A Paris Themed Party That Makes You Go “Oh La La!”

Having a Paris Themed Party is the next best thing to a vacation in Paris!

With these ideas you’ll plan and host a Paris party with ease. You will feel like you are in Paris!

This is a fun theme for birthdays, sweet sixteen, baby showers, or wedding showers.

You’ll love the ideas for

  1. color schemes
  2. invitations
  3. decorations
  4. games
  5. food
  6. favors

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Paris Party Ideas. Cool Ideas for Paris Themed Party from Invitations to Party Favors.
Image Permission: Canva

1. Pick Your Colors for Paris Themed Party

So many choices. I’ll present you a few.

1. Black and Pink

Black and pink are very popular colors for a Paris themed party.

It is easy to find party supplies for this color scheme but you don’t have to limit yourself to those colors.

2. Bold and Bright

Paris Themed Party Color Scheme
Image Permission: Canva

Look at images of Paris like the two above and be inspired.

The cafe scene with red, white and blue reminds me of the French flag. That’s the color theme I chose for our Paris party.

You could add some gold and twinkling lights to make your party sparkle.

Night in Paris. Beautiful. Midnight blue, gold, with silver sprinkled here and there will create a stunning atmosphere for the party.

3. Soft and Chic

Paris Themed Party Color Scheme. Soft and beautiful.
Image Permission: Canva

Beautiful pink combined with white will create the perfect surroundings. Add some sky blue and lovely green in the mix and you are all set.

2. Paris Themed Party Invitations

Party invitations can help you to choose your party colors. I picked here a couple of different color schemes and styles to get your started.

1. Pretty Pink

This invitation is lovely for a pink and white (or black) Paris party.

Everything about the invitation from the delicate blush colors to elegant font lets the guests know they are invited to a chic Parisian party.

2. Cute Teal

Invite your guests over with this beautiful Paris themed invitation from Sarah Finn Design.

I love the color combination. Teal, lavender, apricot. Looks quite fun!

3. A Night In Paris

A magical night in the Paris!

Celebrate in style: starry sky, Eiffel Tower covered in twinkling lights, what could look more enchanting.

Night in Paris invitation from The Creative Buzz (digital or printed.)

3. Parisian Party Decorations

It is time to choose your party decor!

1. The Easy Thing

The easiest thing is to go with the

  • themed paper plates
  • plastic champagne glasses
  • a striped, polkadot, or chevron table runner. Wrapping paper works well as a table runner. Check out the fun styles!
  • Eiffel Tower centerpiece
  • few honeycombs hanging over the table. Hang them low enough for kids. These honeycombs are perfect for Paris themed party.

And that is just awesome but if you’d like to do something little different, I’ve got bunch of cool ideas for you!

2. DIY Eiffel Tower and Paris Cafe

Our Paris party had a Paris cafe theme.

Paris Themed Party for Kids. Paris Cafe party ideas. DIY Eiffel Tower.

When it comes to decorating I like to look around the house and see if there is anything we already have that can be used for creating the fun atmosphere.

For this party, I set up a cafe in our living room. Pushed the couch and chairs out of the way. Brought in a couple of round patio tables and a bench.

The tables were simply decorated with tablecloths and led candles.

A few green plants and flowers in fancy vases added a nice touch.

We put blue, white, and red gems in glass bowls with the led candles; and hung up blue, white and red honeycombs above the tables.

We made an Eiffel Tower out of cardboard. My daughter drew it and I cut it out.

I pushed 100 lights through the cardboard. It helped to start at the top (50 on each side).

3. Eiffel Tower

Paris Party Decorations. Eiffel Tower decorations
Image Permission: Canva

What would a Paris themed party be without an Eiffel Tower.

Use them as centerpieces or photo props. Adorn the towers with flowers or twinkling lights.

Check out this collection of Eiffel Towers in various sizes and colors. You’ll be sure to find something you like.

4. Cake Stands and Pastries

A dessert stand is not only pretty to look at but also a handy way to display all the delicious Paris party desserts.

Using desserts as centerpieces is fun and it also saves money on decorations and who would not like that!

3 Tier gold cake stand will serve you well for many years from baby showers to Christmas parties.

You can easily take it apart and store in small space to wait for another party or use it for fruit, real or fake, or as a jewelry stand.

These mini cake stands are so cute. I bet your guests, young and old(er), would be thrilled to find an adorable cake waiting just for them.

I wish I had thought of these before! Maybe I’ll get a few for my next party. And what’s stopping me from using these on a plain, normal no-party day.

A mini cake stand is cute but a big cake stand with dome looks awesome as a centerpiece as well.

5. Art

French and art go hand in hand.

