tablecloths, or tri-fold poster boards.

Just be sure to put a piece of cardboard in the cave or something else the kids can draw on. Unless you want them to paint your blanket with fabric makers.

How about asking the kids to use fabric markers to decorate a blanket or a t-shirt for the birthday boy! That would be a super fun cave painting activity.

9. Dinosaur Escape Game

Help the dinos escape before a volcano erupts!

A fun cooperative game: Dinosaur Escape by Peaceful Kingdom. It is for 2-4 players, so it’s a great game for small parties.

10. Touch Dino Egg (Football)

For this game, you need

  • a football (spray paint one to look like a dinosaur egg or buy a fun, colorful one)

I’ve never played football, nor even watched a whole game. And I only know that there is such a thing as touch football. So, I’m not going to attempt to explain how to play this game except that you play it just like you’d play touch football.

11. Dinosaur Dart Game

No preps are required with this dinosaur dart game. Just hang it up and throw the balls. Whoever gets the most points wins.

The game is 30″ tall and comes with 12 sticky balls.

Your child will have hours of fun with this game even after the party!

12. Dinosaur Hunt

Hide dinosaur figurines or images in the party area and send the kids looking for them. Make it more challenging by giving everyone instructions on finding one specific dinosaur.

Dig up dinosaur bones game brings excitement to the party.

Another fun twist to this game would be burying dinosaur skeletons in the sand and asking the kids to dig them up.

Those dinos could also be party favors. Just attach tags to them thanking the guests for coming.

13. Activity Nook

Why do you need an activity nook in addition to all the fun you’re already providing? Well, you don’t need it, but it gives kids something to do

  • while waiting for everyone to arrive or
  • if they don’t want to play a game you planned

And on top of all that, it will save your sanity!

It’s ready to be used, so you don’t need to run around like a dinosaur grabbing things when one of the kids needs a break from the planned activities.

You can enjoy the party and go about it as planned. Yay!

Things to have in the activity corner

Make Great Memories

Create unforgettable memories for all your guests with these exciting dinosaur party games. With cave painting, dinosaur egg hunts, and all the roaring fun adventures, your party will surely be a hit.

Since you checked out these games, I assume you are planning a dinosaur-themed party. You should check out some amazing dinosaur party decoration and favor ideas that will make your party even more memorable.

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