Awesome Birthday Party Themes For Boys

Boys love to have fun! And these birthday party themes for boys are loaded with possibilities.

Pick your favorite… or you sons favorite and start planning the best birthday party ever.

Though I think these party ideas are cool for any age, you might also want to check out party themes for teenagers.

Cool Birthday Party Themes for Boys. Easy parties to host at home. Fun ideas for each to get you started. These themes work for any age from 1 to 11 year olds.

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Birthday Party At Home Ideas

Host an easy birthday party at home! Yeah, you’ll do the set up and clean up but you’ll save money. A party on a budget!

1. Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course Party For Boys. Fun birthday party theme for boys.

We all know that boys love to move around. And they love challenges. It’s all about the competition.

In this party, you’ll provide various obstacles for them. They don’t have to involve climbing walls or hopping over chairs but some kind of physical activity would be awesome.

  1. Turn everything you do into a challenge.
  2. Give each kid a punch card they can collect points for finishing each obstacle.
  3. In the end they can collect prizes for the points they earned.

Obstacle ideas for boys:

  • walk the balance beam
  • shoot paper cups with nerd guns
  • crawl through a tube
  • crawl under pool noodle arches
  • jump the pool noodle hurdles
  • build a Lego tower
  • build a card tower
  • knock down bowling pins
  • spin hula hoop
  • watch a movie quietly (oooh… this can be challenging)
  • minute-to-win-it games

Obstacle course works for a winter birthday party too! You can come up with all sorts of ideas to do outdoors like knocking over a snowman or throwing snowballs into a target.

2. Pirates – Ahoy Matey!

Pirate Party Decorations. A party in a box for boys. (malilavstudio)
Pirate Party In a Box from Malilav Studio

Lots of fun stuff comes with this Pirate Party in a Box from Malilav Studio. You’ll get banners, cupcake toppers, balloons, placemats etc.

Celebrate your Cap’n in style with puffy shirts, eye patches, and swords.

Invite all the pirate friends to a fun pirate birthday party filled with adventures.

Start by decorating with treasure chests, red and white striped table runners, and gold wrapped chocolate coins.

3. Construction – Let’s Build Something

Construction Birthday Party For Boys
Construction Party Signs from Bebe Parties

Boys do seem to like to tear down stuff but they also love to build.

A party with building blocks or construction vehicles is totally cool.

These fun construction party signs from Bebe Parties make your party area to look like a construction site.

Build towers or see which team can put together a lego vehicle fastest.

If you’re into woodworking, build something together. A small project the guests can take home; or build a fort or club house for the birthday boy.

You could also play a round of lego scavenger hunt or see who can name the most construction vehicles.

Serve dirt cups or rice krispy treats decorated to look like building blocks.

Use toy trucks to serve wrapped treats.

4. Surf’s Up – Let’s Ride the Wave!

Surfboard for Surf's Up Party for Boys. Fun birthday party theme for boys. (seagypsys)
Surf Board Wall Art from SeaGypsys

A fun theme for the summer! Go to the beach or host the party at home.

Blast beach themed music, decorate with surf boards, and “ride the wave”-signs.

The cool surf board wall art from SeaGypsys is perfect for this party and as a room decor. Use it later for any Luau party you host.

Play games with water balloons and water guns.

The great thing about summer parties is that you can keep all the commotion and noise outside…

5. Jungle – Meet the King of the Jungle

Jungle/Safari Party Banner. A fun way to decorate a Safari themed party for boys (sassabyparties)
Safari Party Banner from Sassaby Parties

Jungle theme is not only for toddlers. Boys of any age will have an awesome time with this party theme.

Take them on an adventure in the “jungle” they will always remember.

Wish Happy Birthday with the safari birthday party banner. The banner is editable!

Play games like Jungle Fruit Pop:

  • You’ll need inflated balloons and strings for everyone. Tie a balloon (jungle fruit) around the ankle.
  • Try to pop the other players balloon before they get to yours. If your balloon gets popped, guess what, you are out.
  • The winner is the one whose jungle fruit didn’t get popped.

