Guide to Baby Shower Themes for Boys From Traditional To Modern

Choosing a baby shower theme for a boy will be a breeze with these ideas.

Whether you are looking for a unique, modern, or traditional boy baby shower theme you’ll find here something the mom-to-be will love.

A fun collection of baby shower invitation, decoration, food, and game ideas wait for you!

Unique Baby Shower Themes for Boys. Modern baby shower themes.
Image Permission: Canva

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A Guide to Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Unique baby shower themes for boys are awesome but the themes that have been around for some time are just as special and amazing.

As long as the theme is something the mom-to-be loves you are good to go.

From Blah to WOW!

Sometimes a theme might sound like a “blah” but then you see all the fun things you can do with it and it goes from blah to WOW!

Host the baby shower with a little twist: combine themes, pick unexpected colors or a little different focus.

Let’s use safari theme as an example. Instead of filling the baby shower venue with baby safari animals you could decorate with safari vehicles and safari gear such as safari hats, binoculars, maps, and guidebooks.

Use ideas from safari countries (Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania…) when choosing centerpieces and backdrops.

It would be a fun unique baby shower theme.

More safari theme ideas with safari animals later in this article.

Have fun going through this list of themes! Many of the baby shower theme ideas presented here are also great for a gender neutral baby shower.

Once you have your theme chosen you might also want to check out these cheap baby shower ideas.

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

This is more than a list of baby shower themes. You’ll find here cool ideas for each theme to help you to get started on the beautiful task of hosting a baby shower.

I’ve got several awesome diaper cake ideas too that can aid in finding the perfect baby shower theme.

1. Life’s a Beach

Life’s better at the beach! Bring the refreshing beach to the baby shower with blue, white, and sandy colored decorations.

Get the rustic Life’s A Beach Burlap Wreath from Beautiful Mesh to set the mood and to give you inspiration for other decorations.

These lovely neutral colors provide a place for the expectant mom to relax and be showered with love.

The guests will be delighted to find their name written on the cute sand dollars used as place cards. Get beautiful handmade sand dollars from Upside Designs Shop.

Inexpensive sand dollars from Amazon (buy in bulk) make cute favor tags too for a beach theme baby shower.

The gift or dessert table will look lovely with this classic striped cotton towel draped over it as a tablecloth. The cute tassels in the ends add a nice touch.

Other things to go with the theme include starfish, seashells, beach balls, shovels, sunglasses… With right colors you can make this boy baby shower theme to fit the taste of any mom-to-be.

Beach Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Make “crab-wiches” (croissants with googly eyes)
  • serve seaweed (spinach) dip,
  • saltwater taffy sailboats
  • fruit slice
  • boiled egg-half sailboats
  • oyster pearl cookies which are simply Nilla Wafers filled with blue frosting and a white Sixlet as a pearl

Beach Baby Shower Games

  • Decorate onesies or bibs with lovely beach theme iron on appliques
  • write messages on a beach ball
  • put together a beach bag for the mom
  • play a round of starfish shaped bean bag toss
  • play a couple of the many printable games in beach theme

2. Slime

If you spend time on Pinterest you have probably seen all the slime recipes floating around. Kids LOVE that stuff.

This certainly would be a unique boy baby shower theme.

And even if your whole theme is not about slime this could be an idea to include in a “what are little boys made of” baby shower.

Slime Party Centerpiece: Magical Party Place.

This party will make you smile!

3. Pirates

I saw a fun sign at a pirate theme baby shower: Not All Treasure Is Silver or Gold.  And that is so true. A baby is a treasure and this party is here to celebrate that.

Cover the tables with white and red striped table cloths. Red and white jumbo gift wrap makes a great runner for the table.

Place bowls filled with gold wrapped candy on the tables for sweet baby shower decor.

Set out little treasure chests filled with toy or chocolate coins or other treasures. And add a message bottle on each table for the guests to leave encouraging notes for the mom-to-be.

Pirate Baby Shower Food

  • Your guests will enjoy these delicious pirate cakepops
  • Grapes or whoppers can be delicious cannon balls
  • And chocolate dipped pretzels make great “peg legs”
  • Serve also fish ‘n chips

Pirate Baby Shower Games

As a fun pirate baby shower activity decorate treasure chest or pirate baby cookies.

4. Ahoy, It’s A Boy

Welcome aboard on a great adventure. We all hope that the days with the newborn baby will be smooth sailing.

Nautical baby shower theme is cute and classy. Many wonderful things to use as baby shower decoration from anchors to brass bells to telescopes.

Hang a Ahoy It’s A Boy banner above the gift table. Add a life buoy and and anchor complete the look.

Steer the baby shower ship to an adventure with a wooden ship wheel.

The wheel, anchors and buoy will make also great nautical nursery decorations.

