What Every Mom Needs For Stress Free Summer!

Summer is here! And so are the kids! No matter whether you are a stay-at-home mom, homeshcooling mom, work-outside-the-home mom, summer is different!

We want to enjoy the sunshine, relax and sip tea on the front porch. The feeling of freedom! Stress free summer… at least less stressful summer!

Summer is here! Picture: two girls at the beach enjoying the sunset.

Be prepared this summer for the road trips, beach days, “I’m bored” moments etc. so you can enjoy the amazing summer feeling. You’ll find here ideas for kids of all ages.

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These 5 things will help the summer go more smoothly:

  1. Road Trip Ideas
  2. Chore Charts
  3. Easy Meals
  4. Boredom Busters
  5. Beach Bag Ready To Go

1. Road Trip Ideas

Summer often means road trips visiting family and friends, driving to exciting vacation spots or exploring sights at surrounding areas.

I’ve noticed that kids always get hungry in the car… and restless.

Here are some ideas for making the road trips more fun for everyone.

Healthy Summer Snacks. Apple, bananas, broccoli, strawberries.
Image Permission: Canva

a. Snacks for Everyone

Candy and chips! If sugar-high junk-loaded kids are not what you’d like to have then maybe these healthier options are what you are looking for:

  • Vegetables and Dip

Cut up veggies make such an easy snack for the road trips and you can keep them in small containers in the fridge ready to go.  But what would celery, carrots and broccoli be without yummy dips.

Check out these kid-friendly veggie dips from Super Healthy Kids

  •  Fruit

Fruit is another simple healthy snack to bring along. Some of them are not as easy to keep around cut up and ready to go but it won’t take too long to get them ready.

Imagine sitting in a car eating yummy peaches and tasty watermelon and enjoying the scenery.

  • Cheese Sticks

Cheese. Yummy!

  • Trail Mix

A trail mix is another thing that you can have in the pantry waiting to be grabbed for the next trip. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit… and maybe a few M&Ms…

Since the meaning of the word “healthy” depends on whom you talk to here are some other ideas…

b. Snack Trays and Other Essentials

This tray comes with foam and plastic tray inserts so it is not flimsy but provides a firm, solid surface for snack or playtime. It has deep pockets on the sides for coloring books and toys.

And with the adjustable trap it can be turned into a backpack and carried around.

  • Iceless Cooler

Don’t want to deal with ice? No worries, this awesome Igloo Iceless Cooler will keep your food cold without ice! Just plug it into 12V DC and you are ready to go.

With an adapter cord you can also plug it into a regular outlet.

  • Multi-Use Container

Trash… not a nice sight. Keep your car neat with this handy garbage can.

This container is waterproof, it can be used as a trash can, toy storage or a cooler! It is also collapsible so you can store it in a small space when not in use.

c. Travel Games

Keep the kids entertained with some fun travel games

1. Magnetic Board Games

No more lost game pieces. Keep them all secure on these Magnetic Board Games. 12 games individually boxed!

2. Travel Scavenger Hunt for Tweens

Keep the tweens busy with this free printable Travel Scavenger Hunt from Meander Coast.

3. Travel Activity Bag

Make your own with coloring books, little toys and crafts or check out this awesome Travel Activity Bag. It is intended for ages 3 and up. It has 15 cool items to keep your little one busy.

The variety is sure to please the traveling child!

4. Printable Car Games

  1. Road Trip Drawing Prompts from Picklebums
  2. I Spy Road Trip Bingo from That’s What Che Said
  3. Road Trip Alphabet Pictionary from Laly Mom
  4. 50 Funny “Would you rather” Questions from Quirky Bohemian Mama

5. Road Trip Prize Bags

Instead of or additionally to the big activity bag you could prepare road trip prize bags. All you need is small paper bags and little items to put inside.

What to put in:

  • Tiny size candy box or a lollipop
  • Mad libs
  • Sticker books
  • Card games
  • Craft
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Toys
  • Books

Open the prize bags

  • when you reach a certain city
  • after a first stop for gas
  • after one hour of traveling without whining
  • at certain hour
  • after a nap
  • after lunch break

6. Road Rally

Make the trip into a road rally! Even though you aren’t competing against another team this would still be a fun family activity.

Stop and take pictures at various places. You don’t want to be stopping every few minutes so plan your list carefully :).

Ideas for photo stops:

  • At the first stop for gas
  • Eating lunch in a park
  • At a State sign
  • At a welcome to a city sign
  • Stuck in the traffic
  • Monument or statue

7. 50 Road Trip Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Window markers, washi tape, maps, activity books are on the list that Emily from Emily M Krause put together. This is an awesome collection of activities for little ones.

2. Chore Charts

Summer should mean free time for the mom too. Delegate some extra chores to kids so you all can enjoy the summer!

Jot down a list of chores you’d like the kids to do and use these cool ideas to keep track of them!

1. Punch Cards

Make it fun with these punch cards from The Chirping Moms. She has a cool printable for you to use.

