19 Fun and Festive Luau Party Games and Activities

What to do at a luau? Play fun and exciting luau party games! Learn some hip-swaying hula moves, play a game of pineapple bowling, and have a tacky tourist relay race.

There is no shortage of fun! These festive luau party games and activities keep your guests entertained.

Remember to also set up a luau-themed craft station for those who love to get crafty.

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Aloha! Luau party games. There is no shortage of fun with these ideas.

1. Tacky Tourist Relay

This is an excellent luau game for large groups!

Tacky Tourist Relay Race. Luau Games for Kids, Teens, Adults

The kids really loved this game. Will be doing it again at our next Luau!

You’ll need:

  • two teams.
  • a carry-on suitcase for each group
  • in each suitcase: a pair of sunglasses, beach towel, sunhat, lei, grass skirt, etc.
  • an inflatable flamingo (optional)
  1. One team member at a time pulls the suitcase to the “beach.”
  2.  Spreads the towel on the “sand,” puts on the sunglasses, sunhat, lei, etc., and lies down on the towel.
  3.  Quickly gets up and packs everything back in the suitcase.
  4.  Runs back home and gives the suitcase to the next person.

We had two inflatable flamingos that did not fit inside the suitcases, so the “tourists” carried them.

The kids, from preschoolers to tweens, and teens, had fun with this Luau game!

2. Limbo

Who can go lowest!

Limbo is a fun activity that works as a luau game for adults, teens, or kids.

All you need is a limbo stick and a couple of poles or people to hold it.

We didn’t have a limbo stick, so we used a pool noodle.

This limbo game is easy to set up; no tools are required.

3. Beach Ball Hockey

So many exciting luau outdoor party games to choose from! Like this beach ball hockey.

Luau Game Idea: Pool Noodle Hockey.

Items you need: 

  • A Pool Noodle for each player.
  • Beach Ball.
  • Cones or soccer goal.

The pool noodles from the dollar store were too flimsy, but they might work for small kids if you make the pool noodles shorter.

I have yet to try these pool noodles, but per reviews, they are sturdier. They come in 10 colors, so you can pick the two you like the best for your pool noodle hockey teams.

This game is fun for any summer party, like a pool party. Check out all the cool ideas I’ve got for you.

4. Hula Lesson

Hula is a beautiful Hawaiian dance. If you don’t already know hula, learn a few basic moves and teach them to your guests.

Even it is pouring rain, this indoor luau activity ensures you have fun and keep moving.

5. Hula Competition

Have a friendly hula dance competition whether anyone knows how to dance the hula or not. Play awesome Hawaiian music and get everyone up and dancing. 

Give prizes for various categories:

  • Elegant Hula
  • Lively Hula
  • Funny Hula
  • Acrobatic Hula
  •  etc.

Fun prize ideas include luau-themed cups, pineapples, coconuts, towels, buckets, and sunscreen.

6. Pineapple Bowling

Fun Luau party activity for everyone! It is one of those luau backyard party games that require a good amount of space.

What You Need

  • pineapples for the pins and
  • a coconut for the ball.

If you don’t want to knock over real pineapples, you could make pineapple pins with water or soda bottles and cardboard or card stock. Cut out pineapple shapes and attach them to plastic bottles, and you are all set for bowling.

7. Hula Hoop Spin

Who can spin the hula hoop the longest.

8. Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

Make a hula hoop obstacle course and see who can go through it the fastest.

Ideas for the hoop obstacle course:

  • spin the hoop 10 times around your waist
  • roll the hoop on the ground
  • toss bean bags through a hula hoop
  • crawl through a hoop or a few

9. Hula Hoop Ring Toss

Hula hoop ring toss.

10. Hula Hoop Flip-Flop Kick

Hula hoop flip-flop kick. Stand up a few hoops or tie a couple from a tree branch and try to kick your flip-flop off your foot and through the hoop.

11. Hawaiian Pictionary™ a.k.a. Draw and Guess

Printable games are perfect indoor luau party games.

Hawaiian Luau Word List for Games. 48 word cards with tropical images of a toucan on a coconut and a flamingo surrounded by colorful flowers.

Here is a list of 44 Hawaiian Pictionary™ Words a.k.a. draw and guess to get you started with this luau game for adults or kids. Write down on paper slips words that relate to Hawaii.

Or purchase the 48 Hawaiian Luau Word cards. They are part of the inexpensive luau party game collection.

