27 Terrific Dinosaur Party Ideas You’ll Use

Easy dinosaur party ideas for a roaring fun birthday party. Cool ideas you'll use!


Isn’t that how the dinosaur party planning starts. Roaring with excitement or is it roaring with stress.

I kept putting off to write this party plan since I’m not that big on dinosaurs but after searching for ideas and coming up with ideas I kind of warmed up to the idea of having a dinosaur party.

I just don’t think my teenage daughters would be very thrilled with that party theme. So, I’ll leave it to you to host the most exciting dinosaur party!

Your dinosaur loving kid will love it!

And these dinosaur party ideas will make it a breeze for you.

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Dinosaur Party Plan

You can have a dino-some party without going nuts in the planning stage. After all parties should not make you need therapy unless it is My Tuesday Therapy.

I can’t guarantee that it won’t get crazy during the party with all the dino fans stomping and chomping but having a plan will certainly help!

So, let’s start!

Every party is more fun with cool

  1. invitations
  2. decorations
  3. games
  4. food
  5. favors

All those are covered in this dinosaur party plan. It has everything you need for hosting a dino-mite party!

Simply choose your favorites and you have your party plan all set!

Roar! Come on Over – Invitations

What do the dinosaurs say?
No idea but let’s go with “roar”.

Parties are so much more fun with guests! Invite your pals… or your kid’s pals to a roaring fun party with a dinosaur party invitation.

1. Stomp over and let’s party like a dinosaur!

Ready to party like a dinosaur?! I hope so!

Get your guests excited about the party with editable dinosaur invitation from Helia Design Co.

This party will be dino-mite!

2. Crack Me!

The amazing interactive crack me dinosaur egg invitation from Crack Me Creations entertains before and after the party.

Use it as a decoration or play games with it like dinosaur excavation.

The kids will talk about this unique dinosaur party invitation for a long time.

3. Donuts and Dinos

Dinosaurs are not only for boys. Girls can have the original party or one tailor made for girls: Donuts and Dinos or a Tea-Rex party.

Fun and sweet!

Of course, boys might enjoy a donuts-and-dinos party too. After all, boys are known for loving food.

Order your donuts and dinos invitation from Lainey Jane Designs and let the adventure begin!

8 Dino-Mite Decorations for Dinosaur Party

Enter the party through an awesome entrance and devour food from a food table adorned with a balloon garland and guarded by dinosaurs.

Easy Dinosaur Party Decorations.

Make your party unforgettable with a

  1. cool entrance
  2. amazing treat table
  3. fabulous centerpieces
  4. and other exciting details.

Doing those four things creates a dino-mite atmosphere!

1. Enter the Dinosaur Park

Though we don’t hang out at party entrances except when it’s time to go home and we just stand and talk for another half an hour, they do play an important part in parties.

Create a fun, welcoming entrance to set the mood for the party.

You can make an exciting yet cheap party entrance in various ways.

  • a sign at the door (dinosaur crossing, beware of dinosaur, dead end…)
  • theme colored balloons (green, brown, or whatever color you have chosen)
  • artificial vines and leaves (this inexpensive set of 12 ivy garlands will come handy at this party)
  • themed colored curling ribbon or streamer
  • dinosaur images

The very important thing is to hang them LOW enough for the kids to enjoy them.

Of course, that means that the parents if staying will be weaving through the vines and balloons too but who would not want to do that!

2. Dinosaur Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands! Can’t go wrong with those. They are easy to make and look terrific.

This set won’t break the bank and creates a fabulous backdrop for the dessert table and taking photos.

Get your Dinosaur party decor kit from Cactus Fiesta and you’ll have the most gorgeous food table.

3. DIY Backdrop for Roaring Fun Pictures

You can make this backdrop for few bucks.

  • You’ll need a green plastic tablecloth.
  • Fold it crosswise (the short ends together) and fringe one half.
  • Tape it to the wall folded with the fringes on the outside.
  • Attach a few images of dinosaurs. Hang them up with clear cord.
  • Hang up a dinosaur themed happy birthday banner or words such as roar, stomp, chomp.

Crepe paper texture is pretty cool and looks fun as a table runner. Crepe paper does bleed though so you might want to protect the table with a plastic table cloth.

