27 Baby Shower Gifts – Creative, Cheap, Practical, Unique

Baby shower gifts are fun to buy! All the clothes and blankets are so adorable. Whether you are looking for a unique, cheap, practical, or creative baby shower gifts I have some ideas for you here!

Surprise the mom-to-be with these fantastic gift ideas. She’ll be delighted!

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls


Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower gift options are endless. This collection gives you some pretty cool ideas to choose from. All of them are awesome and a pleasure to receive!

1. Luggage

Babies travel too. And they need a lot of stuff. The great thing about this baby shower gift is that the gift receiver will need it for years to come. So it is not only a unique kind of gift but also practical.

Trunki the original Ride-On Suitcase for the little ones who would like to be wheeled to the next flight. Eight different styles and seven colors to choose from!

Go Plus 2 piece set. Give the baby a carry-on luggage and a backpack! This set is adorable. 4 styles to choose from. You can imagine the little one walking at the airport pulling this suitcase.

The little backpack can store the essentials needed during the flight.

And she would be so happy to use these to bring some extra clothes and a special sleep buddy when having a sleepover at Grandma’s.

2. Photo Book Subscription

We all take a ton of pictures of babies and kids in general. Sometimes it is just hard to put them in a scrapbook or even create a photo book online. There are some helpful apps that can make the process easy!

Give a subscription to a photo book service such as Groovebook or Chatbooks.

3. Baby Bunting

These cozy Baby Buntings from 1 of a Kind Baby Bunting come in various colors. It is beautiful, useful, and unique!

It has openings in the back to fit 5 point harness. You can also zip it open and lay it flat as a blanket. Keeps the baby warm and comfy on walks in the park.


Unique baby shower gift ideas: Baby bunting. image: 1 of a kind baby bunting.
Image: 1 of a Kind Baby Bunting

4. Book Club Subscription

Reading to a child is such a special way to bond. Give a baby shower gift that keeps on giving: books delivered monthly! Any parent would be happy to receive new books on a regular basis.

My First Reading Club sends three to four age-appropriate books every month. They also include an activity book and a surprise for mom!

5. Baby Photo Props

Don’t you just love those cute pictures of babies in a comfy basket. The mom can take some amazing pictures with this basket, basket filler donut, and a beautiful blanket.


6. Gift Basket

1. This Five Little Monkeys gift set is such a cute idea! The little plush monkey and banana rattle are adorable. The baby will love the soft blankie with a satin trim.

The gift set also includes a pretty basket, and a door hanger.

2. Shark Gift Set. (Amazon) Sharks theme is pretty popular among little boys and the mom-to-be will happily wrap the baby in a cute soft shark towel. The set also includes little booties and a bib.

Cheap Baby Shower Gifts

What is cheap? I should define that for this post I think anything below $17. (At the time of writing this post all these items were below that amount.)

Babies need a lot of stuff. It seems that when a baby comes in the family his things are just all over the place. But sometimes we can overdo it. Read the post at Mommy Enlightened and find out what you need for baby and what you don’t.

These gifts are not only inexpensive but also awesome!!

7. Bottle / Cup Strap

Babies love to drop their cups and toys on the floor. Let’s face it after awhile picking them up gets old. This cup strap keeps the cup from going out of the baby’s reach. Or at least you don’t have to bend aaaall the way down. Yes!

8. Hooded Towel

And not just any hooded towel but an awesomely cute one! Many options (over 20) to choose from. These towels are made of absorbent and soft terry cotton.

These are big enough for toddlers too and will make getting out of the bath fun!

9. Fun Colorful Rattle

Clip Clop Rattle is packed with fun features for a baby to explore. Many things for the baby to wonder and learn about. Mirror, beads, crinkle sounds, various textures etc.

Animal rattle socks keep the baby happy and giggling.

Hours… well not at one time… but at least a few seconds or minutes of entertainment!

10. Door Cushion

Trying to take a look at the sleeping baby but don’t want to wake her up with the door closing sound… this door cushion muffles the sound. And it also said to prevent the sounds of slamming doors…

And with this in place you can prevent the kids from accidentally locking themselves in a room.

A practical, cheap, and unique baby shower gift.

11. Pacifier Pal

Have you noticed how babies nowadays have a stuffed animal hanging from the pacifier?

Having the cuddle buddy right there keeps the baby entertained and it also makes it easier for him to find the pacifier all by himself.

You can choose from various pacifier buddies for example penquin, and elephant.


Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Who would not love to receive a practical baby shower gift!

Useful Baby Shower Gifts. These awesome baby shower gifts are clever and practical.


12. Baby Food Maker

This Babymoov Duo Meal Station is 6 in 1: Steam cooker, blender, puree maker, warmer, defroster, and sterilizer. This sure would have been handy when my kids were babies!

It is said to preserve the vitamins, nutrients, and the natural flavor of the food.

13. Baby Food Book

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food loaded with ideas for healthy, delicious baby food makes a wonderful practical baby shower gift.

14. Non-Toxic Play Mat

Babies need some tummy time and this beautiful non-toxic play mat is super handy for those moments. It is waterproof and washable.

The Play Mat is not only for babies. It will be a nice addition to any playroom or area.

And since it is a neutral color it easily blends with almost any color theme even in your living room.

15. Play Tent

Kids LOVE to have their own special place and this play tent provides that! It is durable and portable. The tents is for ages 2 and up but would still be a cute fun and kind of practical baby shower gift that can be used later and for a quite some time!

It can be stored and carried around in the case that comes with it.


16. Sleep Sack

Halo sleep sack is a cute, practical way to keep the baby comfy.

The zipper at the bottom allows quick diaper changes. The sack comes in two sizes and various colors.

Easy to use and a safe way to swaddle the baby.

17. Humidifier

It is sad but babies do get sick and it can be so hard for them to get good sleep with congestion.

A cute cloud shaped humidifier (Amazon) doubles as a night light.

This is a gift that will be used for years to come.

18. Freezer Meals

We all know that a new baby takes up a lot of time. Providing freezer meals will help the mom a big time.

19. Cleaning Service

Help the mom with the housecleaning or hire a cleaning service. That way the mom can get the rest she needs.

20. Paper Cups and Paper Plates

A week or month supply of plastic utensils, paper plates and paper cups lets the mom to focus on healing, and taking care or the baby instead of doing dishes.

Creative Baby Shower Gifts

It can be hard to define what is creative. Is it something you can do yourself or something awesome you can buy… something involving imagination and original ideas…


Creative Baby Shower Gifts. Awesome baby shower gift ideas. (image credit rootedngroundedhome
You Are My Sunshine from Rooted n Grounded Home

A pretty canvas or a framed art displaying a quote is a great and creative gift.

If you aren’t up for making it yourself then check out:

You Are My Sunshine from RootednGroundedHome

22. Baby Sandals

Unique Baby Shower Gifts. These baby sandals are adorable. A fun baby shower gift for a precious little girl. (image: pinkpaisleybowtique)
Baby Sandals from Pink Paisley Bowtique

Adorable!! These lovely and comfy baby sandals (from Pink Paisley Bowtique) for precious little girls are so cute!! Get a few to match various outfits!

There are 60+ colors to choose from and you can request any color combination.

23. Milestone Blocks

Baby Shower Gift Ideas. These milestone blocks make a creative and useful baby shower gift! (image timelessnotions)
Milestone Blocks from Timeless Notions

I love this set of milestone blocks from Timeless Notions. It will look amazing with the weekly, monthly and yearly photos. All the way to the end of high school :).

You have several color options to choose from or can request a custom color.

A great baby gift!

24. Portable Baby Bassinet

A cute portable bassinet that folds into a backpack! Easy to bring along wherever you go. Can also be used as co-sleeper. The canopy is removable.

A cool tool for the new mom!

25. Gift Wagon

Instead of a gift basket how about a gift wagon! How cute is that!

Day on the Farm Gift Wagon is already put together for you. A mini wagon filled with baby items such as clothes, book, toys… A super awesome baby gift the baby will have lots of fun with.

26. DIY Burp Cloths

Babies tend to need a lot of burp cloths whether it is to wipe up spit up or drool these things are needed.

Buy piece of fabric. Cut it into a square (1 yard or maybe 1 and 1/4 yard). Use a serger to trim to edges. If you don’t have a serger zic-zac stitch works well too.

27. Teething Necklace

Beautiful teething necklace for the baby (Amazon)! A chemical free choice to help the baby with teething pains.

28. Diaper Cakes

So many of these gifts fall under more than one category. Diaper cakes can be unique, cheap and they definitely are creative and practical.

You can easily make a fun diaper cake with these how to make a diaper cake instructions. In addition to tutorials I have there several diaper cake ideas for boys and girls and plenty of tips on creating your own.

Making a diaper cake is quite simple and is a gift the baby will need.


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