Use the words for

  • Draw and Guess
  • Charades
  • Explain and Guess
  1. lei
  2. volcano
  3. rainbow
  4. pineapple
  5. beach ball
  6. Diamond Head
  7. Blowhole
  8. waterfall
  9. palm tree
  10. Turtle Cove
  11. black sand
  12. Macadamia nut
  13. surf board
  14. beach chair
  15. coconut
  16. grass skirt
  17. beach toys
  18. Tiki head
  19. hula
  20. kalua (pig)
  21. lomi lomi salmon
  22. flip flops
  23. shaka sign
  24. Spam
  25. luau
  26. Kamehameha
  27. muumuu
  28. hibiscus
  29. sea turtle
  30. Sunset Beach
  31. humpback whale
  32. gecko
  33. dolphin
  34. orchid
  35. flamingo
  36. Tiki Bar
  37. seashell
  38. jellyfish
  39. Tiki torch
  40. hut
  41. towel
  42. sun glasses
  43. sunscreen
  44. sarong

For the Draw and Guess game you’ll also need a white board and markers or paper and pens.

12. Luau Scavenger Hunt

Hide luau-themed items in the party area. Give the kids a list of the things they need to find. Use the Hawaiian word list for ideas.

13. Read and Color

Well, sometimes, a little bit of quiet time is needed. Set up a place for kids to read books and color.

14. Surf Board Luau Craft

DIY surf board decoration. These cute, inexpensive surfboards are perfect for luau craft time. They come in various sizes. 

The kids can paint the surfboards and write their names or luau-themed words on them.

15. Tiki Mask Craft

Decorate a cool Tiki mask. You can get them in various sizes and a couple of different styles.

I’m sure adults too would enjoy this activity. It will be a fun reminder of the awesome Hawaiian luau party

16. Lei Luau Craft

This lei luau craft for preschoolers is fun for older kids as well. They get to make their very own lei using straw pieces and flower cutouts.

Each lei kit is slightly different, so everyone has a unique lei. The kit has everything you need, including instructions.

17. Luau Themed Ankle Bracelet

Kids and teens can make cute ankle bracelets with beads and beach-themed charms. Check out this inexpensive bracelet kit, it is perfect for this craft!

18. Lei Toss

Use a horseshoe set, but instead of horseshoes, toss leis. You could also use pineapples as the target!

19. Lei Toss with a Partner

Pair up the players.

Ask the team members to stand a few feet away from each other. 

One of them throws, and the other one catches. The goal is to toss the leis around the catcher’s neck. The catcher can move to make it easier but can’t use hands.

20. Christmas Luau Party Games

Christmas luau party ideas: luau party games and signs with festive designs of flamingos, pineapples, and Christmas trees

Bring the tropical island vibes to your Christmas celebration with our Christmas luau party bundle! With 5 colorful signs and 7 exciting games, including two Christmas gift exchange games, you and your guests will have a blast

It is fantastic for work or home. Planning your Christmas luau will be a breeze. (Available in the USA and Canada)

21. Printable Luau Games

Get ready to hula the night away with these fun printable luau games. These games are fabulous for any celebration, whether it’s a luau-themed birthday party, baby shower or summer party in the office.

  • play Draw and Guess with Hawaiian-themed words or turn it into charades
  • test your Hawaii knowledge with a simple trivia game
  • play luau word games
  • snap pictures to earn points
  • figure out who is most likely to go snorkeling with manta rays, and so on

Lots of fun for adults and teens, too. Perfect for a luau dinner party!

Which design are you interested in? (Currently, available only in the USA and Canada.)

  1. luau party games – floral or
  2. luau party games – tropical fun

22. Luau Baby Shower Games

20 baby shower games. The games have images of pink hibiscus and ginger flowers surrounded by purple leaves and greenery.

These cute printable luau baby shower games are a perfect mixture of vibrant tropics and softness.

(Available in the USA and Canada.)

23. Mango Battle

What You Need

  • mangos
  • big spoons


  • draw a 5 or 6ft circle on the ground

How to Play

  1. Two players at a time enter the circle. They hold a mango on their spoon.
  2. The goal is to knock down the opponent’s mango. If you drop yours, you lose. The players can’t touch the opponent, only the spoon.

You could play this in various ways, e.g., pair all the players, the winner of each pair stays in the game and faces another opponent.

Host an Unforgettable Luau

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