Virtual Baby Shower – Showering With Love From A Distance

Baby showers are a special time for celebrating the mom-to-be and a new precious baby.

Sometimes we can be far away from our family and friends and getting together is not an option. Thankfully with nowadays technology we can be right there celebrating together.

A virtual baby shower might not be our number one choice, it’s hard not be able to hug and just simply feel someone’s energy around you. But a virtual baby shower is a wonderful option to celebrate with those who are not near.

I hope that these online baby shower ideas will help you to host a memorable baby shower the mom-to-be will love.

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Virtual Baby Shower Ideas That Make the Mom to Be Feel Loved.

Virtual Baby Shower Plan

  • Amazing online VENUE for getting together.
  • Cute INVITATIONS that make the guests ooh and aah.
  • Beautiful DECORATIONS to create a lovely atmosphere.
  • Delicious TREATS to make the occasion even sweeter.
  • Fun GAMES to provide laughter and memories.
  • Pretty FAVORS to thank the guests for being there.

1. Online Baby Shower Venue

Zoom, Google Hangout and facetime are fabulous choices for hosting a virtual baby shower. You can see the guests, chat and play games together.

Facebook live is great for showing the mom-to-be opening the presents. You can chat and play games via comments and posts.

This info might change:

  1. Zoom: free for 100 friends for 40 min (longer if you pay)
  2. Google Hangouts: 25 friends, everyone needs a google account
  3. Facebook Messenger: 50 friends
  4. Facetime: 32 friends, everyone needs an apple product
  5. Skype: 50 friends for 4 hours
  6. Google Meet is available free for now…

2. Cute Invitations

Invitations don’t only provide the party details to the guests but they also get the guests excited about the party.

The invitation makes you feel something. It sets the mood, doesn’t it?

1. Across the Miles

Whether you are near or far you can celebrate with the mom-to-be. The soft colors of the Across the Miles invitation create a beautiful feeling of love.

2. Virtual Baby Shower Invitation

This is another lovely virtual baby shower invitation. The greenery theme goes well with spring or summer baby showers.

Looking at it, I can picture sitting outside sipping a cooling beverage and listening to the birds singing.

I think this invite is also perfect for a rustic country style theme.

Not sure about your theme yet? These cutest baby shower invitations give you fun ideas for baby shower themes.

3. Beautiful Decorations

Virtual Baby Shower Decorations to make the event special.

Should you have decorations for a virtual baby shower?


Create a beautiful backdrop for the mom-to-be. She will love to sit in front of it during the baby shower.

1. Balloon Backdrop

Balloon garlands are amazing!

  1. They can be done on a small budget.
  2. There are balloon garland kits available for any baby shower theme.
  3. They are fairly easy to make.

This rose gold balloon garland looks stunning and provides a lovely backdrop for the mom-to-be.

2. Paper Fan Backdrop

Yes! These are so much fun!

Paper fans come in various colors so you can create a backdrop that matches the baby shower theme.

Browse through the many paper fan options in Amazon and be inspired.

3. Garland

Make a garland or buy a garland. Hang it up and you have a cute backdrop.

You could also tape to the wall shapes and images that go with your theme: elephants, whales, polkadots, woodland animals, baby blocks… whatever you’d like.

This beautiful, inexpensive Twinkle Twinkle Little Star garland comes in various colors. Choose yours and hang it up. Easy!

Ever thought about making a diaper cake? You can make one in no time with these easy diaper cake tutorials and coolest DIY diaper cake ideas.

4. Delicious Treats

Well, this might be more difficult unless you want to have treats delivered to your guests from local bakeries. But that can get really expensive.

No worries, there are fun ways to take care of this fun aspect of the baby shower.

Send a party pack to the guests that includes a tea bag or your favorite instant coffee packet.

Mail a recipe of the most amazing dessert you know, a fun mimosa, or a super easy treat like chocolate pudding, layered with raspberries and whipped cream.

5. Virtual Baby Shower Games

Virtual baby shower games.

It can be hard to come up with something totally new. And I would not stress about that. The guests might have played them dozens of times but they love the mom-to-be and want to make her day special.

Play fun games like

1. Would She Rather

2. Name That Song, Baby

Play a kids songs or songs that have the word baby in them. Whoever guesses the song first wins.

3. Baby Scattergories

All you need is a list of things like: name, toy, pet, baby activity, pregnancy craving. The guests will come up with an answer for each category with words that begin with letters B A B Y.

For example: name: Ben, Adam, Bryan, Yuri

4. Advice for Mommy

Create a file to store all the fun advice given to mom.

5. Mom or Dad’s Childhood

(create a slideshow of various events, places and have the guests guess whether it is from Mom or Dad’s childhood)

6. Pictionary

Whiteboard, blank sheet of paper, anything works. You could also play pictionary online at

7. Charades

8. Greetings for Baby

Create a file like a google doc for everyone to add their message for the baby that he can read on a specific birthday.

9. Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

Write a list of items you want the guests to go to find in their homes. They could be something related to the mom-to-be’s favorite fairy tale or items that begin with each letter of the baby’s or mom’s name.

10. Best Instagram picture

Come up with a hashtag for the baby shower and ask everyone to post a picture in whatever category you choose.

Give gift cards or one month of Disney+ as game prizes. Easy to do online.

6. Virtual Baby Shower Favors

Should you have favors at a virtual baby shower?

I belong to the group that thinks party favors aren’t necessary at any party. Yes, they are fun to give and fun to get but I don’t think they are a must-have party item.

Not necessary BUT a lovely way to say thank you for being there.

I’ll present you a few awesome ideas you can send in the virtual baby shower party pack.

  • bookmark
  • charm
  • hair clip or hair bands
  • keychain (Super cute baby elephants, woodland animals etc.)
  • flower seeds
  • ebook

Would you like to see other ideas? Check out these 45 awesome baby shower favors. You’ll love them!

Virtual Baby Shower Party Pack

Send a virtual baby shower party pack to the guests. You can send actual items or links for printing them.

What to include in the party pack:

1. decoration

This is not necessary but it can add a nice touch to the party. Anything to go with the theme: a balloon, image, cutout. Some of these can be sent as a link. Obviously, not the balloon unless it is just an image.

2. treat

Like I mentioned you could send a treat from a bakery or a recipe the guests can easily prepare.

3. games

Well, sending the games before the shower could result in some competitive people to do them done on their own to increase their chance of winning. LOL.

The alternative is to provide the links during the shower.

4. favor

The favors are harder to send as a link unless you give everyone an ebook, gift card or something that can be enjoyed online.

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Virtual Baby Shower Ideas that make the mom to be feel loved

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