Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Kids – Special Time With Friends

What makes the party? The people we celebrate with!

But what do you do if for one reason or another you can’t have friends over.

My heart breaks for everyone who feels like they will celebrate their birthday all alone.

Not being able to have friends over does not mean you can’t have a super fun birthday party. Make it a virtual birthday party.

Virtual parties are also a fun way to celebrate with far away friends!

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Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Kids That Will Put A Smile On Your Face.
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Party Basics

Every party is more fun with

  1. cool invitations
  2. fun decorations
  3. yummy treats
  4. awesome games
  5. amazing favors

I will present you ideas for all of these in a moment.

How To Host A Virtual Birthday Party

Luckily there are many fun options you can use to host your virtual party from Zoom to Skype and Facetime.

A Theme for Virtual Party

Should you have a theme for your virtual party?

Why not.

But of course a theme is not necessary for any party.

If you decided to go with a theme, just pick whatever theme you want.

I’ve got awesome ideas for you!

Have a fun loving boy? He just might find these party themes for boys cool.

Girls just wanna have fun! Yes, they do and these amazing party themes for girls provide a ton of fun.

What about teens? Yes, they love parties too. Check out cool party themes for teens.

And these baby shower themes are seriously the cutest ever and make perfect party themes for little kids.

1. Virtual Birthday Party Invitations

If you pick a theme for the virtual birthday party then you can send themed invitations in snail mail or email, or as a text message attachment. Or whatever way you choose.

1. A Lit Virtual Party

You could also have a “virtual” theme and grab these fun virtual party invitations from La Design Boutique Shop.

Because a virtual party is just as lit!

2. Jumping With Joy

Your child and the guests will love to see the birthday star’s smiling face in the invitation. You can choose a kid with pants or a dress.

This happy online party invitation is from Prints that Pop Shop.

2. Fun Party Decorations

Definitely decorations! You should have some amazing decorations to make the party spectacular.

Virtual Birthday Party Decorations To Celebrate the Special Day

A cool way to decorate the virtual birthday party is by making an amazing backdrop. Your child can sit in front of that when having a video conference with friends.

1. Balloon Backdrop

Hang up a bunch of balloons from the ceiling. Add curling ribbon or streamers in the mix and you have a totally awesome backdrop.

Or make a balloon arch and have your cutie pie sitting right in front it. She’ll love it.

The beautiful, colorful rainbow balloon arch kit is from Oh Party Days. With its fun colors it makes any birthday party special.

2. Fringe Backdrop

Did you just enter a magical world?

That’s what it feels like when you sit in front of this enchanting backdrop.

If pastel colors aren’t what your’re looking for, no problem. This streamer backdrop can be made with custom colors!

3. Shower Curtain as Backdrop

Ha ha. You read correctly. I think shower curtains are perfect as party backdrops!

What’s so great about them, you might ask? They are big and come in hundreds of styles. You will surely find one you can use for the virtual birthday party.

And you don’t have to host the party in the bathroom. Just tape the curtain to the wall or some other way hang it up.

There are also stands you can purchase for hanging up backdrops. I’ve got this stand.

1. Shark Area Shower Curtain

Other fun shower curtain ideas for boys from dinosaurs to trucks.

2. Unicorn Shower Curtain

There are so many amazing options to choose from: butterflies, donuts, horses, mermaids all kinds of cute shower curtains for girls.

3. Yummy Treats

Before the party starts, deliver yummy treats like cookies, cupcakes, and popcorn to the friends if they live close by.

If they don’t live close… hmm. Perhaps you can ask the parents to get a treat for theirs kids to eat during the party.

I have several party posts with fabulous treat ideas. Just go back up to the party theme links and you’ll see the fun stuff I’ve got for you.

4. Awesome Games

You can have a ton of fun at a virtual party with simple party games.

Virtual Birthday Party Games for Kids.

1. Bingo

Play a round of bingo. Easy fun game anyone knows how to play. This digital birthday bingo from Paper Gem Printables is perfect. They come in various designs. Just scroll down for other options.

2. Who Knows X Best

Send a few questions about the birthday boy to the guests so they can think about the answers before hand.

At the party you ask the questions and the kids give their answers.

Write your own questions or use this cute printable from Plan Print and Party.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Send everyone looking for specific items. Maybe something that relates to the party theme. Or items that begin with the letters of your child’s name.

The kids get to show what they found.

If your child is interested in a Minecraft online party, you’ll like the ideas by Adriane at Raising Kids With Purpose.

4. Art Show

I’m sure everyone has paper and pens around but you could also send art or craft items before the party to the guests. Work together and show what you made.

5. Pictionary

Pictionary is always fun. It is a simple game that can be played at a virtual birthday party.

Create a list of birthday party words such as birthday cake, balloon garland, pin the tail on the donkey, party favor, present, blowing out the candles.

Or words that have something to do with the birthday child like their hobbies, favorite book or animal.

6. Dance

Play your kids favorite dance music and dance, dance, dance. And why not turn it into a friendly competition with awesome dance games!

7. Video Games

Play video games together.

8. Watch a Movie

Host a watch party together. There is a browser extension called TwoSeven Extension you can use to watch a movie together on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc.

You can even chat while watching.


No matter how awesome the virtual birthday party is we all… at least many of us would like to beat this pinata:

5. Amazing Favors

Send something before or after the party to the friends:

  • key chain
  • pens
  • bracelet
  • notebook

You’ll fun lots of fun ideas for favors in my themed birthday party posts. The advent calendar fillers give you fabulous ideas too.

The Key To Hosting A Virtual Party

Just like any party, virtual party takes some planning. That’s the key. Yay! What an awesome advice! Planning and preparations.

Send or deliver a party package to the guests. This will really get the party going.

If you deliver the party packages, turn your car into a party bus. Play fun music, sing along and wear party hats.

What to put the in the party package:

  • balloon
  • treat
  • games printed (or as links)
  • craft materials
  • favor

After Party Fun

Need ideas for a VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER for celebrating with far away friends? Perhaps an online baby shower is not our first choice but it is a wonderful way to celebrate a new precious baby when getting together is not possible.

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Kids.

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