29 Unique Diaper Cake Ideas – How To Make A Diaper Cake

The diaper cake ideas are endless. From traditional tiered diaper cakes to modern shaped diaper cakes there is the one that will catch your eye.

You can use diaper cakes as a centerpiece or give as a gift to one lucky mom-to-be.

This article will not only show you how to make a diaper cake but also features awesome diaper cakes to BUY. Because sometimes you want to make it simple for yourself.

I’m working on UPDATING this post. Many NEW IDEAS AND IMAGES are on the way!

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Gorgeous Diaper Cake Ideas. Learn how to make a diaper cake.

Unique diaper cakes, small diaper cakes, round diaper cakes, rectangle diaper cakes, diaper cakes for girls, diaper cakes for boys, you can get a diaper cake to match any baby shower theme.

So, whether you want to purchase a diaper cake or are looking for DIY tips these these ideas will inspire you!

If you are looking for diaper cakes to buy or already know how to make a basic, modern, or rectangle diaper cake you can jump to the featured diaper cakes.

1. How To Make A Diaper Cake

With these easy how to make a diaper cake instructions, it won’t take you long to make a cute diaper cake. And the featured diaper cakes will give you plenty of ideas too.

1. Basic Diaper Cake Tutorial Video

Basic instructions on how to make a tiered diaper cake using rolled up diapers.

A cake board with a paper towel roll glued to it make an inexpensive base for the diaper cake. I like how in this tutorial, she does not use tape to hold the diapers together, but temporarily fastens them with little rubber bands.

What a fun centerpiece this is!

2. How To Make A Diaper Cake DIY Tips

a. How many diapers do you need for a diaper cake. Of course, it depends on the size of the cake. Here are basic numbers:

How Many Diapers In A Diaper Cake. (6,9,23; 13,26,48; 7,19,38,63)
Sizing: medium, large, giant!

b. Roll up the diapers and tie with a rubber band.

c. Choose your diaper cake support. To support the cake you can use a paper towel roll or you can put any right size surprise inside the diaper cake for the mom-to-be:

  1. baby shampoo
  2. baby wash
  3. candy or baby item filled mason jars
  4. bottle of flavored water
  5. best mom ever coffee travel mug
  6. sparkling juice
  7. cylinder vase filled with baby items or treats for mom

You could also use dowels to support the cake. If you build the diaper cake tiers without putting anything inside it is helpful to insert three to four dowels through the layers.

d. Use a cake circle or a card board circle as a base. Place your support item in the middle.

e. Arrange the diapers around the item. Secure each tier of diapers with a big rubber band or cord.

f. Tie a decorative ribbon around each layer covering the rubber band. Make it tight. Fasten the ribbon with tape or a pin.

g. Decorate with items to match the baby shower theme.

Diaper Cake Tips

Fun Tip #1:  Insert special surprises (wash cloths, socks, nail clippers etc. maybe a few chocolate hugs too) between the diapers for the mom to find when she takes the cake apart.

Fun Tip #2: Roll up onesies, receiving blankets, and mix them with the rolled up diapers to make the tiers.

Fun Tip #3: Wrap the tiers with a receiving blanket.

Fun Tip #4: Use fun embellishments like bows and flowers.

Fun Tip #5: Cover the finished diaper cake with organza or other see through fabric.

Fun Tips #6: Build the diaper cake on top of a shoe box or a round box filled with baby items.

3. Diaper Cake Without Rolling Diapers

Some prefer the look of the modern diaper cake without having to roll up the diapers. While both styles look lovely this one seems little faster to make and the new mom does not have to unroll all the diapers either :).

The downside is that you will need cake pans to make this cake. But if you already have a collection of various size cake pans then it is no big deal.

How to make a diaper cake without rolling the diapers:

4. Mini Diaper Cakes

Small diaper cake is an easy and cheap baby shower decoration or centerpiece idea.

How To Make A Mini Diaper Cake

All you need is 7-9 diapers for each cake.