4. Crepe Paper Is Perfect for This Party!

Get a set of crepe paper and use it as a

  1. fun backdrop for the food table
  2. stunning photo backdrop
  3. table covering for the food table (but like I said earlier crepe paper bleeds, so protect the table)
  4. or cut into streamers and use in place of artificial vine

The set has several shades of green crepe paper to make your dinosaur party amazing!

5. Dinosaur Centerpiece Sticks

Centerpiece sticks are one of the easiest ways to decorate tables. And easy is the important keyword here!

You can get this cute dinosaur centerpiece set from Big Dot of Happiness. It is printed on a heavy card stock and ready to be used.

Or do you need to tape it to the stick. I can’t remember. I should go check that. Okay, I checked and it comes unassembled with assembly stickers.

Want to make your own centerpiece sticks? Cool!

Print and cut dinosaur images or cool words like roar and stomp, and

tape to

  • skewers
  • dowels
  • chopsticks
  • small tree branch/stick (I really like this idea!!!)

Insert the centerpiece sticks into

  • jars
  • gift bags
  • vases
  • brown paper lunch bags

that are filled with

  • candy
  • dirt
  • rocks
  • plants

Or use them as photo props!

6. Dinosaur Figurines

Add excitement to your party with jumbo realistic looking dinosaur figurines placed on tables with fake or real plants.

Cut up or tear a piece of kraft paper for the dinosaurs to stomp on for an additional cool look. Adding a few big rocks would not hurt either. This is going to look awesome!

For less scary look you might want to use the fun colorful dinosaur toys.

7. Dinosaur Treat Stand

This must be the coolest way to serve treats at any dinosaur party!

Take a look at the dinosaur treat stand.

Serving food the awesome way turns any food into a dinosaur treat!

8. Plants and Rocks

Your party will already look amazing with the cool entrance and food table focal point but with little bit extra effort and few dollars you can add a ton of fun.

You might not want to bring huge rocks into your house but what you can do is to cover stools, boxes or pillows with paper bags or kraft paper to make them look like rocks.

Bring your plants fake or real into the party area.

Hang up streamers, curling ribbon or crepe paper from the ceiling (Yes, crepe paper will come handy!) to create the perfect atmosphere for the party.

13 Adventure Filled Dinosaur Party Games

Lots of stomping, chomping and roaring going on at this party.

Dinosaur Party Games to make the kids jump with joy!

1. Dinosaur Masks

Not exactly a game but a ton of fun. Expect to hear and see lots of dinosaur action when the kids get hold off the amazing dinosaur masks.

You’ve got 12 styles to choose from. All are handmade from felt. And the price is just right!

Which ones will you pick?

2. Pin the Head on the Dinosaur

…if you dare.

“Pin something” is a popular game at parties and something little kids enjoy.

You can find various versions such as pin the

  • head on the dinosaur
  • horn on the dinosaur
  • tail on the dinosaur
  • tooth on the dinosaur

Check out the pin the… on the dinosaur games and choose your favorite.

3. Dinosaur Egg Stomp

I can see kids loving this! Stomping on eggs!

a. Version 1: Dino and His Egg

For this game you’ll need

  • inflated white balloons
  • string

Yes, that’s it.

Tie a balloon to each kids’ ankle. Use long enough string so the balloon drags on the floor.

The kids try to crack the others’ eggs while protecting their own. The one who has his egg intact in the end wins.

b. Version 2: Dino Teams

You’ll need

  • inflated white balloons
  • something to build a nest (paper bags, crepe paper, blankets)

Build two nests and put the balloons in them.

Depending on the amount of kids you have at the party you might need more than two nests.

Divide the kids into teams.

Each team will get a nest full of eggs they need to crack. Whichever team cracks the eggs first, wins.

C. Egg Cracking Race

Turn it into a race.

Again, you’ll need the balloons and a nest. A nest for each team.

One team member at a time runs to the nest and cracks ONE egg. And then runs back to the start line. Then a next team member runs to crack one and so on.

And of course, the team that cracks the eggs first, wins.

I could suggest that you use real eggs outside but maybe I shouldn’t… that could be quite the mess!

And the other parents might not be too happy about the egg covered shoes either.

4. Know Your Dinos?

For this game you simply printout images of dinosaurs and ask each team to identify them. Whichever team gets most correct, wins.

I’m just amazed how much even the little kids know about dinosaurs. Test their knowledge with one of the many dinosaur quizzes out there.

5. Dinosaur Egg and Spoon Race

Lots of eggs going around here!