Nautical Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Swedish fish
  • gummy sharks
  • gold fish
  • veggie boats
  • blue jello

Decorate a cake with anchors, ship wheels or Ahoy it’s a Boy cake topper.

Nautical Baby Shower Games

  • Make anchor and ship wheel wreaths.

Mia Precious Memories has cute unfinished ship wheels in various sizes ready to be decorated.
The guests could decorate one for the nursery or to be taken home.

Wood Ship Wheels: 4 to 10 inches or 12 to 16 inches. Anchors: 4 to 10 inches or 12 to 16 inches.

Check out also Cheap Baby Shower Ideas on How To Host a Baby Shower On a Budget.

5. Very Hungry Caterpillar

Babies get hungry so did the caterpillar. This classic picture book gives you cute ideas for a colorful fun-filled baby shower.

Adorn your cake or cupcakes with darling Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake Decorations from Holly Cupcake. Currently unavailable. I’ll look for an alternative.

Serve the foods that the Caterpillar ate:

  • chocolate cake
  • ice cream cones
  • pickles
  • Swiss cheese
  • salami
  • lollipops
  • cherry pie
  • sausage
  • cupcakes
  • watermelon

6. Winnie The Pooh

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. – Winnie The Pooh

There are many cute Winnie The Pooh quotes such as As Soon As I Saw You, I Knew An Adventure Was Going To Happen to display at the baby shower.

Give the guests a practical but cute favor. These honey jars don’t have labels so they are easy to personalize.

Winnie The Pooh offers plenty of lovable ideas for hosting an amazing baby shower for a boy from cute Hunny favors to fun games.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Food:

  • Tigger tails (cheese puffs)
  • lemon cupcakes with bumble bee toppers
  • bumble bee cake pops (These are adorable!!)

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Games:

  • Write or decorate quotes from Winnie The Pooh Books for the baby’s room.
  • Ask also the guests to fill out these Wishes for Baby -cards with things they wish such as “I hope you learn to..” and “I hope you travel to…”
  • Pin the tail on Eyeore

7. Zoo, Safari Or Jungle

A fun theme for a boy!

Zoo or Safari Diaper Cake from Dianna’s Diaper Cakes gives you a fantastic color scheme for the baby shower.

Imagine all the cute things you can do with this theme from zebra cake to polka dot napkins.

Place a few green plants in the party area, around the dessert and gift tables. Hang green garlands from wall to wall to give the place a jungle look.

You’ll love this burlap garland with leaves!

Create centerpieces around safari hats. (This is a set of 24 plastic safari hats.)

And the safari themed balloons, swirls, and honeycombs add a final touch to your jungle.

Safari Baby Shower Food Ideas

Serve simple jungle themed food such as

  • juicy fruit: mangoes, bananas, papayas
  • coconut chocolate truffles
  • cupcakes with monkey toppers
  • cake decorated with fruit slice candy
  • mud cake
  • dirt pudding with gummy worms

Delicious lemonade or smoothies are perfect beverages for this jungle theme baby shower.

Safari Baby Shower Games:

  • Your guest will have a great time matching baby animals (e.g. cub) to the animal name (e.g. tiger).
  • Or playing children’s book emoji game. In this game you try to figure out the book title based on emojis. This printable is safari themed so it works perfectly!

8. Elephant

Beautiful colors for a lovely baby shower!

This Elephant Diaper Stroller from Snuggle Up Diaper Cakes is gorgeous. Brave, wild and free! Currently unavailable. I’ll look for an alternative.

The soft colors of the lanterns will create a beautiful atmosphere.

Announce the baby with cute elephant welcome baby banners

Elephant Baby Shower Food

  • Peanuts
  • peanut butter sandwich cookies dipped in blue icing
  • elephant shaped cookies all go well with this theme
  • blue jello with cool whip and an elephant cake topper is a cute treat too

Elephant Baby Shower Games

Baby shower activities could include things like

  • “how many peanuts in a jar?”
  • The mom will love to receive these beautiful elephant onesies decorated by the friends and family. This elephant onesies set has onesies in various sizes all the way to 24 months and it comes with adorable iron on graphics.

If elephants are not your style pick any baby animal for your baby shower theme:

  • Baby Tigers
  • Baby Giraffes
  • Baby Whales
  • Kittens
  • Puppies

and host the cutest baby shower ever!

9. Vintage Toys

Vintage Toys Baby Shower Theme
Image Permission: Canva

According to Urban Dictionary vintage is something that is too old to be modern but not old enough to be antique.

Search the attics, thrift shops etc. for Golden Books, wind-up toys such as this awesome retro Ferris Wheel, metal trucks and planes, wooden toys, cabbage patch kids, weebles, and many other vintage toys.

Use them as decorations and inspiration for cup cake toppers.