  1. Roll up the diapers, tie with a rubber band.
  2. Tie all the rolled up diapers together with a rubber band.
  3. Put a decorative ribbon around them.
  4. And place a fun baby shower theme matching item on top.

5. Square or Rectangle Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes come in various shapes and sizes. If you want to make a square or rectangle cake watch the video above OR follow these instructions.

a. Choose your cake board size. Wrap a foam board with wrapping paper or use a cake board.

b. Fold the diapers and stack them together to form rows.

c. Fasten together with a large rubber band or twine.

d. Make as many tiers as you want to.

e. Secure the layers with dowels.

f. Decorate with ribbon, lace, signs and baby items.

You could also put an item in the middle of the bottom tier (or each tier):

  1. A box of wipes
  2. Pot of Gold chocolate box
  3. A box filled with baby items.

6. Diaper Cake Supplies

  • White diapers (Amazon) enough for a 3 tier diaper cake and a few small ones to be used as centerpieces.
  • Cake Circle (Amazon)
  • Rectangle Cake Board (Amazon)
  • Best Mom Ever Coffee Travel Mug (Amazon) (put in the middle of the cake as a surprise)
  • Cake Pan Set 12 – 9 – 6 (Amazon)

2. Diaper Cake Ideas

Here are several diaper cake ideas for boys and girls. And a few gender neutral ones as well. I hope that you’ll find here one to your liking whether you want to DIY or BUY.

1. DIY Shabby Chic Diaper Cake

  1. Choose your diaper cake shape and prepare it according the tutorials above.

These ideas are for a 3-tier DIY shabby chic diaper cake:

  1. Wrap the tiers with burlap ribbon overlapping it. Attach the ends with glue dots or pins. I’d use 2.5″ wide burlap.
  2. Layer the burlap with white lace and pink satin ribbon. Overlap and attach the ends with glue dots.
  3. Hot glue a white flower to the satin ribbon facing the front. If making a three tier cake, I’d attach a flower to the ribbons on the top and bottom layer. The middle one would get a sign that says the baby’s name or “It’s a girl!.”
  4. Top the layers with white crinkle paper or pearl strings.
  5. Insert a large white flower to the bottom and middle layer. (From the top, carefully, pushing the stem between the diapers.
  6. Top the diaper cake with a large white flower.

2. Shabby Chic Diaper Cake to Buy

Shabby chic does not have to be all abut pink.

Do something different, and get this absolutely gorgeous peach, pink, and mint diaper cake for girls.

It is very classy and elegant. The beautiful roses and the “It’s a Girl!” sign add a nice touch. And the refreshing colors go well with a boho baby shower theme.

A diaper cake fit for a little princess!

3. DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake DIY

Make a motorcycle themed cake with motorcycle toys, helmet, motorcycle onesies etc.

  1. Create a basic diaper cake. See the instructions in the beginning of this post.
  2. Wrap orange and black checkered or striped ribbon around it. Or use black ribbon on some of the layers. A wider black ribbon under the colorful ribbons would look cool too.
  3. Attach a Harley-Davidson® patch to the ribbon. (You might want to do this before wrapping the ribbon around the cake.)
  4. Top with a motorcycle toy.

4. Biker Diaper Cake to Buy

Motorcycle Diaper Cake with a stuffed animal dressed in vest, boots, onesies riding on it.
Biker Diaper Cake from Cindy Sue Originals US, Etsy

This is cool! Moose the biker dude riding into the sunset on a fabulous diaper motorcycle. This must be the most creative diaper cake I have ever seen.

The baby bottle in a cup holder is hilarious! All kinds of fun things are included: vest, jeans, onesies, bottle brushes…

Get this unique motorcycle diaper cake today! At the time of writing this post, the shipping is FREE!

Pssst.. they have a motorcycle diaper cake for twins too!

5. DIY ABC Blocks Mini Diaper Cakes

There used to be here a link to mini diaper cake cubes you could buy but they are no longer available. So I decided to make my own.