Just print the punch cards for each child for the chores that need to get done that day or week. Maybe there will be a reward at the end of the week.

2. Cookie Sheet Chore Chart

Some of us like the ease of a paper chart some like to make cute things like this Cookie Sheet Chore Chart from Craftaholics Anonymous.

Get your dollar store cookie sheets and watch the tutorial at Craftholics Anonymous.

3. Easy Meals

Summer is also a time for easy meals: hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, summer soups… And paper plates. Sometimes you just want easy clean up.

Make a plan for some simple quick meals.

Prepare and freeze meals ahead so you’ll have something to serve on the days when you have been on the go or just want to have a day off from cooking.

Meal Ideas

1. Yummy pizza made with store bought dough. Jenna from Sip Bite Go will also give you a tip on working with store bought dough.

2. 15 Minute One Pot Lasagna from Busy Budgeter

This easy and quick Lasagna is so convenient.

3. One Skillet Mexican Rice Casserole from Making Thyme for Health

I really like the one dish recipes. No extra pots and pans to wash! Yay! It is also gluten-free.

4. One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies from Damn Delicious

You can put this meal together in 45 minutes. Tender chicken with delicious potatoes and broccoli.

5. Summer Fresh Corn and Zucchini Chowder from Little Broken

Serve this light chowder to your family this summer. Total cooking time is about an hour but prep won’t take long.

6. 3-ingredient Sweet and Sour Chicken from Seeded at the Table

Who would not love the convenience of a crock pot. Put the ingredients in the crock pot and enjoy your day in the sunshine. The delicious meal will be waiting when you get back inside!

7. Slow Cooker Sweet Glazed Pork Chops Six Sisters’ Stuff

Six Sisters bring to you this amazing 3-ingredient recipe! Sounds like something that kids would love too!

4. Boredom Buster Ideas

Summer is about freedom. No school, no schedule — just freedom.

Sometimes kids can get bored but with these ideas you won’t hear any more complaints of having nothing to do.

1. Lawn Games That Tweens and Teens Will Love

We all could use a little time in the fresh air and sunshine. Keep the kids busy with these backyard game ideas. And why not join in and get a little exercise at the same time.

2. Summer Book Nook

Have a shelf or a pretty basket full of books to read. Your kids probably would enjoy reading in a hammock or some comfy lawn chairs.

3. Summer Craft Center

Gather some fun craft items and put them in buckets or drawers and let the kids come up with ideas. Or check out these awesome ideas and get the craft items ready.

  1. Ladybug Rocks from Crafts by Amanda

2. Rainbow Heart Suncatchers

Suncatchers are so cool. Let your imagination fly and make them in various shapes!

4. Rainy Day Camping Inside

I’m not a fan of bugs and all that stuff that goes along with camping so this inside camping is something I can enjoy.

5. Activity Ideas for Every Age

6. Host an Ice Cream Social

Gather around some friends for this easy fun-filled ice cream social where the focus is on hanging out and doing awesome activities together.

7. Things to Do At Home


5. Beach Bag Ready to Go

Sunshine and beautiful sandy beaches. I’m sure most of us love to be near water. It is so much fun to build sandcastles, swim and play beach games. Me… I just love to sit in a comfortable beach chair under a beach umbrella. Close my eyes and listen to the waves.

Beach days are so much fun but it can take all your energy just to get ready. Have everything… at least most of it ready to just grab and go.

Ready for the Beach Items:

  • beach blanket
  • umbrella (A great umbrella with sand anchor. Easy to use.)
  • sunscreen
  • towels
  • baby beach tent with pool (Keep the baby happy in her own little pool.)
  • sunhat
  • coverup
  • waterproof bag for electronics (Keep your phone safe even under water! Take photos without removing the phone from the bag.)
  • hand sanitizer
  • books for the kids in case they like to have a moment in the shade
  • beach chair (I really like this one! Easy to carry and so comfortable.)
  • sand toys (It would be so great to have the beach toys in a ready to go basket or bag so nobody needs to frantically look for them when it’s time to go.)
  • floaties
  • beach tent
  • cooler for the snacks (Keep some snacks in the fridge or pantry ready to go.)

and to haul all this stuff a beach wagon! This one is light weight with big wheels so it is easy pull on the sand. It holds four beach chairs!

Or maybe you just have a bag ready for yourself for those moments when you just hang out with your friends.

Road trip ideas, chore charts, boredom busters, easy meals, beach bag ready to go.

Bonus Tip

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Summer is to be enjoyed. Make a little Summer Kit for yourself.

  • Books
  • A movie or two
  • Tickets to a concert or maybe an amusement park
  • Journal
  • Magazines
  • Natural Beauty Products
  • Summer dress


Have a wonderful summer! If you found this post helpful, would you share it. Thank you!

5 Things every mom needs this summer! Everyone should enjoy the summer. Road trip tips, easy meals, boredom busters etc.
Road trip games and other awesome summer ideas!
Image Permission: Canva

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