Vintage Toy Baby Shower Food

Make petit fours and decorate them to look like abc blocks. Maybe spell out baby shower or the baby’s name with them. Use Radio Flyer wagon to serve cupcakes or other snacks.

Vintage Toy Baby Shower Games

  • Get wind up toys and have a race with them. That will surely bring lots of laughter to this playful nostalgic baby shower.
  • Paint vintage airplane mobile to be used as a decoration in nursery.

If you are interested in vintage themes you might want to check out this Vintage Travel Theme Baby Shower.

10. Curious George

Get the fun Curious George baby shower invitation from Dream a Little Craft.

One thing I love about kids is their curiosity.

George, the little monkey, was curious too. The adventures of George might have been some of the stories that delighted the mom-to-be too when she was a little girl.

The lovable, Curious George provides lots of decoration ideas for an awesome baby shower

  • kites (inexpensive in various sizes)
  • balloons
  • bananas
  • bikes
  • pinwheels
  • chairs and tables covered with animal pictures
  • man with the yellow hat

Curious George Baby Shower Food

Bananas in every form: banana bread, banana pudding, banana parfait, banana split, banana cream pie, banana muffins, frozen banana treats, banana pancakes, banana shaped candy… you get the picture. Go bananas!

Since Curious George liked balloons, kites, bikes, and art use those themes to inspire you to create the most delicious and amusing treats. Make kite shaped cookies, balloon or pinwheel cupcake toppers, and paint brush pretzel sticks.

Buy the cutest Curious George themed cookies from Little Prince Cookies. You’ll love the way they look. Adorable!!

Tie a chocolate bar or wrapped cookie to an inflated balloon and place on the dessert table or use as a place card and a party favor.

Curious George Baby Shower Games

  • Ask the guests to write a note for the baby in a Curious George book. This collection has seven books. You could put one at each table or make a book signing station.
  • Play pin the banana to George.
  • Or two or three of the many monkey baby shower games.

11. Captain America

Host an action packed baby shower: Captain America!

Decorate the party area with red, white and blue. You might already have items at home to go with this theme. Many of the 4th of July stuff goes with this theme.

The cute Captain America Baby Booties from Funky Knits UK are a cute centerpiece and also a fun baby gift for a boy.

Use this 58×58 shield shaped play mat either as a wall decor or as a table runner for the gift table. The mom to be will happily take the fun play mat home after the shower.

Hang up Captain America Onesies for a fun garland or get creative and use them as centerpiece.

Captain America Baby Shower Food Ideas

Look for food items that are red, white and blue

  • Strawberries, marshmallows and blueberries arranged on a round plate to form Captain America’s shield.
  • Star shaped cookies
  • Captain America onesies cookies
  • Round cake with white frosting and red and blue M&M’s arranged to form a shield

Captain America Baby Shower Games

  • Have a great time playing pin the star to the shield.
  • Toss star shaped bean bags onto a shield shaped target.

Don’t want to limit yourself to one superhero? You could also do a general superhero theme.

Baby Shower Themes For Boys
Image Permission: Canva

12. Where The Wild Things Are

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!! Boys are full of energy and love to explore. These “Where The Wild Things Are” Blocks from Poplar Street Cottage will look amazing as a centerpiece. Currently unavailable. I’ll look for an alternative.

Another fun decoration idea is a tree stump planter. Fill it with flowers, baby items etc.

Where The Wild Things Are Baby Shower Food

  • Turn any cake into a theme fitting cake by placing this awesome fondant crown cake topper on it (Fancy Sugaron Top).
  • Serve fruit in creative ways: serve them in waffle cones, skewers, brown bowls (tree stumps) etc.

Where The Wild Things Are Baby Shower Games

You’ll love this Where The Wild Things Are baby shower kit from Helia Design Co (printable). In addition to incredible games it also includes signs to make your shower awesomely entertaining!

You’ll receive signs like “Then far away across the world, he smelled good things to EAT!” and “Please don’t go! We’ll eat you up we love you so!”

A thrilling boy baby shower theme!

13. Snowman Or Winter Theme

Snowflakes falling, snow crunching under the boots. Invite the guests with a snowman baby shower invitation to walk in the winter wonderland…

Bring the beautiful winter feeling inside with snowflake decorations, snowmen, and snow covered trees. Decorate the tables with pine cones and evergreen branches.

Add baby’s-breath flowers in a mason jar along with evergreen.

Though everything in the image is pink you can get the Baby It’s Cold Banner in blue to go with a boy baby shower.

Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower Food

  • Hot chocolate bar will be a hit at this awesome Baby It’s Cold Outside baby shower.
  • Top the cupcakes with cute mitten and snow flake cake toppers.
  • Serve vanilla candy coated pretzels
  • and powdery donuts.

Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower Games

  • Have yarn and knitting needles available for those who know how to knit and let them work on making baby mittens during the shower. Print a fun mitten pattern too.
  • A no sew blanket station will be a hit! The guests can take turns working on a blanket or two.
  • As with any other baby shower there are cute baby shower game printables available. This winter themed game set from Catch Me Studio is perfect for baby its cold outside baby shower theme.

Reward the winners with cool baby shower game prizes such as fleece blankets, fuzzy socks, scarfs, or mittens. A mug with hot chocolate mix would make a lovely prize or a favor.

14. Circus

Having kids can feel like you are directing a circus. It is fun, it is loud, and there is always some clowning and action going on.

Rent a tent or create a circus in your party venue.

Circus Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • animal crackers
  • cotton candy
  • peanuts
  • pop corn
  • donuts
  • big lollipops
  • cupcakes decorated with clowns, horses and all the fun things you find at circus

Display the cupcakes in a fun Ferris Wheel cupcake stand.

Circus Baby Shower Games

Play match the animal with the gestation time from Life In Leaf

Come One, Come All To the Greatest Baby Shower!

15. Mickey Mouse

“Hiya, pal! I’m Mickey! It sure is great that you could join us.” -Mickey Mouse

A couple of hours fun in the house of mouse. It’s going to be fantastic!

These polka dot table cloths will look great at your Mickey Mouse baby shower or any other party! Hang one up behind the dessert table as a fun backdrop.

Use Mickey Mouse plush toys as centerpieces. Add a baby towel or blanket for Mickey to hold.

Hang up lanterns, pom poms and balloons in Mickey Mouse colors: black, red, white, and yellow.

As an easy favor fill a glass jar with red, yellow, white and black candies. Tie a tag with a quote from Mickey: “I sure hope you like it!”

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Food Ideas

Oreos come in handy when making yummy treats for this Mickey Mouse Baby Shower!

  • Mickey Mouse cupcakes
  • Mickey Mouse Cake (Any cake becomes Mickey Mouse when it is decorated with Oreo Mickeys.)
  • Mickey Mouse jello treat (bottom layer: red jello, top layer cool whip, place Oreos for ears)
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Games

Play the fun Mickey Mouse printable games from Invites On Demand. It’s a fun collection of printable Mickey Mouse games from candy match to what’s in your purse.

Check out also other Easy Baby Shower Games that will make any baby shower fun!

16. Farm

Oink, oink here and oink oink there. Old McDonald had a farm and so can you… at least at this farm baby shower.

This party is going to be so cute with all the farm related baby shower decorations.

Farm Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • veggies with dip
  • pigs in a blanket
  • stuffed eggs with a sign “Something Wonderful Is Hatching”
  • peeps
  • cow marshmallow pops

Farm Baby Shower Games

Play games like “Are you my mother?”

If barnyard animals are not what you are looking for, host a rustic farm style baby shower.

Rustic country style is now in and for a good reason. It is awesome! These lovely colors go with anything. With burlap, lace, and brown, cream and soft blue colors you can create a memorable baby shower.

17. Bun In The Oven

Who can resist fresh baked cinnamon buns!!

Warm, cozy, and delicious are some of the words that come in my mind when I think about this bun in the oven baby shower theme. The guests will love the welcoming, homey atmosphere of this baby shower theme.

It is easy to come up with decoration ideas for this baby shower.

  • rolling pins
  • whisks
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • flour
  • pot holders
  • toy oven
  • tiny ovens to hold favors
  • ovens made out of graham crackers

Bun In The Oven Baby Shower Food

As you know, I’m going to suggest serving

  • cinnamon buns
  • and delicious buns filled with chicken salad, ham and cheese.

A hot cup of coffee or tea would also be lovely.

I have seen fun versions of this shower as Bun In the Oven, Burgers on the Grill. Perfect theme for co-hosted baby shower.

Bun In The Oven Baby Shower Games

  • bake together: make cinnamon rolls, buns, cookies or whatever sounds good to you.
  • And if you do the outdoor BBQ, set up lawn games in addition to playing other games.

18. Minions

A baby minion is on his way!

Minions from Despicable Me is another fun, energetic baby shower theme for boys. Bright blue and yellow are the perfect colors for this baby shower filled with cute minions from cupcake toppers to marshmallow pops.

Where To Buy:

Yellow and Blue Pom Poms: Amazon

19. Rubber Ducky Or Bath Time Baby

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower.
Image Permission: Canva

A baby boy baby shower centered around a squeaking awesome rubber ducky theme.

This bath time baby shower is so cute. Put rubber ducks in glass bowls filled with water or blue gems and use as centerpieces.

Get an inexpensive set of ducks from Amazon.