DIY mini diaper cake, ABC blocks
DIY Block Diaper Cake Tutorial: Relaxed Hostess

These are so easy to make! Take a look at the DIY block diaper cake tutorial and fun ideas at Relaxed Hostess.

Make four mini diaper cakes displaying the letters ABC or spelling the word baby. These cute baby blocks will look amazing as centerpieces or on the gift and dessert table.

6. DIY Mermaid Diaper Cake

Mermaid — a treasured baby shower theme for girls.

This beautiful sea shell cake topper is a must have for this DIY mermaid diaper cake. Which one do you like better pink/aqua or lavender/aqua?

  1. Make a diaper cake in any shape. See the instructions in the beginning of this post.
  2. Wrap gold, aqua, lavender, or pink ribbon around the layers.
  3. Add some pearls too.
  4. Place this inexpensive, but darling mermaid diaper cake topper on the cake.

7. Mermaid Diaper Cake to Buy

Mermaid diaper cake. Burlap, lace and pink ribbon. Handmade embellishments.
Mermaid Diaper Cake from Mrs. Heckle Diaper Cakes, Etsy

The adventures in the under-the-sea world are intriguing. So is this beautiful, unique mermaid diaper cake for girls.

And the mermaid theme is so cleverly done with this diaper cake that it would go with rustic, shabby chic, or a classic pink and gold baby shower theme.

I love the elegant colors and handmade embellishments.

The mermaid diaper cake comes fully assembled in a crystal clear cellophane bag sealed at the top which makes it a wonderful baby shower centerpiece or a baby gift.

8. DIY Flower Mini Diaper Cake

Spring is in the air!

Adorn each table with a lovely mini flower diaper cake. Or use them to decorate the food table.

Flower mini diaper cakes are pretty and easy to make.

  1. Make a mini diaper cake (or a tiered cake.) Place a cardboard tube in the middle of the diaper cake.
  2. Wrap spring colored ribbon around the layers. Or use the popular burlap to give the cake a rustic look.
  3. Insert silk flowers in the tube.


9. DIY Candy Land Diaper Cake

Babies are sweet, and a candy land theme would be a cute way to celebrate the new sweet baby girl or boy on the way.

  1. Make your basic diaper cake. Place a cardboard tube in the middle if you want to create a lollipop bouquet.
  2. Wrap bright colored ribbon around the tiers. Polka dot and striped ribbon mixed with solid color ribbons look smashing.
  3. Attach lollipops and other candies to the cake.

Artificial Candy Ideas

Real Candy Ideas

10. DIY Vintage Travel Diaper Cake

Create a masterpiece with a globe, compass, charms, treasure chest, towels, diapers… this gender neutral diaper cake has it all!

Make an amazing unique diaper cake for vintage travel theme baby shower. Or prepare a diaper cake gift basket with a vintage suitcase or chest.

  1. Prepare a simple tiered diaper cake.
  2. Wrap a burlap ribbon around it.
  3. Decorate the cake with vintage post cards, air planes, compass, mini globe, etc.
  4. Place the cake on top of a small vintage suitcase or in a vintage treasure chest.
  5. If using a treasure chest, add other items such as airplane blankets, train onesies, nautical socks, and travel toys.


11. DIY Winter Themed Diaper Cake

Whether it is cold outside or not a winter wonderland baby shower is a cute baby shower theme.

Choose a theme within the theme, such as

  • snowflakes
  • snowman
  • ice skating
  • icicles

Use a kids’ book for inspiration. This Winter in the Forest board book sparks the imagination: forest animals, snow, trees, and holly. These small stuffed woodland animals would be perfect for this winter themed diaper cake!

  1. Make your winter themed diaper cake in any shape you’d like.
  2. Tie blue and white satin ribbon around the layers.
  3. Decorate the winter diaper cake with your theme items: snowflakes (wooden, plastic, foam), warm baby mittens, scarves, boots, woodland animals, trees, winter themed kids’ book, or an ice skate ornament.

