December Fun With Teenagers

The holiday season can be pretty hectic. I kept this December fun with teens list really simple.

Enjoy Christmas time. Have fun and make memories.

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Things to do with your teen. Games, DIY, books... A Christmas tree and sparkling lights.

1. Books

In the November Fun With Teens, I promised to continue the book ideas list. And here it is. These also are from my daughter’s wish list.

  1. Ultraviolet by R J Anderson 
  2. The Songkiller’s Symphony by Daeus Lamb
  3. The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie E. Reeder
  4. Fire Dancer by Catherine Jones Payne 
  5. The Dancing Realms Trilogy by Sharon Hinck

2. DIY Macrame Trees

Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and casual conversation while working on these cute DIY macrame Christmas trees. The kit has everything you need for making these lovely 12-inch tall trees.

3. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

This Christmas selfie scavenger hunt comes in handy! Take selfies and collect points. Give the winner a fabulous prize! Go on the quest together or have a friendly competition.

4. Christmas Caroling

Love to sing? Surprise neighbors and friends by going to their house singing Christmas carols.

5. Sponsor a Child/Family for Christmas

Bless a child or a family with gifts. Contact your local homeless shelter, Toys for Tots, Pregnancy Resource Center, or Salvation Army to see if they offer ways for you to bring joy to a family in need.

6. Go Down Memory Lane

Grab the photo albums and look at the pictures from Christmases in the past. Create a collage with the cutest or the funniest pictures.

7. Grinch Pills

Yeah, it happens. The teens might get cranky even during the Holiday season. Cheer them up with green m&m’s, sixlets, or tictacs. Put them in a jar or bag and attach a tag that says: Grinch Pills.

8. Christmas Games

You don’t have to host a party to play games. These Christmas games provide lots of laughter. Check them out!

9. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Most Christmas scavenger hunt clues out there are too easy for teens to enjoy them. This collection of Christmas scavenger hunt clues is perfect for older kids, including teens.

Hide a special treat, gift card, or activity idea and send your teen to look for it.

10. Christmas Play

Go to see a Christmas play, movie, or musical. Or attend a cheerful Christmas concert.

11. Christmas Lights

Create a display in your yard. Or go on a Christmas lights scavenger hunt. Take a look; it’s free.

12. DIY Christmas Card Display

You’ll love these fun DIY Christmas card display ideas!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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