Other decoration ideas include

  • a baby bathtub filled with baby items like towels shampoo and bath toys
  • ducky diaper cake from Shas Creationz
  • bath time diaper wreath
  • wash cloth bouquet

Bath Time Baby Shower Food

  • blue jello topped with whipped cream and a duck cupcake topper (These duck picks from Party Eleganza are adorable and would look fun as cake decorations too.)
  • bubble bath cake (blue frosting and whipped cream dollops as bubbles)

Bath Time Baby Shower Games

  • Prepare bath bombs together.
  • Hide ducks in the party area and whoever finds most is the winner.

20. Harry Potter – Welcome Baby Muggle

A magical baby boy theme for a cute tiny muggle.

Host the baby shower in the Great Hall or in a common room the mom-to-be belongs to. You’ll find these Harry Potter party decoration ideas for common rooms helpful in creating the right atmosphere.

This Harry Potter baby shower bundle from My Porch Prints has printables for invitations, games, signs, cupcake toppers, decorations and more.

It will help you to host a stunning baby shower for welcoming a new baby muggle or wizard.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Food Ideas

Harry Potter Baby Shower Games

Play games like find the snitch game. I have wings printables you can use to make your own snitch.

You’ll find those and other fun Harry Potter party printables such as owls for your owlery in the freebies.

You might also like these Harry Potter activity ideas for your baby shower.

21. Race Cars

Rev up your engines!! Awesome fast-paced baby boy theme that will make your heart race from excitement.

You will have a blast with this theme!

Make the tables look like race tracks, decorate the cupcakes with checkered flags, put race cars all over the place. Many ideas for baby shower decor for boys!

  • Fuel Up Here – beverage or dessert table sign
  • Bump Ahead
  • Approaching the Finish Line

Race Car Baby Shower Food Ideas

Serve foods with fun labels:

  • transmission fluid
  • coolant
  • spare tires
  • jumper cables
  • antifreeze

Race Car Baby Shower Game Ideas

22. Red Carpet – Hollywood

Celebrate the star of the coming show!

The guests will walk the red carpet to the shower and have a picture taken in front of a fabulous backdrop.

This unique baby shower theme will make everyone feel like a star.

Red, black and gold colors create a glamorous atmosphere fit for a Hollywood star. Use movie slates as food labels or to display few fun facts of the mom-to-be.

Hollywood Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Serve star shaped cookies
  • Spell Hollywood with cake toppers to make any cake ready for Oscars!
  • Prepare a fancy platter of decorated chocolate covered strawberries.

Hollywood Baby Shower Game Ideas

  • Play “Name that movie”. Show a glimpse of a movie or give a few hints.
  • Or match a movie or tv show kid to the tv mom.

Another awesome version is Rock Star Baby Shower.

Celebrate the new rock star with this fun-filled rockin’ baby shower theme for boys.

Decorate venue with guitars, musical symbols and records. Serve: pop rock candy, star shaped anything like cheese, sandwiches, watermelon; and microphone cupcakes

23. Fire Truck

Fire trucks and dalmatians.

This party is on fire!

Decorate the party area with firetrucks, dalmatians, red, black and polkadots.

Make a simple diaper cake with these instructions. Tie red and black ribbon around it and sit a dalmatian plush toy on top; or place a fire fighter’s helmet on top.

Fire Truck Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • serve a cake shaped like a fire truck
  • cupcakes with fun edible cupcake toppers
  • place Twizzlers in a bucket for fire hoses
  • serve chocolate donuts as fire truck tires

Fire Truck Baby Shower Games

Get a cool… or should I say fiery baby shower game set from Creative Digital Arts and let the games begin!

24. Construction Site

A super awesome baby shower for a tomboy mom. Truck loads of fun ideas to host this incredibly entertaining baby shower.

Dump Everything, Come On Over For Loads Of Fun! -Invitations from Lyons Prints will gather your crew around.

Decorate with construction vehicles:

  • dump trucks
  • bulldozers
  • front loaders
  • backhoes

Other fun ideas for construction baby shower

  1. Fill the trucks with flowers and place on the tables as centerpieces. They would also make fun serving containers for food.
  2. Make little signs and hang them from the cranes.
  3. Adorn the gift and dessert tables with “caution” tape.
  4. Put a Gift Loading Zone sign next to the gift table.
  5. Attach a “tools” -label to utensils.
  6. Use tools as decorations
  7. Turn traffic cones into centerpieces.

Construction Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Either serve or use as party favors these awesome tool shaped cookies from CC by Clau. They look pretty cool.
  • Adorn cupcakes with traffic cone fondant or “Baby Under Construction” cupcake toppers

Construction Baby Shower Game Ideas

Since this is a construction baby shower it would be fun to build something together whether it is a simple craft or building and painting a dresser :).

25. Lego

Another boy baby shower theme that has something to do with building stuff.

Use lego houses, cars, and people as cute baby shower decor.

