Sick At Christmas – Magical Christmas for the Ill

When Holidays come with all the fun and laughter, busyness, friends and family. It is easy to feel left out and not feel the magic of Christmas. But don’t let your sickness or  chronic illness stop you from having a Magical Christmas.

Tips for a Magical Christmas. Don't let your illness to keep you from enjoying this Christmas Season.

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Chronic illness can keep us from doing and enjoying so many things. But not this Holiday Season!

I love Christmas time. Buying and wrapping presents. Decorating the house. Getting together with friends and family. And reading about the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

There is something special in the air in the weeks and days leading to Christmas.

Christmas Ideas for Those Sick At Christmas.

What can you do to make the Christmas wonderful when you have a chronic illness, extreme fatigue etc. Here are a few ideas for you to consider to make this Christmas a memorable one.

Create the Magical Atmosphere

If you are struggling with exhaustion or are bedridden, you probably spend a lot of time in your bedroom. Make it Christmasy with these simple suggestions.

Make our Bedroom Christmasy! | Christmas for the Chronically Ill |

1. Decorate Your Nightstand

Lanterns are so cute! I like using real unscented candles but if you are not a fan of candles or if they make you ill, get a lantern with a fake candle. The soft glow of the flame is peaceful. This lantern set is adorable.

Place a festive box on your nightstand to hold the Christmas cards you receive so you can easily reread the letters and Christmas wishes.

2. Make Your Bed to Say “Christmas is Here”

Bring Christmas cheer to your bedroom with Holiday Bedding. So many options to choose from. If you like Santa and the HO HO HO, go ahead and spread the fun comforter on your bed.

You could also use colors that go with your Christmas theme whether it is something blue, silver or red.

3. Hang Up the Stockings

Nothing says Christmas like a fireplace with stockings hanging from it. If you don’t have a fireplace in your bedroom, get an electric one.

I have a small cute fireplace. It has been on for a couple of years almost every day and works like a charm.

4. Bring in the Christmas Tree

Maybe a tiny one for the bedroom right by the fireplace. A Christmas tree always gets me in the Christmas mood. I love to just sit and look at the beautifully decorated tree, the glowing lights while listening to Christmas carols and sipping tea or hot cocoa.

Host a Small Party

Your illness does not necessarily need to mean that you can’t host a Christmas party. Unless you are contagious, of course…

Keep your Christmas Party small and simple. Invite a friend or two to come over.

Treats from the store are perfectly fine. Or accept your friends offer to bring the goodies with her. You could play a game, watch a movie together or just chat and enjoy a cup of tea and some cookies.

Being able to participate in a Christmas party will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

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Host a small Christmas Party! Even if you are ill getting together with friends will warm your heart.

Make a Christmas Activity Bag

Put together a Christmas activity bag of things to do this Christmas season.


If you love clean romance novels, this is the one to get: Forever Christmas. A sweet story set in the town of Jingle Bells. I like the writing style of Christine Lynxwiler  and if you enjoy this book, you might also want to get Arkansas Novella Collection.

Coloring Books

What would we do without the adult coloring books! Get a Christmas coloring book or two :).

I looked at a few and loved this gnome coloring book. Very cute pictures!

Other fun options include Go Tell It On the Mountain or Joy to the World coloring books filled with beautiful pictures.


Christmas and chocolate go hand in hand for me. If you are able to eat chocolate, put some in your Christmas Bag.

New Mug

Hot cocoa or tea always tastes even better from a beautiful mug.

Christmas Ideals Magazine

This beautiful Christmas magazine contains poetry, essays, recipes, the Christmas story, and amazing pictures to put you in the Christmas mood.


If you like crafts you might want to add a couple in your Christmas Activity Bag.

This Scandi Christmas Magazineis loaded with wonderful crafts to work on this Christmas. The picture of the tree on the cover reminds me of the spruce trees we had in my childhood home in Finland. (My husband thinks the Scandinavian Christmas trees look like Charlie Brown trees but hey, I like them!)


So many Christmas movies to choose from!  You might already have a quite the collection around the house. Keep them nearby and maybe buy a new one to add in your Christmas Activity Bag.

Essential Oil Blend

If you are able to tolerate essential oils, have a diffuser in your bedroom to spread the aroma of Christmas.

A couple of essential oils to try this Christmas:

Christmas Puzzle

Working on puzzles can be relaxing. Putting those pieces together and seeing the work of your hands. You can pick them up from many stores but if you would like to order one here are a couple of great options: a 300 piece Lovely Fireplace Scene

and a beautiful winter scene of ice skaters.

The puzzle storage case is super handy. You can lay it on your bed and work on the puzzle and then close it up to wait for you to work on it again.


Cool Winter Board Games

Listen to Christmas Music

Nothing like beautiful Christmas music to put you in the Christmas mood. You probably already have a collection of Christmas music at home. If not, you can always listen to Christmas stations on Pandora.

Do Christmas Shopping

Stores around Christmas time are beautiful. I love all the decorations and the general feeling of Christmas. But it can be exhausting to go to the stores.

If you have the energy and ability to go to stores, do so even if just for a moment. Go during the morning hours when it is not crowded and it will be way less stressful. Bring a friend along. Someone who knows and understands your situation.

Go Look at the Christmas Lights

Go for a a ride or walk to enjoy the lights around the neighborhood or downtown.

Make it fun with a free Christmas lights scavenger hunt printable.

Bring Christmas Cheer to Others

Do you know others who suffer from a chronic illness or are going through some hard times? Make their day special by cheering them up.

Have a list of names at hand so when you have a moment call, text or write a little note to wish your friend a Wonderful Christmas. Your list might be a long one so don’t fret if you can’t get through the whole list but bring Christmas Cheer to as many as you can.

Bring Christmas Cheer to Others with gifts, notes, and phone calls.

Go to a Christmas Eve Service

What a great way to celebrate Christmas! Many churches have monitors in the lobby or other rooms so you don’t have to go in to a crowded place. And you can easily slip out if need to. If you can’t go, perhaps you can have your own candle light service at home.

Have Fun with Your Kids

Don’t you just love the excitement kids have about Christmas. The anticipation, preparation of gifts and decorations. Gather your little ones around and do

Christmas Activities

Have a Christmas Party Together

Plan a party together. Your children would love to perform the songs they know. Maybe they could also put together a play for you and your spouse. Make some simple treats and play fun games.

Take a look at the easy Christmas party games.

I hope these tips will help you to have a Wonderful Christmas this year!

Have a wonderful, peaceful magical Christmas!

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