12. Snowman Diaper Cake to Buy

Snowman diaper cake.
Snowman Diaper Cake from The Fake Cake Baker, Etsy

A fantastic winter theme baby shower for boys and girls. Whether you are looking for a diaper cake for a snowgirl or snowboy you can order one from The Fake Cake Baker.

Each snowman diaper cake is custom made and you get to pick the colors and even the diaper size. The cake comes fully assembled and wrapped in cellophane. All you need to do is to bring it to the party!

This gorgeous diaper cake will look fabulous with all the other cool baby it’s cold outside baby shower decorations.

13. DIY Butterfly Diaper Cake

Spring or summer butterfly baby shower theme for girls is always in. Make a butterfly diaper cake and give as a baby gift or use as the cutest diaper cake centerpiece ever.

  1. Make mini diaper cakes (or a tiered cake.) Place a cardboard tube in the middle of the diaper cake.
  2. Wrap spring colored ribbon around the layers.
  3. Insert silk flowers in the tube.
  4. Attach butterflies on the flowers with hot glue or glue dots.

14. Butterfly-Shaped Diaper Cake to Buy

If you want something unique, get a butterfly-shaped diaper cake.

The butterfly diaper cake is made with receiving blankets, ribbons, and of course diapers. It is CUTE!

15. DIY Fall Diaper Cake

A little pumpkin is on the way!

  1. Make a diaper cake in any shape you choose. See the instructions in the beginning of this post.
  2. Wrap the layers with fall ribbon (gold, orange, burgundy…)
  3. Make a sign: A little pumpkin is on the way! And attach it to a ribbon on the bottom or middle layer.
  4. Place a pumpkin on top of the diaper cake.
  5. Scatter leaves on the other tiers.

16. Fall Diaper Cake to Buy

Falling in love with the baby! A lovely fall themed diaper cake will look amazing at any fall baby shower.

It is a perfect centerpiece!

Use this gender neutral diaper cake as an inspiration when choosing colors and decorations for the fall baby shower

17. DIY Book Themed Diaper Cake

If you are into diaper cake DIY projects you could use a book as a cake board or simply as a fun theme idea.

  1. Make a rectangular diaper cake.
  2. Wrap a ribbon around it.
  3. Top the diaper cake with a book and items related to that book.
  4. A little sign with a quote from the book would look fun too. You could attach the sign to a dowel.

For example:

  1. I Love You To The Moon And Back book with a couple of teddy bears and a moon shaped baby rattle.
  2. Little Yellow Bee book with a bee carrying a tag blanket. Place it on top of a dowel so it looks like the bee is flying. Just take a look at the bee and blanket and you’ll know what I mean.

18. Bookworm Diaper Cake to Buy

Bookworm diaper cake.
Bookworm Diaper Cake from Diaper MakeOvers, Etsy

Any booklovers here?

Every mom wants books for the baby and this bookworm does not only bring books but also shoes or socks!

This unique bookworm diaper cake is fabulous!! It will be the talk of the baby shower. Place an order today!

19. DIY Ballerina Diaper Cake

Adorable! Absolutely adorable. These ballet slippers might just inspire you to host a ballerina baby shower.

  1. Make a tiered diaper cake.
  2. Wrap a lace, gold, or pink ribbon around it.
  3. Make a sign “baby ballerina” and attach it to one of the ribbons.
  4. Top the diaper cake with this ballet shoes cake topper.

20. Ballerina Diaper Cake to Buy

Whether this tutu diaper cake is for a future ballerina or a Frozen princess it will wow the mom-to-be. Who could resist the lovely tiara, fluffy tutu, and the stunning embellishments!

Order the ballerina – frozen diaper cake today to get it on time for the special celebration!

21. DIY Woodland Diaper Cake

Woodland theme continues to be one of the most popular baby shower themes. And no wonder, the outdoors and cute little baby animals provide a ton if ideas.

  1. Prepare a basic diaper cake. (See the instructions at the beginning of this blog post.)
  2. You could also roll up cute woodland onesies and mix them with rolled up diapers.
  3. Wrap the layers with ribbon or woodland receiving blankets.
  4. Decorate this DIY diaper cake with forest animal plush toys.