Lego Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Make Rice Krispies Treats in various colors to look like lego blocks.
  • Bake brownies cut into various lego shapes, frost and place a few same color M&M’s on top to create the lego look.
  • Lego fondant mold comes in handy decorating a cake

Lego Baby Shower Games

Minute to win it games with legos!

  • Build towers
  • Sort the legos with your non-dominant hand

Buy legos in bulk to save money.

26. It’s 80’s, Baby!

Exciting music and bright colors and all that rocking fun 80’s stuff will make this baby shower to be remembered.

Use tulle to make table skirts.

Place Rubik’s cubes and snakes on tables for decorations or to be played with.

Other fun toys from the 80’s to be used as decorations include:

  • care bears
  • transformers
  • strawberry shortcake
  • cabbage patch kids
  • Mr. Potato Head

80’s Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Talking about Mr Potato Head, a fun food idea would be baked potatoes!
  • Serve strawberry shortcakes and cupcakes with 80’s cupcake toppers.
  • Have a candy bar filled with popular candies from the 89’s: Skor, Runts, Skittles, Nerds, Cow Tales, Sour Patch Kids, AirHeads.

80’s Baby Shower Game Ideas

  • Play 80’s music for name that tune game.
  • “Guess who” was a popular game in the 1980’s. Though this Guess Who: Mommy or Daddy from Adorably Allie is not exactly like the game from the past it is a fun baby shower game.
  • Other popular games included Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Connect Four, Boggle and Pictionary. Play a round of baby pictionary and baby trivia.

27. Sports Theme

Welcome To The Team!!

A baby shower theme ideas for boys list would not be complete without the Sports theme. Cheering for your favorite sports team is quite thrilling. And so will participating in this awesome baby shower.

Whether it is football, basketball, baseball or hockey or a combination of various sports this boy baby shower theme is surely exciting.

If the mom or dad-to-be has a favorite sports team use that as your inspiration. Decorate the place with the team colors and mascots.

And with amazing all-star centerpieces from Hey Babycake Boutique.

A personalized pacifier from Mom and Baby Boutique makes a fun decor for a diaper cake or a cute baby gift for boys.

Sports Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Serve all the fun stuff they sell at the games: fries, hotdogs, ice cream, peanuts…
  • Or make a cake pop “balls” to match the sport you have chosen.
  • Make melon balls
  • cheese balls
  • chocolate balls.
  • Serve sports themed cookies

Sports Baby Shower Game Ideas

  • Play games like guess the baby’s birthday, baby ABC, and bingo. Get a sports baby shower game package from Digi Doodling for easy entertainment.
  • Sign a basket ball or baseball.
  • Decorate jersey’s for the baby.

28. Dr. Seuss

“A person is a person no matter how small.” Dr. Seuss A fun-tastic baby shower theme that is entertaining and cute.

Have fun with playful Dr. Seuss food and imaginative decorations.

Dr Seuss Storybook Quilt from Carlene Westberg is amazing and can serve both as a backdrop for the dessert table and as a wonderful baby shower gift.

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Food

  • Turn your cupcakes into Truffula Trees by decorating them with cotton candy. Just push a straw into cotton candy and insert into a cupcake.
  • Serve green eggs and ham pretzel bites (place a white candy melts on pretzel squares, put in the oven at 200F for 6-8min, take out and put a green candy on top),
  • Hop on Pop popcorn
  • Cat In The Hat parfaits (red jello and cool whip layered in pretty glasses)
  • Pink Ink Yink Drink (pink lemonade) and other creative baby shower treats.

Check out other Dr. Seuss party food ideas and awesome inexpensive decorations.

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Game Ideas

Play a big B little b what begins with B-game. Give the guests a short amount of time to come up with baby or pregnancy related words that begin with B.

Create a Block Making Station with wooden blocks and images of lovable characters from Dr. Seuss books. A fantastic creative boy baby shower activity.

The mom-to-be will be thrilled to put these baby blocks in the nursery. The block making kit from Books On Blocks will be a hit!!

Thank the guests for coming with fun favors such as

You will put a smile on everyone’s face with this baby boy shower theme.

29. The Smurfs

These lovable characters entertained the children in the 1980’s and will entertain the mom-to-be and the guests.

It is easy to pick the color scheme for this baby shower: blue and white!

Decorate the party with blue and white pom poms and lanterns. Use blue and white striped plates and cups.

The Smurfs Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Adorable Smurf Cake Toppers from Memento Cake Toppers will be perfect for this cute unique baby shower theme. Currently unavailable. I’ll look for an alternative.
  • Serve blue and white candies in glass jars. Wrap tulle around them.

The Smurfs Baby Shower Game Ideas

  • Play the smurfs bingo.
  • Get a couple of smurf puzzles and divide the guests in teams and see which team can put together the puzzle first.