This game you play like you would any spoon race. Yay! Easy, cheap dinosaur party fun!

6. Dinosaur Tail Whip

Be a dinosaur in the city and knock over stuff!

These cool dinosaur tails are perfect for this game. Take turns wearing the tail and knock down objects.

You could make it a team competition. One tail for each team. One team member at a time knocks down an object and then hands the tail to the next member.

And your kid will probably play with the tails long after the party. So, the money would be well spent.

He could even use them as throw pillows!

7. Dino Egg Hunt

Haha… more dino eggs!

For small kids play just like any Easter egg hunt. Just simply scatter eggs filled with surprises and send the kids to look for them.

You could also turn it into a treasure hunt. Print dinosaur footprints and tape them to the floor to lead the little hunters to the treasure.

Older kids would love a treasure hunt with clues. Perhaps ask them to perform a specific task to receive the next clue.

8. Cave Painting

Crawl into a cave and draw a picture of a dinosaur. I can imagine the excitement.

Make a cave with giant cardboard boxes.

You saying you don’t have giant cardboard boxes? No worries.

Make a cave in any way you can with blankets, plastic tablecloths or tri-fold poster boards.

Just be sure to put in the cave a piece of cardboard or something else the kids can draw on. Unless you want them to paint your blanket with fabric makers.

Actually, not a bad idea! How about asking the kids to use fabric markers to decorate a blanket or a t-shirt for the birthday boy! That would be a super fun cave painting activity.

9. Dinosaur Escape Game

Help the dinos escape before a volcano erupts!

A fun cooperative game: Dinosaur Escape by Peaceful Kingdom. It is for 2-4 players so it’s a great game for small party.

10. Touch Dino Egg (Football)

For this game you need

a football (spray paint one to look like a dinosaur egg or buy a fun colorful one)

I should say I’ve never played football nor even watched a whole game. And I only know that there is such a thing as touch football.

So, I’m not going to attempt explaining how to play this game except that play it just like you’d play touch football.

11. Dinosaur Dart Game

Dinosaur Dart Game. Magnetic board.
Dinosaur Magnetic Dart Game from Amazon

No preps required with this dinosaur dart game. Just hang it up and shoot!

Good thing these are magnetic darts. The real ones would be quite dangerous. You’d have holes all over your wall.

The magnetic board has fun dinosaur images and points for hitting the target. Whoever gets the most points, wins.

Your child will have hours of fun with this game after the party too!

12. Dinosaur Hunt

I meant to only list a seven or so games but there are just so many options. I didn’t even get to crafts!

Hide dinosaur figurines or images in the party area and send the kids looking for them. Make it little bit more challenging and give everyone instructions on finding one specific dinosaur.

Another fun twist to this game would be burying dinosaur skeletons in sand and asking the kids to dig them up.

Perhaps that dino could be also a party favor. Just attach a tag to it thanking them for coming.

13. Activity Nook

Why do you need an activity nook in addition to all the fun you’re already providing? Well, you don’t need it but

it provides kids something to do

  • while waiting for everyone to arrive or
  • if they don’t want to play a game you planned

And on top of all that it will save your sanity!

It’s all there ready to be used so you don’t need to run around like a dinosaur grabbing things when little Mason needs a break from the planned activities.

You can just enjoy the party and go about it as planned. Yay!

Things to have in the activity corner

Dinosaur party printables. Coloring pages, dinosaur photo props, footprints.

Dinosaur Party Printables!!

So, the ones I have for you a a tiny bit different than the ones pictured. But they are AWESOME and FREE.

Grab the fun dinosaur party printables and let the roaring fun begin.

Delicious Dinosaur Party Food

Playing all those games makes the dinos hungry.

Serve them treats with cool names! And as you know food just tastes better that way.

Easy dinosaur party food ideas. Fun food names!

Separate the foods into Herbivore, Carnivore, and Sweetivore and label the food with fun dinosaur themed names.

