Summer Crafts and DIY Ideas for Teenage Girls

Rainy day or sunny day, these summer crafts and DIY ideas for teenage girls ensure your daughter is having fun.

From simple sugar scrubs to gorgeous string art, there is something here for everyone.

Bring a little sunshine to your teen daughter’s day by surprising her with fabulous summer DIY ideas.

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Summer crafts and DIY Ideas for Teenage Girls. Easy ideas that make her day bright. Photo display, flower pot with eyelashes.

1. DIY Sugar Scrub

Your feet endure so much during the summer. Make a nourishing DIY sugar scrub to pamper the feet and keep them soft and lovely.

This lavender-vanilla sugar scrub from Suburban Simplicity sounds amazing! I’m going to make some for the summer!

2. Summer Rag Wreath

Take a look at this summer rag wreath and you’ll see how lovely it is. How fun it would be hanging on the wall or adorning the teen bedroom door.

If the colors don’t appeal to you, make a request to get the colors you want. Snag a summer rag wreath kit and start working on this easy summer craft for teens.

3. Seashell Candles

Candlelight is the best! Unless you’re trying to very detailed work, then it might not be the best choice.

These seashell candles are the cutest. You’ll get an instant beach feeling with these lighting up the room.

Check out the Seashell Candles tutorial at Budget Savvy Diva.

4. Flower Pot Makeovers

Plants are fun to have year-round. Give the flower pots a makeover so they match your current style.

Summer Crafts for Teenage Girls: flower pot makeover: flower pot with eyelashes.
Image from Canva Pro (altered)

If you don’t have a steady hand but like the eyelash design, try these eyelash decals that can be placed on any smooth surface.

5. Pom-pom Flower Centerpiece

Speaking of flowers… make a pom-pom flower centerpiece or nightstand decor. A cute accessory for a teen bedroom.

You don’t even need the pom-pom maker, just do them the old-fashioned way. You can find the pom-pom flower idea at Country Peony.

6. Boho Bracelet Trio

Boho bracelet trio kit has everything you need to make this summer accessory. Well, you do need to have scissors but I think you’ve got that covered.

These bracelets look charming and would make lovely gifts for teen girls.

7. Bow Scrunchie DIY

Bow scrunchies or scarf scrunchies, whichever name you prefer, are adorable.

They can be pricey, though, but with this easy bow scrunchie tutorial, you can make your own scarf scrunchies in no time.

8. Macrame Coaster

If you’re into macrame, you’ll love the macrame coasters. Make a few with the easy tutorial.

9. DIY Photo Display With Sticks

Summer craft for teen girls: a photo display made with wooden sticks and yarn.

Grab a couple of sticks from the backyard… if you happen to have trees. Attach some yarn or twine to it, and you have a fabulous photo display to showcase all the awesome summer photos.

Tape pictures to the twine or use clothespins.

10. Charging Station DIY

We all need to recharge every now and then. The teens in a hammock and the phones and tablets in a DIY charging station.

This is a super cool idea: DIY charging station made with a picture frame. The DIY Mommy shows you how.

11. No Sew Beach Bag

The beach is calling! Play volley ball, enjoy the sunshine, and refresh in the water.

Bring all the stuff along in a fun beach bag. Better yet, bring it all in a DIY beach bag. This no sew beach bag, presented by Hallmark Channel, is such a cool idea!

12. Watermelon Sneakers

Give the plain sneakers a new look by turning them into watermelon sneakers. Bespoke Bride show you how.

13. Cowboy Hat

Once you’ve got the sneakers all done, grab a cowboy hat and give it a makeover. With summery fabric and mod podge you can create fantastic cowboy or beach hats.

Mod podge hat tutorial from Cathie Filian.

14. DIY Water Bottle Holder

Got to stay hydrated but carrying that bottle can get tiresome. This DIY macrame water bottle holder solves the problem. And looks fabulous doing so.

Not sure, though, how comfortable the strap is. I could see it digging into my shoulder. A shoulder pad cushion fixes that.

This link takes you to various shoulder pads for bags. It might first show you football shoulder pads… I don’t think those are needed for carrying this macrame bottle holder comfortably, LOL.

15. Sunflower String Art

Sunflower String Art Kit (string of the art)
Sunflower String Art Kit from String of the Art, Etsy

Spend the afternoons on the porch sipping ice tea and making sunflower string art.

The kit has everything you need for this project, including step-by-step instructions.

This fun summer DIY project looks more complex than it is.

16. Summer Sign DIY

Hello Summer!

With this summer sign kit, you’ll create a fun, colorful summer door hanger.

17. Message In a Bottle

No longer available. I’ll see if I can find an alternative.

Summer Fun For Teen Girls

I hope these DIY and summer craft ideas for teenage girls inspired you.

Once you are done with the craft time have some fun with these awesome summer activities.

Add these things to your summer bucket list for teens.

Parties and get-togethers are so much fun with cool activities: indoor and outdoor games for teenagers.

Get ready to make awesome memories: summer fun with teenage daughter.

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