Rainy Day Activities to Make the Day Shine

It is raining but hey, bring the fun inside… or just simply play outside. Warm summer rain is so awesome! And it could be actually fun for a change to just to enjoy and let the rain drops fall on you. Or you could try Camping Inside. Here are some other ideas for you to do on a rainy day… a couple of them outside.

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Rainy Day Activities. Fun doesn't stop because of rain. Summer Fun. Family Fun.

Try These Fun Rainy Day Activities

  1. Dance in the Rain
  2. Learn to Knit
  3. Do a Honey Facial
  4. Make up Your Own Language
  5. Act Out a Skit
  6. Bake Cookies
  7. Play Hide and Seek
  8. Make a Music Video
  9. Learn to Do a Cartwheel
  10. Tell (scary) Stories
  11. Decorate a T-shirt with Fabric Markers
  12. Build an Obstacle Course
  13. Paint a Rainy Scene
  14. Sew Potholders
  15. Paint Nails
  16. Play a Game: Don’t Let the Marbles Fall
  17. Plan a Party
  18. Make a Toilet Paper Roll Craft
  19. Visit a Friend
  20. Take a Nap
  21. Make Macaroons
  22. Have a Movie Marathon
  23. Knit a Scarf
  24. Play in Mud Puddles
  25. Go to the Mall
  26. Build a Fort
  27. Make a Movie
  28. Make a Movie with Toys
  29. Read Books
  30. Sew a Doll Blanket
  31. Have a Scavenger Hunt
  32. Write a Letter
  33. Dance Off in the Dark with a Disco Ball
  34. Go to the Museum
  35. Rearrange Your Room
  36. Play House
  37. Make a Photo Collage
  38. Decorate Picture Frames
  39. Karaoke
  40. Make a Cardboard Slide
  41. Play Hopscotch
  42. Color
  43. Make Kombucha Gummies
  44. Bible Sword Drill
  45. Write a Story
  46. Sing
  47. Have a Talent Show
  48. Go to the Library
  49. Play Hairstylist
  50. Have a Tea Party
  51. Make Paper Hats
  52. Play Would You Rather
  53. Put together a Rainforest Puzzle (4ft tall)
  54. Play Balloon Tennis
  55. Make Salt Art by BusyMommyMedia
  56. Build with Marshmallows and Toothpicks
  57. Go Bowling
  58. Make Paper Plate Crafts
  59. Play Musical Chairs
  60. Have a Pool Noodle Marble Run
  61. Play with Story Cubes
  62. Paint Rocks
  63. Solve Rubik’s Cube
  64. Play in Ball Pit (Inflatable Pool with Balls)
  65. Play Store
  66. Go Swimming
  67. Play Indoor Croquet
  68. Use Your Imagination

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