Stranger Things Sign DIY

Make an easy Stranger Things sign!

It will be a fun decor to your Stranger Things birthday or viewing party. And maybe your teen will want to have one for her bedroom too.

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A Cool Stranger Things Sign With Lights!

Stranger Things Sign DIY. Black background, red lights.

You can easily make this Stranger Things sign for your Stranger Things party. It is not only easy but also inexpensive.


What You Need:

  • black poster board or a foam board (ours was 22 x 28)
  • red plastic tablecloth
  • pencil
  • craft knife
  • hot glue (optional)
  • scissors
  • two dowels (the length of your board, slightly shorter so they won’t show, we cut ours to be 26″)
  • clear cord
  • red Christmas lights (we used a set of 100 lights)
What you need for making a stranger things diy sign: black poster board paper, red plastic tablecloth, tape, scissors, craft knife....

Step 1

Draw the letters on the board and cut them out with the craft knife.

The middle section in the letter “r” and “a” are loose but will be glued on later.

Stranger Things Sign DIY Step 1

Step 2

Fold the plastic tablecloth to form layers. We had three layers.

If it is too wide, cut it to fit your sign.

Tape it to the sign.

Stranger Things DIY Sign step 2
Three layers were enough for us but you can test what you like the best.
Stranger Things diy sign step 2 part 2, attach the plastic tablecloth on the backside of the sign.

Step 3

Flip it over and attach the loose pieces to the letter “r” and “a”. If I remember correctly, my daughter used hot glue. It’s been a few months. Who can remember that far back…

Stranger Things DIY Sign  Step 3, flip over and attach the loose pieces to the letter "r" and "a"

Step 4

The sign is even more cool with lights. So, what to do…

I come up with weird solutions but it worked.

This is what it looked like in the back.

DIY Stranger Things Sign with Lights. Two dowels holding up the red Christmas lights

Cut the dowels so they fit behind the sign.

I don’t know what word to use for putting the lights around the dowels… it’s not wrapping them…

Once you have put the lights on the dowels, attach the dowels to each other with clear cord.

Leave long strings hanging from the top dowel so you can hang the lights from the ceiling or your backdrop stand.

DIY Stranger Things Sign Step 4, make the frame for the lights with dowels.

Step 5

Hang up the lights. We taped ours to the ceiling.

Hang up the sign. Attach clear cord on the backside of the sign and hang from the ceiling in front of the lights.

Stranger Things Sign DIY with lights. A fun backdrop for Stranger Things viewing party food table.
Stranger Things DIY Sign as a backdrop for food table at Stranger Things party

We put ours behind the food table. As you can see we used plastic tablecloths as a backdrop. They looked pretty cool in the dark and hid the extension cord that we needed for the lights.

The tablecloths were draped over a backdrop stand.

Stranger Things Party DIY Sign with Lights used as a cool backdrop for the food table

This party was a lot of fun to plan and host. See all the other cool Stranger Things party decorations we had at this sweet sixteen party. You’ll love the tree trunk entrance…

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