November Fun With Teenagers

You’ll have a blast getting ready for the Holiday season with your teen, trotting around the town, and playing games.

Have fantastic fall fun with your teenagers!

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Fall things to do with your teen. Gnomes, books, games

1. DIY Gnome

As you know, gnomes are in.

Spend an evening making these simple no-sew DIY gnomes. You can create a whole gnome family in an hour.

These are really the cutest things; I’ll be making gnomes with my teens. Perhaps we’ll invite some of their friends over for a gnome-making party.

2. Twelve Days Of Gnomes

Get a set of gnome ornaments, paint them or decorate with markers.

Use them as gift tags, ornaments, or surprise a friend with 12 days of gnomes.

They would also be fun as advent calendar fillers for teens.

Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Roll The Dice Christmas Gift Exchange Game for home or work.

Christmas gift exchange games add more excitement to the Secret Santa event.

Roll the Dice gift exchange is one of the popular ways to swap the presents.

Take a look at 20 fun Christmas gift exchange games.

3. Books

My oldest daughter loves to read, and she has really enjoyed the book Dust (Heirs of Neverland).

These books are on her wish list for this year:

There are a few more books on the list, but I’ll save those for the December Teen Fun article.

4. Turkey Trot

I didn’t know this was a thing until I looked for stuff to do around this time of year.

Joining a local Turkey Trot sounds like fun for those who love to run.

If you and your teen are not fans of long runs, go and cheer the runners.

Or grab some coffee, walk around the neighborhood or downtown and call it a Turkey Trot.

5. Games

a. Yes or No

One player rapidly asks questions and the other answers, but the answer can’t be yes or no.

It’s more complicated than it sounds.

View the Yes or No game.

b. Codenames Duet

This super popular game keeps the whole family entertained. Take a look at the Codenames Duet.

If you have Harry Potter fans in the household, this HP Codenames game will delight them.

Check out also this Harry Potter gift guide for the Potterheads. Fantastic finds!

6. Conversation Starters

  • What is your favorite family tradition?
  • Who made a positive influence in your life recently?
  • Do you have a life verse or quote? What is it?

7. Riddles

  1. Why are eggs bad at telling jokes?
  2. What animal is the worst at hiding?
  3. How do mine-craft players celebrate?


  1. They always crack each other up.
  2. The leopard — he’s always spotted.
  3. They throw block parties.

8. Thanksgiving Episodes

Have a relaxing evening and watch Thanksgiving episodes of your favorite shows.

Thanksgiving Games for Teens and Adults

Thanksgiving games for adults and teens. Categories, great minds think alike, what would...choose?, finish my phrase

Four fun games for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner.

These beautifully illustrated games are excellent for adults, teens, and older kids.

  • categories
  • great minds think alike
  • what would x choose
  • finish my phrase

Take a look at the Thanksgiving Games.

Holiday Fun With Teens

Start the Holiday fun with making those adorable DIY gnomes, continue the merry times creating 12 days of gnomes, and with filling the countdown calendars or stockings with fun advent calendar fillers for teens.

Plan Christmas parties and play festive Christmas party games.

The Jolly Holiday season is here!

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