Hang up a few paintings. Or put a few smaller ones on the dessert table or use as centerpieces.

They don’t have to be artwork by Monet, van Cogh or other famous French artists. You could simply hang up your kid’s paintings.

Use art supplies as decorations. Create a fun centerpiece with paint brushes and paint.

If you have an easel, prop it up and place an empty canvas on it. Leave art supplies near it and see what the guests produce together.

6. Flowers

Paris party decorations: red roses, a rose in a round vase
Image Permission: Canva

Flowers in a simple vase look stunning.

Perhaps you already have real or artificial flowers at home that you can use as decorations.

If not check out these vases and flowers.

The vase and flowers can be any color. If you go for example with blue decorations for your Paris party then use a blue vase or blue flowers.

Tie a blue ribbon around the vase. Or fill a clear vase with blue gems.

Another super lovely idea is placing flowers in trumpet vases, or flower balls on tall flower stands.

7. Bikes and Baskets

Paris Party Decorations. Bikes and Baskets Filled With Flowers and Bread.
Image Permission: Canva

Doesn’t everyone in Paris ride a bike with a basket full of flowers or bread?

Bring in a bike with a basket. Fill the basket fit flowers and baguette wrapped in paper or gingham cloth.

We have a tiny decorative bike that we put on display along a painting done by the birthday girl. It was a Paris themed painting.

8. Chandeliers

Paris and chandeliers. Bring little bit of bling to your party with a fancy chandelier.

If you don’t have a crystal chandelier, but do have some kind of chandelier above your dining room table, turn it into a lovely Parisian chandelier with an inexpensive string of pearls.

Add few crystals and you’re all set.

9. Fashionista

What a fun quote to display at your party! Get the “keep your heels high” printable from Enchanted Designs 4 U.

To continue with the high heel theme… these high heel decorations will add sparkle to your party. From cupcake toppers, and danglers to glass slippers, it is all there.

10. Backdrops

A beautiful backdrop makes you feel like you are in Paris.

Check out these gorgeous and inexpensive Paris backdrops.

11. This and That

Paris Themed Party Decorations.
Image Permission: Canva

You probably have many of these items at home already. Yay! Use what you have and save money on decorations!

A bottle of sparkling juice (or champagne for adults) and champagne glasses would be awesome as a centerpiece. Add rose petals and pearls for a chic look.

Display copper kettles, coffee grinders, mugs, books… all kinds of cool things you might find in a Paris cafe.

Check out French phrases, words or quotes and put them in your theme colored frames or print them with theme colors.

For example:

  • Oh La La
  • Bon Appetit
  • Bonjour
  • Au Revoir
  • Plus on est de fous, plus on rit (according to google this means “the more the merrier”.)

You could also frame post cards, images of Paris, or a cafe menu.

And why not have around a few fashion magazines too.

Fun Tip

If you have a large party, make the tables little bit different. One table could be the art table, next one Paris at night, fashionista or French cafe.

4. Paris Themed Party Games

What would you do in Paris? Go to a fashion or art show? Visit one of the numerous cafes?

1. Fabulous Fashion Show

Metallic fringe curtains make a perfect backdrop for a fashion show. Hang up one over a doorway for a cool entrance.

These fringe curtains come in many colors including blue, white, red, pink, black, and champagne.

We had a fashion show at our party and since I didn’t think to use fringe curtains, I wish I had, I made a backdrop with curling ribbon.

I cut up blue, white and red ribbon and hung them up so it looked like the French flag.

I’m sure your birthday girl and her friends will have a blast walking the runway in creative outfits.

2. Fashion Designer

Become a fashion designer and put your own ideas on paper.

Fashion design book comes handy. Give everyone a page or few to work on. It will be fun to see what they can come up with.

3. All About Art

Art is such a big part of French culture so, how about making art.

Get inexpensive canvas, frames etc. for the art session.

Paint, sculpt, draw; and have an art show.

4. Be a Baker

Love the European pastries!

Put on aprons and get busy baking delicious pastries or bread.

Truffles are easy to make and they are oh so yummy!


*12 oz of milk or dark chocolate
*1/3 c of cream
*1 tsp vanilla

1. Put chocolate and cream in a double boiler and cook until chocolate melts.
2. Stir in vanilla.
3. Let it cool and set. (Pour it in another dish to make it cool faster.)
4. Once it’s set, scoop it with a small cookie scoop and roll into balls.
5. Decorate with sprinkles, coconut flakes, chocolate curls, cacao powder, melted chocolate, icing.

A couple of books to consider:

5. Make a Flower Basket

Cherry blossoms, peonies, lilies.

Lily – fleur de lis is a common symbol in French culture.

