Easy Baby Shower Games You Actually Want To Play

Baby shower games. Yay! Right?

The easy baby shower games in this post are fun but not silly, so they appeal to most, including those not into the “dirty diaper” type of games.

Get ready for baby shower game cuteness!

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1. Dad Jokes

Who does not love dad jokes?

Figure out the punchlines for these jokes. It will be a blast!

Dad jokes baby shower games. 29 baby sunflower baby shower games.

Gorgeous floral-themed baby shower games bring sunshine and smiles to the baby shower with dad jokes, where was she, and childhood memories games.

This collection of 30 sunflower baby shower games includes also ice breaker games such as find the guest, guess how many, and baby bucket list. (Currently, available only in the USA.)

2. Emoji Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Nursery rhymes are pretty cool and something most of us know, so these games should be easy peasy.

We all love emojis, right? And nursery rhymes.

Some are a little creepy, like Rock-a-Bye-Baby, where the cradle and baby fall from the treetop. But perhaps I don’t understand the deeper meaning of the lyrics…

Emoji Nursery Rhyme Quiz. Woodland baby shower theme. (image paper passion designs)
Emoji Nursery Rhyme Quiz from Paper Passion Designs

Check out the cute Woodland Animals Emoji Nursery Rhyme Quiz from Paper Passion Designs. How fast can you match the emojis with the rhyme?

If you choose to go with the woodland animals baby shower theme, you’ll love this adorable Woodland Diaper Cake (In that article, you’ll also find ideas for a DIY woodland diaper cake.)

3. Book Emoji Pictionary

Another cute emoji baby shower game. The guests will figure out the book titles based on emojis in this one.

Book Emoji Quiz. Guess the kids' book title written with emojis. Pink and purple floral baby shower game.

A Book Emoji Game and other fun games are available in this lovely collection of printable floral baby shower games. (Currently, available only in the USA.)

Games included: book emoji quiz, what’s in your phone, what’s in your purse, how sweet it is, baby animals, price is right, mom or dad, who knows mommy best, who knows daddy best, baby catergories (abc, boy, girl), old wives tales, over or under, baby bingo, TV show moms and dads, baby word scramble, baby names, baby items, mommy’s phrase, daddy’s phrase.

4. Baby Item Box

Place various baby items in a paper bag or a box with a small hole cut in the side.

  • Give each guest a certain amount of time, like 25 seconds, to feel the items.
  • When the time is up, they will write down what they felt.
  • The one who has the most correct wins.

And the mom-to-be gets to keep all the fun baby items!

5. Left or Right Baby Shower Game

I’m sure we all have played this simple game of passing a gift to the left or right based on the story read.

All you need is the left or right story printable and a wrapped gift or two.

  • Form a circle, and give the gift for a player to hold.
  • Read the story.
  • Whoever holds the gift will pass it to the left or right whenever one of those words are being read.
  • The one holding the present, in the end, gets to keep it.

This game is so easy and an excellent ice breaker. Your guests will be giggling at the story while passing the gift around.

6. Mom-To-Be Timeline

You’ll need several pictures of mom-to-be at different ages.

  • Place the pictures on a wall or table in random order.
  • Label the pictures with numbers.
  • Ask the guests to put them in the correct order.
  • Give an extra point for knowing the exact age.

As an alternative, copy all the images on paper in random order. Give everyone their own printable. Ask the guests to put them in the correct order by giving each image a number.

7. What’s In Your Phone

A fun alternative to What’s In Your Purse Game. The game is simple. The guests earn points for things in their phones.

Make your own or purchase one of the many options.

8. Candy Match – How Sweet It Is

You’ll have lots of laughter with this candy match baby shower game!

The guests will enjoy figuring out which candy matches with “time alone”, which one is for the “sleepless nights,” and so on.

Set a time limit to make it more challenging.

Perhaps the winner could receive a basket filled with the candies mentioned in the game.

This game is also a part of the fun, inexpensive set of printable baby shower games.

9. Baby Pictionary

Whether you know how to draw or not, this game will make you all laugh together.

Baby Pictionary Word List Ideas

  • crib
  • rattle
  • pacifier
  • bottle
  • high chair
  • teddy bear
  • baby bath
  • diaper bag
  • car seat
  • stroller
  • rocking chair
  • laundry
  • baby food

Make it easy on yourself and purchase a fun set of Baby Shower Pictionary Words (72) from And All the Above.

What you need for Baby Shower Pictionary:

  1. Baby Pictionary Words: And All the Above
  2. Whiteboard: Amazon
  3. Whiteboard Markers: Amazon
  4. Eraser: Amazon

10. Baby Telestrations

Now, this is hilarious!

You’ll need baby-related sentences written on index cards, and notebooks and pens for everyone.

1. Each player picks one an index card and makes a drawing in a notebook according to the sentence. 

2. Then, she passes the notebook to the next person.

 3. This player will write down what she sees in the drawing and passes the notebook to the next player. 

4. This person now draws what the previous person wrote down.

5. Continue drawing and writing until the notebooks return to the original players.

6. Take a few minutes to go through the notebooks.

It is amazing how much changes in the way. A simple word turns into entirely something else.

11. Name That Tune

Put together a playlist of kids’ songs and lullabies.

  • Play each tune for a short amount of time and ask the guests to identify it.
  • One point for knowing the song title and two points for naming the artist.