Serve yummy treats like banana splits. Now, who would not like that!

6. Sharks – Yikes!

Have a Jawsome Birthday Banner for Sharks Party
Shark Birthday Party Banner from Pam Banners

Kind of related to the surf’s up party but with the element of danger…

No matter how cute the Baby Shark and his song is I’d not want to be greeted by one.

The sharks in the Jawsome Birthday Party Banner look more like what I picture sharks being…

Whether you choose cute sharks or scary sharks theme, this party is amazing!

Turn serving bowls into shark mouths by attaching shark teeth around the rim. That way the kids will reach into a shark’s mouth to get snacks like goldfish or Swedish fish.

And where can you find shark teeth? Make some from cardstock.

7. Medieval Knights

Medieval Knight Party Decorations. A fun theme for combined party for boys and girls. (maydetails)
Knight Party Decorations from May Details

A knight in shining armor… sounds romantic. But all romance aside. It’s time to think about all the COOL stuff knights do.

These fun knight party decorations from May Details will get you started in creating a party area fit for a king… or a knight.

Enjoy a meal at the King’s round table and participate in the exciting medieval tournament.

Play games:

  • ringtoss
  • jousting (the pool noodle version one)
  • dragon egg scavenger hunt

8. Dinosaur – Roaring Fun!

Feed the Dinosaur Game for Dinosaur Birthday Party (designsbyjessiev)
Feed The Dinosaur Game from Designs By Jessie V

Your son likes dinosaurus? He is in great company!

Host a fun-filled dinosaur party for your little guy. He’ll LOVE it!

From digging up dinosaur bones in the backyard or feeding a dinosaur, this party makes you go “ROAR!”. Or whatever it is that a dinosaur says.

Get feed the dinosaur game from Designs by Jessie V and let the feeding competition begin.

I’ve got a Dinosaur Party Ideas for You! EVERYTHING you need for hosting this action packed party for boys… or dino-loving girls.

9. Spiderman – Superheros Are Cool!

Spiderman Party Backdrop for An Exciting Birthday Party for Boys (violetpartydesign)
Spiderman Backdrop from Violet Party Design

Honestly, I don’t even like to write the word spider… spooky. But I’ve noticed that boys really like Spiderman so it has to be on this list of party themes for boys.

With a cool Spiderman party backdrop from Violet Party Designs the guys feel like they’re right in the middle of the action.

Play games like

  • pin the spider on the web
  • string laser maze

10. Harry Potter – Always Awesome

Harry Potter Party Invitation Editable (donaldarticticdesign)
Harry Potter Party Invitation from Donald Artictic Design

Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

I like the story of Harry Potter and I really enjoyed throwing a Harry Potter party… twice.

Many awesome Harry Potter party invitations to choose from, I like this one from Donald Artictic Design.

Now you and your kids can enter the world of magic and wizards with these cool ideas:

Check out the Harry Potter party guide for all the ideas.

11. Airplane – Welcome Aboard!

Airplane Party Invitation. A cool party theme for boys 8 years old. (celebrateboutique)
Airplane Party Invitation from Celebrate Boutique

Airplane parties aren’t only for little kids. 8 or 10 year olds would still totally have a blast with this party theme.

Have a crew ready to serve and entertain the passengers.

Turn a part of your party area into an airplane and eat in-flight snacks from little trays and watch a movie.

Do fun activities at your airport too like a scavenger hunt looking for the lost luggage.

Lots of fun possibilities with this party.

12. Dr. Seuss Seussibration

Dr. Seuss Party Ideas. Complete Dr. Seuss party plan.

Dr. Seuss is not only for babies and two year olds. This party totally rocks it with it’s intriguing quotes and crazy games.

Invite over all the Things and see if you can keep them contained in the party area.

I’ve got awesome Dr. Seuss party ideas for you. Everything from invitations to favors. This Dr. Seuss party plan has it all!

You’ll have such a great time planning and hosting a birthday party for your little dude.

I hope these themes gave you inspiration.

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Birthday Party Themes for Boys. Fun birthday party ideas for boys. Parties to host at home.

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