22. DIY Tree Stump Diaper Cake

Option 1: Make your own unique diaper cake: form a half circle diaper cake around this tree stump plush toy. It is adorable!

Option 2: Create a cool “tree stump” out of diapers. Secure the tiers with dowels. (Push the dowels through each layer.) Wrap a brown receiving blanket around the “stump”. Put woodland plush toys on top of the cake and next to it.

23. Woodland Diaper Cake to Buy

Woodland Diaper Cake Set. Three diaper cakes wrapped with burlap and forest green ribbon. Baby animal embellishments.
Woodland Diaper Cake Set, Little Home Mades, Etsy

Get ready for an adventure!

A lovable woodland diaper cake set will charm the mom. The collection has three diaper cakes! The rich forest green ribbon with burlap gives this cake a rustic and classy look.

It looks like the little tree stumps are wearing party attire.

Display the diaper cakes on wooden slabs for a fun outdoorsy feel.

You can choose the diaper brand and size when you place an order. The diaper cake comes fully assembled and wrapped in tulle. By the way, this seller ships within 24 hours. Now, that’s fast!

24. DIY Buffalo Plaid Lumberjack Diaper Cake

Buffalo plaid and lumberjacks are here to stay!

  1. Make a circle or rectangular diaper cake.
  2. Layer burlap and buffalo plaid ribbon around the tiers overlapping the ends. Attach the ends with glue dots or pins. (Get a burlap-buffalo plaid combo ribbon!)
  3. Place a bear or moose plush toy on the cake. Tie a buffalo plaid ribbon “scarf” around the moose’s neck.
  4. Use cute lumberjack/moose onesies to decorate the cake. Or roll them up and mix them with the rolled up diapers.

Make a mini diaper cake. Sit up the moose and put the diaper cake between the legs like the moose was holding it.

25. Buffalo Plaid Lumberjack Diaper Cake to Buy

Oh Boy! This Lumberjack Diaper Cake is awesome. It comes wrapped in tulle ready for gifting.

This diaper cake is great for an adventure awaits baby shower.

26. DIY Practically Perfect In Every Way Diaper Cake

Babies are “practically perfect from head to toe.”

  1. Make a diaper cake by following the tutorials in the beginning of this article. Roll up a “practically perfect in every way” onesie and hide it among the rolled up diapers.
  2. Wrap the cake layers with black ribbon.
  3. Attach daisies and red berries to the ribbon. (Might want to do this before wrapping the ribbon around the cake.)
  4. Add other fun embellishments such as a spoonful of sugar-teaspoon, an umbrella, penguin plush toy, or a tea cup.

27. DIY Little Man Diaper Cake

  1. Prepare the diaper cake base with the instructions at the beginning of this blog post.
  2. Wrap the diaper cake tiers with receiving blankets or ribbon of your choice. (Cut the ribbon long enough so it overlaps, and attach the ends with glue dots.)
  3. Add a fun “little man” cake topper to your diaper cake.
  4. Make a mustache, bow, and top hat cutouts from cardstock. Attach to a lollipop stick or a dowel and insert into the diaper cake, or glue the cutouts to the ribbon.
  5. Place a stuffed animal on one of the layers.

Work these items into the diaper cake:

28. Little Man Diaper Cake to Buy

A little man is on his way!

Buy this good-looking diaper cake for the Little Man! The colors are just perfect for a little man baby shower. You can personalize the sign!

Little Man is a popular baby shower theme for boys.

29. Elephant Diaper Cake Wreath to Buy

info coming…

How to Make Onesie Cupcakes

Learn how to make onesie cupcakes and add those in your gift baskets or use as a diaper cake decoration. They look cute and are easy to make.

I hope these diaper cake tutorials, diaper cakes to buy, and diaper cake DIY ideas helped you in your search for the perfect baby shower centerpiece or baby gift.




Fun Diaper Cake Ideas.
DIY Diaper Cake Ideas for Girls and Boys

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