This and so many other baby showers can be hosted on a budget.

30. Cowboy

Giddy Up! Jump on your horse and gallop to this awesome baby shower!

Many fun ideas for hosting this western theme baby shower like this cute “It’s A Cowboy” Banner from Ichabod’s Imagination.

  • Cowboy boots for holding flowers
  • Cowboy hats (use as centerpieces or as a fun alternative to a guest book
  • Hay bales
  • Horse shoes
  • Bandannas (as banners, napkins, wrapped around vases)
  • rocking horses

Cowboy Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Wow your guests with a horseshoe shaped cake
  • or serve cupcakes with cowboy hat and boots cake toppers.
  • Make marshmallow pops with cowhide print.
  • Serve cookies that are shaped like cowboy hats, horseshoes, boots, and horses.
  • Prepare chocolate cowboy hats with these cool molds.
  • For an easy delicious main course make Cowboy Casserole. It is a crowd pleaser.

Western Baby Shower Games

  • Decorate cute western style bibs! The bib set from A Crafty One LLC comes with six bibs fit for a cowboy. The guests can get creative and write or draw sweet messages to the baby.
  • If you have kids participating in the baby shower, they might enjoy a game of horseshoes.
  • And depending how far along the mom-to-be is you could do some line dancing or at least play good ol’ country music.
  • Play a round of “name that tune”.

This party will make you go Yeehaw!

31. Little Camper

The best baby shower theme for the outdoorsy mom! She’ll feel so at home surrounded by all the fun adventurous ideas of this unique baby shower theme.

  • Make the food labels look like tents
  • “Take home S’more fun” tags for favors (which are S’mores ingredients, of course)
  • Hiking boots for baby as a centerpiece
  • Camping lanterns as decoration
  • Happy Little Camper onesies

Can you just feel the excitement of the great outdoors!

Little Camper Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Smores bar
  • trail mix bar
  • coffee bar
  • Swiss rolls as “logs”
  • berries
  • pancakes
  • donuts

Little Camper Baby Shower Games

  • Play how many Gummy Bears in a jar
  • find the canoe – a scratch card game from Created By Us.
  • Write notes with fabric marker on these beautiful theme fitting fabric pieces. Send them to back to Crazy 4 Claire be sewn into a wonderful quilt for the baby. This blanket will be treasured by the mom.

32. Rustic – Little Boys Are Made Of

What are little boys made of? Rifles, racks and deer tracks… a cute rustic wall art from June and Kate Home.

If the dad-to-be is a hunter he’d be thrilled to participate in this shower.

Make it a rustic country style and it will be a shower that appeals to many.

What Are Little Boys Made of Food Ideas

Adorn the cupcakes with wooden antler cupcake toppers from Thick and Thin Designs.

What Are Little Boys Made of Games

Ask the guests to press their fingerprints on this tree wall art from Megan H Studio. The fingerprints will be the leaves on the tree.

Really cute and unique baby shower activity.

33. Trains – Baby Shower Express

Choo! Choo! All Aboard!

You’ll love these stylish train boarding pass invitations from Parties by the Bundle. The guests will be excited get on board the Baby Express.

Decorate with train tracks and trains.

You could customize this train set to fit your train baby shower theme.

Use as a centerpiece on the dessert table or create a centerpiece for each table with a train car.

Make train cars out of baskets by attaching train wheels to them. Use as centerpieces.

Trains Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Serve treats from train cars
  • and top the cake with adorable train cake toppers.

Trains Baby Shower Games

Train painting station. What a great way to entertain the guests! They each get to participate in making this cute train set for the baby.

You might also like this fun travel theme baby shower idea!

34. Royal Highness – Prince

Welcome the Baby Prince with this royal baby shower.

Royal blue and golden yellow are the perfect colors for creating an atmosphere fit for a king.

The mom to be will feel like royalty surrounded by these beautiful baby shower decorations for boys.

The Royal Prince Centerpieces from Platinum Baby Showers are gorgeous!

Any Mommy To Be would love to wear this gorgeous Belly Sash from FlowersByCris. If she does not already feel like royalty this sash ensures that she will.

Use crowns and scepters to create awesome centerpieces or decorations to put on the walls.

Royal Prince Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • With blue and gold frosting, fondant, ribbons, and tulle any dessert can be fit for a royal prince.
  • Dip pretzel sticks in blue candy coating. Top with gold sprinkles and add a crown at the top.
  • Or buy Royal Prince pretzel sticks from Cupcake Novelties.
  • Make crown, throne, and scepter shaped cookies and decorate with blue frosting and outline with gold.
  • Fill bowls with blue and gold candies. Serve cupcakes with crown, royal or prince cupcake toppers.
  • Turn ordinary clear plastic cups into fancy creations with crown cutouts.
  • Add a splash of color with blue striped paper straws.
  • Use cake stands for serving the cupcakes.
  • Wrap a box or two with gold or silver wrapping paper to act as a stand for cookies or pretzels sticks.

