What to Wear to a Luau – 13 Simple Ideas

An evening of food, music, and celebration is waiting for you. Choosing what to wear to a luau can be fun and exciting.

Embrace the tropical vibes. Show your personal style. Have fun creating your luau attire.

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What to wear to a luau. Luau outfit ideas. plumeria flowers, leaves.

1. Leis

No artificial lei compares to a actual flower lei. You’ll love the soft touch and fragrant scent of this Orchid Lei from Aloha Island Lei. Many options to choose from.

A Seashell lei is a fun alternative to a flower lei. You could have leis set up for the guests when they enter the luau party.

I know not all of us will get leis made with real flowers, so I searched for cool-looking artificial leis and liked these:

2. Plumeria Flower Clip

A simple plumeria flower hair clip adds a nice touch to your luau outfit.

If a simple clip is not what you are looking for, you’ll love this tropical plumeria flower clip. It has three flowers and leaves. It is stunning!

Traditionally, you’d wear it behind your left ear if you are married or in a relationship and behind the right ear to signal that you are single.

3. Sarong

Many tropical color and pattern choices for this versatile garment. Explore these beautiful, inexpensive sarongs.

Get creative with your sarong and wear it in a way that suits your taste.

4. Hawaiian Dress in Soft Colors

This soft-colored Hawaiian dress is beautiful. The dress has a lovely ginger orchid pattern you’ll adore.

Get matching outfits for your spouse and kids.

5. Tropical Green Halter Dress

A flattering tropical halter dress makes you feel like an island princess. The flowing style makes it comfortable and perfect for a summer day.

6. Inexpensive Dresses

Embrace the island vibe with a dress you’ll wear throughout the summer for various occasions.

Inexpensive Hawaiian dresses for women and girls in many colors and styles.

7. Vintage Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt

Make a statement with this classic red Hawaiian shirt featuring a vintage hibiscus pattern. The soft, handmade, relaxed-fit shirt brings tropical charm to your wardrobe.

8. Live Aloha T-shirt

Not a fan of the flower shirts? How about a crewneck t-shirt made with soft 100% cotton?

This casual Live Aloha t-shirt is perfect for a luau party. Dress it up or down with shorts, jeans, or slacks.

Spread the message of aloha.

9. Flip Flops

The most common shoes I saw in Hawaii were flip flops. Pair them with any clothes you have; and you are ready to party Hawaiian style.

10. State Colors

The official state color is yellow, so anything yellow would be cool. For the ladies, this could be a flowy beach dress or flip flops, and the guys might like a yellow T-shirt or a cap.

Combine it with white, and you’ll look like a plumeria flower.

For example, a white dress with yellow accessories like

11. Sun Hat

Sun hat and sunglasses with any summer dress or shirt say “aloha.”

12. Sand Dollar Necklace

Use accessories to turn your summer dress into a Hawaiian-themed outfit. A beautiful sand dollar necklace reminds you of the walks on the beach, the warmth of the sun, and the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

Pair the necklace with a

13. Gecko Bracelet

Add a touch of island charm to your luau party outfit with a delightful gecko bracelet… if you happen to find geckos charming.

What to Wear to a Luau Summary

Choosing what to wear to a Hawaiian-themed party is actually fun. So many possibilities. Keep it simple and accessorize your summer outfits with sunhats, plumeria flowers, hair clips, or sun dollar necklaces.

Embrace the tropical vibes and wear a stunning halter dress or an outfit built around the state color, yellow.

Host a Fantastic Luau Party

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