Make cute flower arrangements for the girls to take home. Decorate inexpensive Eiffel Towers with flowers or put flowers in baskets or vases.

6. Baguette Toss

This is going to be so much fun. Go outside and throw a baguette. The one who throws it farther wins.

7. Eiffel Tower Ring Toss

Get a plastic Eiffel Tower and throw plastic rings on it.

8. Pin to Eiffel Tower

Draw Eiffel Tower on a big piece of paper or get a poster and pin something to it like flowers or butterflies.

9. Build an Eiffel Tower

Build an Eiffel Tower with pipe cleaners.

10. Artist Relay Race

You’ll need all or some of the following items for each team:

  • beret
  • paint palette
  • paint brush
  • easel
  • canvas or paper
  • paper slips with ideas to paint

One person at a time from each team, carries the art stuff to the “painting spot”. She puts on the beret, sets up the easel and canvas and paints whatever her paper slip tells her to paint.

Then she brings the art set to the next person in the team.

Whichever team finishes first wins.

11. Throw into the beret

Place a beret on the floor and stand back a few feet and throw chocolate coins in it.

You could also do this as a two person teams. One person throws the coins and the other one tries to catch them with the beret. Whichever team gets most coins in the beret wins.

12. Make a Puzzle

Split into teams and see how fast they can put together this gorgeous Paris puzzle.

This puzzle has only 300 pieces so it should not be too difficult.

13. Board Games

Depending on the size of your party and the ages of your guests these board games can provide fun entertainment.

14. Paris Bingo

Everyone will enjoy a few rounds of Paris Bingo! A cute, fun, and easy game that goes well with this fun party theme.

5. Paris Party Food

To make your party fancy, serve drinks from champagne glasses, place food on cake stands and pretty platters.

1. Something Bubbly

Champagne for adults, sparkling juice for kids.

2. Something Hot

Serve coffee or hot chocolate. And to impress you guests, make a cool heart on the hot chocolate.

3. Cookies In Fun Shapes

Adorable Eiffel Tower and poodle cookies . These cookies from Bradley David Bakes come in several delicious flavors: vanilla, champagne, red velvet, and funfetti to mention few.

Want to make your own Paris themed cookies? Awesome!!

Get cookie cutters in fun theme fitting shapes such as poodles, fleur de lis, Eiffel Tower, and champagne flute.

4. French Macarons In Several Flavors (gluten free)

I absolutely love the way macarons look. Almost too cute to eat. Put them on a pretty cake stand and you have a lovely centerpiece for the party.

Take a look at these cute macarons in several flavors such as peach, raspberry, and rose.

5. Baguette

Serve plain or top with yummy toppings. Maybe you could have a create your own baguette bar. All you would need is baguette and fun toppings.

6. Smile! It’s Time For Cheese!

French love cheese so having a cheese platter at your party would be perfect.

You could go fancy and serve various French cheese.

But if the party is for kids you’d be just wasting money on fancy cheese. My guess is most kids would prefer cheddar, monterey jack, and gouda.

7. Flaky Croissants

I love croissants. They taste good just like that or you can stuff them with whatever you like.

Just like with the baguette, you could have a croissant bar.

8. Delicious Madeleines

So yummy. Tiny cakes with shell-shape. You can easily make these yourself if you have a Madeleine pan or get a box from Costco.

9. Sweet Eclairs

Are there any other kind eclairs but sweet? I could have called them awesome but sweet it is.

I made eclairs once. They turned out fine but for kids parties I’d just go with the frozen ones you can get from Aldi or GFS.

And I think those work for adult parties too. Easy food, that’s my thing.

10. Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers turn any food into Paris party food.

Stick them into cupcakes, fruit, sandwiches, or vegetables.

6. Paris Themed Party Favors

Send the guests home with awesome memories and cool party favors.

1. Macaron Soap

These look delicious but don’t eat them!

Your guests will love the French Macaron Soap party favor from Southern Art Soap. They come in various colors from beige to rose gold; and also in many lovely scents from almond to white tea.

And just in case you wonder, they are goat milk based.

2. Eiffel Tower Compact Mirror

Cute compact mirror is something every lady no matter what age needs. Check out the various Eiffel Tower compact mirror styles.

3. Eiffel Tower Necklace

This necklace is so cute. Surprise everyone with an Eiffel Tower necklace from Art Bows.

They come in various colors so they will go with whatever color theme you chose!

4. Food

You can always use the food as a party favor. Wrap a few macarons or an eclair to take home.

Easy peasy and so yummy!

Enjoy your day or night in Paris. It will be fun!

Want to explore other party themes for girls? You’ll love these ideas for your next party!

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