New Year’s Activities for Kids

Ring in the New Year with these fun New Year’s activities for kids.

Play fun games, make awesome crafts and tasty treats. Lots of fun ideas for making memories.

Grab some gift bags or paper bags to make New Year’s Eve countdown bags. Put the items needed for the activity in the bag.

Or write the activity on a piece of paper and clip to twine with a clothespin.

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New Year's Eve Activities for kids and family.

1. Write a Bucket List for New Year

New Year – new memories waiting to be made.

Write down a list of things you’d like to do this year.

  • books you want to read
  • movies you want to watch
  • crafts you want to make
  • places you would like to visit
  • skills you’d like to learn
  • food you want to eat or prepare
  • parties you want to host
  • photos you would like to take
  • letters you will write
  • care packages you will send

2. Play a Board Game

Board games are actually a pretty fun way to spend time with family and friends.

Here a few exciting games to consider:

Herd mentality… good or bad? In this game, if you want to win, you’ve got to think like everyone else.

Ages: 10+
Players: 4-20

Latice Hawai’i. We can always dream about vacations, right? A fast paced, strategy game you’ll love to play.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4

Guess in 10. How well do you know the animal planet, cities around the world or the dinosaurs. Choose one of the many Guess in 10 games!

Ages: 6+
Players: 2-6

Check out also these board games for teenagers and tweens.

3. Make a Craft or DIY Thing

You could make noise makers, party poppers etc. to be used at your New Year’s Eve party. But why not also make something you will enjoy during the new year!

  1. Decorate a t-shirt with fabric markers or iron on things.
  2. Make a bookmark with a meaningful quote.
  3. Decorate a jar for saving money.
  4. Create a calendar for the new year.
  5. Decorate a mug (write your resolution on it)
  6. Start working on a quilt. Add to it throughout the year.

4. Prepare a Gift Basket

Put together a fun gift basket for a friend or neighbor and deliver it.

A New Year’s theme is always fun with sparkling juice, champagne glasses, midnight kisses, party hats and stuff.

But it could also be a basket filled with gifts they can use throughout the year.

  1. game night basket
  2. movie night basket
  3. spa day basket
  4. treats from around the world basket
  5. gardening basket
  6. handyman basket

5. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

New Year's Eve Selfie Scavenger Hunt. A New Year's activity for adults, teens and tweens.

New year’s selfie scavenger hunt! Yay!

If you have teenagers in the family, they will like this challenge.

But this is not only for teens. It’s a fun New Year’s Eve activity for the whole family. No matter how old your kids are take awesome pictures and check them off the selfie scavenger hunt.

Make your own or grab the printable New Year’s Eve Games.

6. Prepare a New Year’s Eve Treat

Get in the kitchen an make a fun salty or sweet treat together.

  1. Trifle served from wineglasses. (Layer brownies, cookie pieces, berries, pudding and whipped cream.)
  2. Cupcakes with fun New Year’s Eve cupcake toppers.
  3. Decorate cookies. (Clock face, fireworks, bye 20xx, hello 20xx)
  4. Create a New Year’s snack mix.
  5. Make ice cream sundaes.

7. Have a Dance Party

After eating all sorts of sweet treats, it’s time to get moving. Turn on some music and play fun dance games. Cool games anyone can play whether you know how to dance or not.

Kids make the best dance partners!

8. Make a Collage of the Year

You could simply hang up photos on a twine with clothespins or get as creative as you want to. You might even create a photobook together or glue pictures on a canvas.

Turn the thing into a scavenger hunt. Hide a fun photo or two for each month of the year. Send the kids looking for them and once they find them all, talk about all the cool things you did together.

What a great way to spend the New Year’s Eve as a family,

9. Do a Puzzle

Depending on the size of your family, you might need more than one puzzle. It can be little bit challenging if you have more than couple of people working on a same puzzle.

Your kids might already have some awesome puzzles, use those or get new ones that have pictures of places you all would like to go to or things that you did this past year.

10. Play New Year’s Eve Games

You’ll have a great time playing these games that are perfect for New Year’s Eve.

1. New Year’s Eve Charades (act out words like fireworks, midnight kiss, party popper, and top hat.)

2. New Year’s Eve Is Better With (A to Z)

For this game someone starts by saying “New Year’s Eve is better with” (insert a word that begins with letter a), the next person adds something that begins with letter b and so on.)

3. Ring the New Year’s Bell

Hide a bell in the party area. The one who finds it rings in the New Year.

11. Write a Year In Review

New Year's Eve Year In Review. An about me page for New Year's Eve time capsule.

Write about things you did, places you went to, your favorite color, best moments of the year etc.

12. Have Great Conversations

New Year's Eve conversation starters. Fun New Year's Eve activity.

Get the conversations going with 24 New Year’s Eve conversation starters. Learn something new about your family and friends.

13. New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt

New Year's Eve Savenger Hunt, 3 pages.

Is there a kid who does not like scavenger hunts? Probably not. This New Year’s Eve scavenger hunt printable has three pages of fun things to find.

You can even stage it with the larger images. Just print, cut, and hide around the party area.

14. Take Photos

Prepare an awesome photo booth that gets everyone excited!

A fun backdrop and cool photo props encourage giggles and sweet moments.

This pretty fabric Fireworks Backdrop creates a perfect setting for a New Year’s Eve photo shoot.

Add some fun New Year’s Eve Photo Props and you are all set for a fabulous photo shoot.

15. New Year’s Eve Riddles and Jokes

New Year's Eve Jokes and Riddles

It’s time for jokes and maybe some stand up comedy.

If you have comedians in your party group funny stories and witty comments are guaranteed. For those of us who don’t possess that talent the New Year’s Eve joke cards in the New Year’s Eve Fun Pack, presented below, come in handy.

Make Great Memories with New Year’s Eve Fun Pack!

From scavenger hunts to midnight kisses, it’s all here ready to make your New Year’s Eve sparkle.

New Year’s Eve Fun Pack

  1. Countdown clocks
  2. Jokes
  3. Conversations starters
  4. Cupcake toppers (bonus)
  5. Time capsule pages
  6. Resolution cards
  7. Scavenger hunt
  8. Selfie scavenger hunt (bonus)
  9. Midnight kisses tags (bonus)

This inexpensive New Year’s Eve fun for kids bundle is available at our store.

Digital product. Currently, sold only in USA.

16. Make Resolutions or Set Goals

Write down resolutions or goals for the New Year.

17. Enjoy Midnight Kisses

Give everyone chocolate kisses in a jar or little bag with a fun Midnight Kisses-tag.

Take a look at these lovely midnight kisses tags in a couple of different sizes.

18. Toast to the New Year

Mix delicious mocktails and say hello to the New Year.

Have Fun In The New Year

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