Royal Prince Baby Shower Games

  • How well do you know royalty? Match the baby with the royal parents.
  • Personalize oven safe mugs: Queen Mother, Queen of Everything, It’s Good To Be Queen, Queen of Coffee, Queen of the Office, Nap Queen etc.

35. Laundry Day

Prepare the mom-to-be for all the laundry that is waiting for her!

Just kidding!

But baby clothes do make cute decorations.

  • Make onesie or baby sock garland to hang over the gift and dessert tables.
  • Little shoes could be placed on top of tiny diaper cakes.
  • Prepare sock bouquets and onesie cupcakes to adorn the party area.

Place this humorous laundry wall art from 163rd St DeSigns Co on the gift table.

At the end of the shower, gift all the cute clothes to the mom. She’ll love it!!

Laundry Day Baby Shower Food Ideas

Laundry Day Baby Shower Games

  • Personalize jeans, t-shirts etc. for the baby with iron on patches. Or use fabric markers to write fun messages.
  • See who can hang up a laundry basket full of baby clothes the fastest.

36. Candyland

Can’t get any sweeter than this!

Giant lollipops, candy bar, candy topped cupcakes… Follow the easy instructions for Giant Lollipops DIY.

Create a Candyland Walk with Duct tape or card stock.

Make big ice cream cones with lanterns or balloons to be placed around the party area.

Adorn the tables with colorful tulle table skirts.

Put various colors of cotton candy in glass jars and use as centerpieces.

Candyland Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • Well, what would go better with a candyland baby shower than candy bar! Serve various candies on pretty platters or jars.
  • Push Dum Dums lollipops in a styrofoam ball to create a fun candy ball.
  • Just look at these creations! The cutest Candyland mini cakes from Dips Cake Pops. Maybe these are something you can put together yourself but I know I certainly could not.

An adorable dessert for a baby boy shower.

Candyland Baby Shower Games

  • Put candy in a jar and play Guess how many in the jar.
  • Test your knowledge of candy with candy trivia. Form teams or handout everyone the game and see who gets most correct.

So many fun ideas for this baby shower for the mom who loves colorful things and has a big sweet tooth :).

37. Retro Diner

Jukebox, soda fountain, poodle skirts, sock hop… This party will knock even your socks off!!

Hula hoops were in. Use a hoop to make a wreath or come up with other creative ways to use them as decorations or perhaps have a hula hoop contest.

Retro Diner Baby Shower Food Ideas

Get fun Retro Diner Printables from Hello My Sweet.

  • Everyone will love to make their own soda floats or milkshakes.
  • Serve hamburgers and fries.
  • Remember the cool letterman jackets? Decorate cookies to look like that.

Letterman jacket for the baby from Da Baby

Retro Diner Baby Shower Games

  • Play a round of retro bingo.
  • Play 50’s music for name that tune game.

Baby Shower Theme Summary

  1. Life’s a Beach Baby Shower
  2. Slime Baby Shower
  3. Pirates Baby Shower
  4. Nautical Baby Shower
  5. Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shower
  6. Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower
  7. Safari or Jungle Baby Shower
  8. Elephant Baby Shower
  9. Vintage Toys Baby Shower
  10. Curious George Baby Shower
  11. Captain America Baby Shower
  12. Where the Wild Things Are Baby Shower
  13. Snowman or Winter Baby Shower
  14. Circus Baby Shower
  15. Mickey Mouse Baby Shower
  16. Farm Baby Shower
  17. Bun In The Oven Baby Shower
  18. Minions Baby Shower
  19. Ducky or Bath Time Baby Shower
  20. Harry Potter Baby Shower
  21. Race Cars Baby Shower
  22. Red Carpet – Hollywood Baby Shower
  23. Fire Truck Baby Shower
  24. Construction Site Baby Shower
  25. Lego Baby Shower
  26. It’s 80’s Baby Shower
  27. Sports Baby Shower
  28. Dr. Seuss Baby Shower
  29. Smurfs Baby Shower
  30. Cowboy Baby Shower
  31. Little Camper Baby Shower
  32. Rustic Little Boys Are Made Of Baby Shower
  33. Trains Baby Shower
  34. Royal Highness – Prince Baby Shower
  35. Laundry Day Baby Shower
  36. Candy Land Baby Shower
  37. Retro Diner Baby Shower

Hosting a boy baby shower will be a blast! If you would like to explore other theme ideas check out the awesome diaper cake ideas and fun baby shower invitation ideas for more inspiration.

Or go back to Baby Shower Guide for all your baby shower needs.

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

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