14 Easy Valentine’s Garlands (DIY or BUY)

Valentine’s garlands add a little sparkle to your Valentine’s day.

Make them with friends or family. Or buy the ready made ones. I have some fun ideas for you.

Decorate your home, office, or classroom for Valentine’s day and spread love.

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Valentines Decoration Ideas. Buy or DIY. Red rose with pearls.

And now presenting the amazing Valentine’s Garlands. Some of them are easy DIY projects, some you can buy.

1. Valentine’s Rag Garland

Rag garlands are adorable and easy to make. Time consuming perhaps, but they are something you can do while chatting with friends or watching a romantic comedy.

How To Make A Rag Garland

All you need is

  1. Cut your string to the desired length
  2. Cut your fabric strips or ribbon. Use various textures and sizes for added fun.
  3. Tie the fabric strips into a knot around the string.

Tulle, lace, and burlap add fun and variety to your DIY Valentine’s garland.

Don’t have time to make your own? No worries, you can find many cute Valentine’s rag garlands to buy.

This fun Valentine’s rag garland will look fantastic above a mirror or doorway.

The pretty colors and patterns make it perfect for this day filled with love.

This seller has an excellent rating for customer service!

2. No-Sew Felt Heart Garland DIY

Felt Heart Valentine's Day Garland DIY. Free pattern.

If you have checked out my party posts, you know that I love easy crafts.

And this is one of those easy DIY Valentine’s crafts anyone can do.

You’ll need

  • string
  • felt
  • fiberfill
  • hot glue gun
  1. Cut the felt into heart shapes.
  2. Cut your strips for the loops.

Make a heart with a loop:

  1. Fold a strip and glue it together in the ends.
  2. Glue the strip to one of the heart pieces.
  3. Put glue on the heart piece following the edges. Leave an opening for filling.
  4. Take another heart piece and press it on the heart with the loop.
  5. Stuff the heart with filling.
  6. Glue the opening closed.

3. Rustic Valentine’s Banner

Be My Valentine!

A beautiful “Be My Valentine” banner from If I Were Banners. It will look amazing in any room in your house.

It goes well with a heart banner. Get them both!

4. Balloon Garland Kit

Balloon garlands are in! They are cute and easy to make. You can get awesome balloon garland kits, so you don’t have to worry about what colors to buy.

This balloon garland will be a breeze to make. You’ll get everything you need to create this gorgeous balloon garland for Valentine’s Day.

Hang it on the wall or adorn your dessert table with it.

Get your balloon garland kit from Glamfetti Co.

5. Hearts on String DIY

This must be the easiest Valentine’s garland ever. Kids can do it on their own.

Easy Valentine's Garland: Hearts and Clothespins

What you need:

  • cardstock, felt, or foam
  • clothespins
  • string
  • pictures (optional)

How to make

  1. Cut out heart shapes (or use ready made foam or felt hearts.)
  2. Attach them to a string with clothespins. Use plain ones or these awesome patterned clothespins.
  3. Add pictures to the garland for a cute, personalized look.

A fun Valentine’s activity for the classroom. The kids will be thrilled to take home their own Valentine’s garland.

6. DIY Wooden Heart Valentine’s Garland

I used to link to a gorgeous wooden heart garland with beads. That one is no longer available, but you can make your own! I’ll tell you how!

This wooden heart and beads kit makes the project easy. The hearts are about 2″, and you get 12 of them plus 33 beads.

Want bigger hearts? Then grab a wooden heart kit with twine and a collection of wooden beads. With this one, you need to drill two holes on each heart (opposite ends on the widest part).

  1. Paint the hearts and beads if you wish.
  2. Insert twine through three beads, followed by a heart.
  3. Continue doing this until your garland is the desired length.
Valentine's Games for adults: love songs, who is most likely to, and nine other sweet games


Have fun with your significant other or friends this Valentine’s Day!

These simple Valentine’s games make the day sweet!

And here is the to BUY version:

A lovely wooden Valentine’s garland you should take a look at is from This Small House Shop. It’s made with red wooden hearts and natural wooden beads.

7. Rustic Wooden Garland with Vine Hearts

I love this rustic Wooden Garland from RedRocque. Use it as a lovely Valentine’s garland or hang it up in nursery or kids bedroom for a cute decoration.

The beautiful neutral colors go with any season.

8. Felt Ball Garland

Valentine’s Day does not need to be all about hearts.

Felt ball garlands create cozy vibes!

How To Make A Felt Ball Garland

I know some of you are itching to make your own felt ball garland.

You’ll need:

You’ll find simple instructions in this video:

Prefer to buy one?

I understand. DIY projects take time.

Check out the beautiful felt ball garland from Matthew and Mae. It is perfect for Valentine’s.

The gray balls give it a rustic look that is so popular now.

9. Puffy Hearts Garland DIY

I don’t know what to call these. Stuffed hearts? Puffy hearts?

Fabric Heart Garland DIY

To make this pretty heart garland you’ll need

  • fabric
  • filling
  • string
  • clothespins
  • sewing machine (or glue gun)
  1. Cut out heart shapes.
  2. Place two heart shapes right sides together and sew. Leave an opening for filling.
  3. Clip a small slit into the center dip of the heart. Don’t cut all the way to the stitching.
  4. Turn the heart right side out.
  5. Stuff with the fiberfill.
  6. Hand sew the opening.
  7. Use a needle to thread the string through the heart.
  8. Use clothespins to hang the hearts on a long piece of string to form a garland. Add flowers or greenery for extra cuteness.

You’ll have a sweet romantic garland for your bedroom!

10. Roses and Pearls Garland DIY

Pearls and roses. So romantic.

Roses and Pearls Valentine's Garland DIY

Make a lovely garland with pearls and rose.

You’ll need a spool of pearls and artificial rose heads.

Hot glue the roses to the pearls.

Simple and sweet!

11. Vintage Heart Garland

Love songs and Valentine’s Day. A perfect combination!

What a beautiful way to decorate your home for Valentine’s! This vintage heart garland is from The Path Less Traveled.

The heart shapes featuring lyrics and musical notes look lovely.

12. Pipe Cleaner Hearts DIY

Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland DIY. Easy Valentine's Craft for Kids.

Easy Valentine’s Day craft kids can do.

All you need to do for this one is to form heart shapes from pipe cleaners. Attach them with a clear cord to be side by side or top to bottom.

13. Easy Doily Heart Garland DIY

Easy Doily Heart Garland For Kids.

Preschoolers will love this super easy Valentine’s craft.

As you can see, all you need is heart doilies, curling ribbon, and tape. Yay!

Make your doily arrangement.

Flip it face down and tape a long ribbon in the back.

A fun Valentine’s decoration for kids’ room.

14. Conversation Hearts Garland

Is it Valentine’s Day without Conversation Hearts?

I don’t think so.

You can eat them, play with them and make decorations with them. How cool is that!

Though this conversation candy garland from Gracie and Marie is not made with candy, it still reminds you of them in a delightful way.

It might look like a candy necklace but is not. The “candies” are actually 1″ felt balls. You can get the garland in various lengths from four to twenty feet long.


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Enjoy the Valentine’s season… Yes, in our house it is not just about one day. It is a season.

These awesome Valentine’s ideas make it so much fun:

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Cute Valentines Day Garlands. DIY or buy.

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