Survive Christmas – Go From Surviving to Enjoying

Merry Christmas.

Holidays are coming! And they should be enjoyed. But so often our calendars fill up with all sorts of Christmas activities.

We do things because we want the kids to have an unforgettable Christmas. We do things because we have always done them. And some things we do because we feel obligated.

What good is all that if after Christmas you are completely depleted!

From Surviving Christmas to Enjoying Christmas

How about making some changes this Christmas so you can enjoy it and have energy left to begin the new year!

I suffered from severe fatigue for many years and getting through the holidays was rough. I originally wrote this post for those battling chronic fatigue but these Christmas survival ideas are great for anyone.

Simple Rules for Enjoying the Holidays

The following tips helped me only not to survive but to enjoy the holidays with a chronic fatigue. Hopefully you will find them helpful too!

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Simple Rules for the Holidays. Make a plan, keep it small and simple, be flexible, give yourself time to recover. Tips for surviving the Holidays with a Chronic Fatigue.

I love to make plans, especially party plans. So, planning for the holidays is something I do… overdo.

My guess is that those of us with chronic fatigue tend to overdo because we are tired of missing out and frustrated for not being able to do things we used to.

If you have a limited amount of energy, use it wisely. If you have a limited amount of time, use it wisely. Well, that covers all of us :).

Make a list of things you would love to do. Choose a couple. And make the most of them! By focusing on your priorities, you have a better chance of being able to enjoy them.

Yes, that’s it.

  1. Make a list of things you would like to do.
  2. Prioritize.
  3. Keep it small and simple.
  4. Schedule recovery time between the events.
  5. Keep a list of activities that are labeled as “maybe”. And do also those IF you really have the energy and time to do them.

By following the simple rules you will not only get through the Holidays but enjoy them!

Get Ready to Have A Christmas You’ll Enjoy

These ideas have been a great help to me and I hope they will also help you to have a wonderful Christmas time!

1. Presents – We Love Those

Write a gift ideas list. Keep an ongoing list so you can jot down ideas when your child or friend mentions something they like. Makes shopping so much easier!

Buy presents throughout the year.

Keep a list of things you have bought and maybe even write down where you hid the present. So you don’t have to frantically search for presents that you know you bought but just can’t remember where you put them. I might be speaking from experience…


Shopping no matter how fun that sounds, can be exhausting. All the sounds, lights, scents, and the people! I love the stores around Christmas time. But not when they are crowded.

Go to the stores when it is not busy. Or better yet shop online. Amazon Prime is a great help! No need to worry about minimum purchases because the shipping is free and fast. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

Wrap your presents early. Don’t wait till Christmas Eve. (Use bags or decorative boxes for easy wrapping.)

If your closet space does not have room for a ton of wrapped gifts start putting them under the Christmas tree as you go. Or use them as Christmas decorations on shelves etc.

Need gift ideas?

Ask for ideas:

Free Wish List Printable

2. Parties – We Love Those Too

First of all, don’t feel obligated to participate in every single party you are invited to. I know you might want to go but for your health’s sake don’t. Learn to thank for the invitation and send your regrets without feeling like you need to explain.

Secondly, we all love homemade goodies but there is nothing wrong with buying the pie from the store and bringing it to the party. Bought with thought and love 🙂.

Parties. Keep them small and simple.

If you host a party, keep it small and simple. A party is still a party even if you only have a few guests.

The house does not have to be spotless and sparkling. The food does not need to be made from the scratch. You could of course prepare and freeze some dishes ahead.

If the preparations tire you out, you won’t be able to enjoy the party. Your friends and family come to the party to spend time with you.

If you need to leave a party or end a party early, do so. Come up with a signal you can give to your significant other when it is time to go.

Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Joyful Christmas Activities

3. Staying Healthy Is In Style

Remember to give yourself time to recover. Keep your immune system healthy and prepare ahead of time.

It took me a long time to remember to increase certain supplements before the parties and other events. I’d always think about it after the fact.

Stay Healthy

Since I had a severe adrenal fatigue (a stress caused fatigue), it was helpful to me to increase adrenal support.

4. Stress Relief – Helpful Also During the Holidays

Figure out ways to reduce stress in the stressful situations. Maybe you don’t find being around people exhausting but if you do you may want to learn to practice some stress relieving activities.

Silent Night Holy Night. Just Breathe. Peace to All.

I found focused breathing helpful.

And a little alone time, even just for a couple of minutes in the middle of the party, did wonders.

5. Recovery – Relaxing Can Be Festive Too

The recovery time can be festive. Watch Christmas movies, read a book and listen to Christmas music.

Christmas Bucket List Printable.

I’ve got some ideas for those who have chronic fatigue in the Magical Christmas for the Chronically Ill. And hey, you don’t need to have a chronic illness to enjoy the tips in that post.

Christmas Activity Bag.

 Whatever you do this Holiday Season do it with your whole heart!

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Simple Steps From Surviving Christmas to Enjoying Christmas

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