Camping Inside on a Rainy Day

It is raining! What to do? You could read books and eat chocolate… OR Camp inside!

I’m not big on camping but I could handle it inside!

It is so easy to put together this fun camping trip. You probably already have everything you need at home!

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Build a tent in your living room with couches and blankets. I’m sure that is something we all did as kids.

Or just put up a tent if you have enough space for it! I think the kids would have a blast with that. Bring in your sleeping bags and pillows. Flashlights and battery powered lanterns.

These lanterns are so handy. You can adjust the brightness by pushing the top part down.

Things to Do at the Indoor Camp

  • Play some nature sounds (birds singing, forest creek) in the background
  • Eat hotdogs
  • Serve yummy fruit salad
  • Make Smores in the microwave, oven or use this cute Smores Maker .
  • Play Games (Dozens of ideas byUltimateCampResource)
  • Play Board or Card Games like


In this game you try to remember the number sequence… but you’ll get distracted when you draw a question card and you have to answer a quirky question.


This family fun card game is intended for ages 8 and up. The goal is to have as few points as possible. The whole family is going to enjoy this game of flipping, trading and collecting cards.

Rooster Race

Rooster Race is an easy game for even the younger kids to play. All you need is luck and be good at guessing…

  • Sing Songs (UltimateCampResource has some song ideas as well.)
  • Tell Stories
  • One person starts with a sentence and next one continues until the story comes to an end.
  • Write a sentence on a paper. The next person reads it quietly and adds another sentence and folds the paper so that only his sentence shows. The person after him reads quietly that one and adds another sentence. Folds to cover the previous sentence and passes it on to the next one with her sentence showing. And so on. Decide how many rounds you’ll do. When done, read it out loud.

Microwave Smores

1.Place a chocolate piece and marshmallow on a graham cracker square. 2.Microwave on high for 15 seconds or until the marshmallow gets soft. 3.Cover with another graham cracker square.

Go ahead and Camp Inside! It is going to be awesome!!When the sun comes out again it is time for Super Fun Lawn Games for the Whole Family.

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