This game can be played the way that everyone writes down the answer and whoever has the most correct wins.

a. Name That Tune Printable with Playlist

Name That Tune (graphicwispprints). Comes with suggested playlist. Baby Shower Game.
Name That Tune from Graphic Wisp Prints

Graphic Wisp Prints brings you a cute storybook printable for Name That Tune game. They also include a suggested playlist to save you time.

b. Name That Song Baby

Name that baby song. Baby shower game printable from beinghappyprints
Name That Baby Song from Being Happy Prints, Etsy

Another cute printable baby shower game is Name That “Baby” Song from

In this game the guests fill in the missing words for a selection of popular songs that have the word “baby” in them.

12. Don’t Say Baby

This game is one of the most common games played in baby showers I’ve attended, and it’s always a great ice breaker.

As the guests arrive, give each a diaper pin or a clothespin. Once everyone has arrived, instruct them not to say “baby.”

Or pick another word, such as the baby’s name or the mom’s name.

If anyone hears someone else say the forbidden word, she can take the pin from her.

At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins.

13. Draw The Baby

This game always brings smiles to everyone’s face. Even those who are not artistic will find this game entertaining.

Give everyone a paper plate and a pen, and ask them to hold the plate on their heads while drawing.

You could simply ask them to draw a baby or make it more complicated and describe the nursery one item at a time they need to draw:

  • a crib
  • a rocking chair next to the crib
  • a dresser
  • a teddy bear in the crib
  • a pillow on the rocking chair etc.

For other funny games, check out the awesome list of hilarious baby shower games at Relaxed Hostess.

14. Baby Animals – Are You My Mother

A sweet game of naming the mom for each baby animal.

Baby animals floral baby shower game.

Who loves to celebrate the tropical style?

These floral themed baby shower games are fabulous for any baby shower!

More info on luau themed baby shower game collection.

Digital product. Available to customers in the USA.

15. Baby Bucket List

Create an inspiring list of activities, big and small, to do with the baby.

Baby Bucket List baby shower game. 29 sunflower baby shower games.

Ask the guests to write down a whole list of ideas or just a one or two on a little card.

Beautiful vintage sunflowers and green truck images adorn these floral baby shower games. (Currently, available only in the USA.)

16.  Budysuit Decorating Station

Besides needing a ton of diapers, the baby will need a stack of bodysuits

For the bodysuit decorating station, you’ll need bodysuits and non-toxic fabric markers.

The guests will have a great time writing messages or making pretty drawings.

And the new mommy will love to dress the baby in the bodysuits decorated with love.

17. Paint a Letter

Another creative activity that will be fun for your guests and serves as a cute decoration for the baby’s room.

Decorate wooden letters with markers, fabric, buttons, ribbons, etc.

Perhaps you can spell out the baby’s name with the letters or write a cute phrase.

18. How Many In The Jar

This game is one of the easiest ones. All you need is a jar and something to fill it with. Well… you’ll also need paper slips and a pen.

Ideas for filling the jar:

  • chocolate kisses
  • candy hearts
  • gumballs
  • jelly beans
  • peanuts
  • socks
  • pacifiers
  • chocolate coins
  • M&M’s

Usually, the winner gets to keep the jar full of goodies.

But if you fill it with pacifiers or socks, the mom-to-be would be happy to get a jar full of the cutest baby socks.

And the winner of the game could get a pair of fuzzy socks. Or another inexpensive baby shower favor.

19. Cookie Decorating

Prepare or buy sugar cookies in shapes that go with your theme. 

The guests decorate cookies while talking and getting to know each other.

The cookies can be for the mom-to-be, or they can be used as a party favor.

20. Performing Arts

Some…, not me… like to perform. This would be a perfect way for those gifted in performing arts to shower the mom-to-be in a very special way.

a. Poems

If you need help coming up with the words, Family Friendly Poems has an extensive selection of poems about babies, pregnancy, family, moms, etc.

b. Music

Another lovely way to entertain the mom-to-be and the guests is by asking someone to sing a special song to the mom.

c. Speech

Speeches can be awesome and so touching, but they don’t need to be sentimental, they can be funny.

21. Make A Book

Everyone can be an author or illustrator at this baby shower!

a. Practical Guide To Parenting

Book Kit as Baby Shower Activity (Handwritten book co)
Book Kit from Handwritten Book Co, Etsy

Making this book will be loads of fun!

The mom to be will have many laughs while reading all the hilarious things the guests write in this book.

Of course, you can also write good solid advice too.

Get your Book Kit from Handwritten Book Co.

b. ABC Book Kit

ABC coloring book activity for baby shower (samantaha b design)
ABC coloring book from Samantha B Design, Etsy

Coming up with hilarious advice on spot can be hard but coloring this cool Baby’s First ABC Book is not!

This baby shower activity is easy. Everyone knows how to color.

The baby will enjoy looking at the pretty pictures while mom reads it to him and talks about the people who made this book just for him.

22. Mom’s or Dad’s Memories

You need photos or items from mom and dad’s childhood/past for this game.

The players guess which picture belongs to whom.

Baby Shower Game Prizes

Cool games come with fabulous prizes!

You’ll love these simple baby shower game prize ideas.

Have Fun Planning and Hosting An Amazing Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower is such an honor and I hope that these game and activity ideas will make the shower very special.

I’ve got a ton of fun cheap baby shower ideas for you and beautiful diaper cakes you can either buy or DIY.

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

Fun Baby Shower Games

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