1. Dinosaur Party Food Names

Here is a list of dinosaur party food names:


  1. Dinosaur Burgers – burgers
  2. Dino Buddies – dinosaur shaped nuggets
  3. Deviled Dino Eggs – deviled eggs
  4. Pterodactyl Wings – chicken wings
  5. Boulders – meatballs
  6. Dino Dogs – hot dogs
  7. Taco Rex – tacos


  1. Dinosaur Bones – yogurt or white candy-coated pretzels in various shapes
  2. Dino Scales – chips
  3. Dinosaur Eggs – green and red grapes
  4. Dino Toe Nails – Bugles
  5. Dinosaur Tail Slices – sliced kiwi
  6. Stegosaurus Spikes – triangle watermelon slices
  7. Herbivore Cups – carrot and celery sticks in a cup with a dip


  1. Lava Cakes – lava cakes
  2. Fossil Cookies – sugar cookies with a dino footprint pressed into it
  3. Dino Eggs – candy coated chocolate or jelly beans
  4. Rocks – rock candy
  5. Dino Kneecaps – doughnut holes
  6. Dig for Dinos – dirt cups topped with rock candy pieces and gummy dinos
  7. Dino Chow – popcorn, pretzels, dino gummies, candy coated chocolate
  8. Dino Droppings – chocolate covered raisins or any round chocolate like Whoppers® or Milk Duds®
  9. Slimy Swamp Sample – green jello
  10. Fruit-a-saurus – fruit salad


  1. Swamp Water – green soda
  2. Volcano Lava – red soda or juice
  3. Fresh Water – water in a pitcher
  4. Dino Cubes – freeze dino gummies in water or juice and use as ice in the drinks

With names like fruit-a-saurus and Stego spikes the kids will be devouring fruit instead of candy and cupcakes. And that would make the parents happy!

2. Dinosaur Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate dinosaurs roaming on cupcakes or at the end of a lollipop stick will be a hit!

Save money and make your own with a dinosaur chocolate lollipop mold.

3. Easy Dinosaur Cake DIY

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Heath® Bar crumbs (2 bags)
  • Rock candy
  • Dinos
  1. Prepare your favorite chocolate cake as usual.
  2. Put some frosting between the layers.
  3. Scrape a little bit of frosting along the sides.
  4. Decorate the top with frosting, Heath Bar crumbs and rock candy. And put some crumbs and rock candy around the cake too on the cake plate.
  5. I’m not a fan of toys on food but I have to admit adding a couple of dinosaur figurines would look awesome.

4. Dinosaur Cookies

Remember the dinosaur cookies with footprints? I had forgotten about those but I had written a note for myself to mention them again. Yay for notes!

Press a dino footprint on sugar cookies. That’s it. Easy peasy.

If you’re not into baking you could simply buy cookies from a store and dip them into chocolate and candy coating. Write “chomp, stomp, roar” on them.

Even easier solution is to attach a gummy or chocolate dinosaur to a cookie with a little bit of melted chocolate or candy coating.

And where can you get gummy dinosaurs. Here: gummy dinosaurs.

If you’d prefer to save even more time just order yummy dinosaur cookies from Sand S Country Delights (Etsy).

5 Awesome Dinosaur Favors

Send the guests home with amazing memories and cool party favors.

Dinosaur Party Favors The Kids Will Love

The easiest and most delicious party favor is a sweet treat. Kids would love that. Some parents not so much.

Besides the sweets, I’ve got other fantastic dinosaur party favor ideas for you!

These party favors are CHEAP but FUN! Those are the best kind.

1. Dinosaur Figurine

As I mentioned in the hunt game the dino they each find could be the party favor. Simple and fun!

These inexpensive glow in the dark dinosaurs work perfectly as party favors!

2. Dinosaur Egg with A Tiny Dino

I haven’t talked this much about eggs like ever!

Give awesome dinosaur eggs as party favors.

Each egg has a tiny dinosaur inside. The set also comes with cards with fun info about each dinosaur. This favor will bring smiles to your friends faces!

3. Dinosaur Crayons

These are so cute! Any little kid will be happy to get these dinosaur shaped crayons.

Each crayon set comes also with a fun coloring page and a label thanking him for coming.

4. Dinosaur Keychain

Keychains are awesome. You can use them to for keys or backpacks and you can even mark your thermos bottle or lunch bag with a cool dinosaur keychain.

5. Dinosaur Gift Bag

Seriously, these are the cutest.

Put anything in this bag and it will become a dinosaur favor.

Though these dinosaur favor bags look AWESOME they are inexpensive! And they come personalized. How cool is that.

Now you’ve got lots of ideas for the most amazing dinosaur party ever! Way more than the 27 I promised.

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

Dinosaur Party Ideas for a roaring fun birthday party!

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