Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

These butterfly birthday party ideas bring joy and laughter to the special celebration any time of the year!

The birthday girl and her guests will love to go through the various places in the Butterfly Village or go from caterpillars into butterflies. Lots of fun is waiting!

Games, food, decorations, and the cutest invitations that will inspire you to pick the perfect butterfly party colors!

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Butterfly party: fun games, food, decorations. Orange and dark pink butterfly on yellow striped background.

Make this Butterfly Birthday Party the best ever with

  1. Cute Invitations
  2. Imaginative Decorations
  3. Delicious Food
  4. Fun Games
  5. Memorable Favors

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Butterfly Party Plan: butterfly glade, do activities, earn butterfly money. An exciting party for 5 to 8 year olds.

(For readers in the USA)

Create a place called Butterfly Glade filled with fun activity stations.

Play games, dance, enjoy treats at a cafe and collect butterfly points to purchase prizes from the gift shop.

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1. Butterfly Party Invitations

1. Pampas Grass and Butterflies

This bohemian butterfly party invitation gives you an idea for the most gorgeous color scheme!

The soft colors, butterflies, and pampas grass create a wonderful, bohemian atmosphere.

2. Glitter and Butterflies

If you are looking for glittery and sparkly things, you’ll love this sparkling butterfly party invitation. The pastel colors are perfect for this party theme.

3. Butterflies and Sunshine Colors

This one is my favorite. The colors are delicious! They make me feel like I’m in a tropical paradise.

Get this peachy butterfly party invitation if you want to do something a little different from the typical pastel pinks and blues. The delicious and refreshing colors make me want to have a glass of mango nectar or a bowl of mango ice cream.

2. Imaginative Butterfly Party Decorations

Where to begin? So many fun things you can do with this party!

Let’s start with the entrance and then move on from there.

Butterfly party decorations. A colorful butterfly on a yellow striped background.

1. Butterflies Welcome

Greet the guests with a “butterflies welcome” sign. Stick in a flower pot or surround it with butterfly garden stakes.

I like party decorations that can be used after the party too. This sign is one of those! Place it in your flower garden to welcome butterflies all summer long.

2. Balloon Arch

The birthday guests will be thrilled to flutter through a balloon arch. Place it at the entrance or better yet, in the party area so the kids can go through it over and over again.

Make it a part of the party program. Going through it could be an indication of a new activity coming up.

The easiest way to make a balloon arch is by using a balloon arch stand.

3. Chiffon Table Runners

Adorn the dessert table with chiffon table runners. They are lovely and just right for a butterfly party! I have a couple of the light peach ones.

4. Butterfly Backdrop

Place a fun butterfly backdrop behind the dessert table and hang up sheers on both sides. Pull them back and attach a butterfly on each tieback.

I have this kind of backdrop stand, and it’s worked great at many parties.

5. Butterfly Chair Decorations

Use organza to drape beautiful butterfly wings in pastel colors on the back of each chair. Cut the organza strips long, so they reach the floor.

If you go with the peach and yellow colors, then you’ll like these butterfly wings.

6. Layered Tablecloths

Cover the table with a colorful tablecloth and layer it with a lace tablecloth. I love these! Most of them are inexpensive too.

7. Flower Garlands

Use flowers as centerpieces. Just don’t make them too high so that the little guests can see each other. A flower garland or individual buds would look lovely.

8. Butterfly Place Card

The little guests will love these personalized wooden place cards! I was surprised by how inexpensive they are! Use them as party favors as well!

Complete Party Plan

Butterfly Glade a complete party plan for 5 to 8 year olds. Fun butterfly party games and activities.

Get the Butterfly Party Bundle and host an unforgettable birthday party your child will love.

(For readers in the USA)

3. Delicious Butterfly Party Food Ideas

Serve butterfly-shaped party food and other adorable treats fit for a butterfly birthday party.

Butterfly Party Food. An orange butterfly on a yellow striped background.
Sweet treats for sweet butterfly party guests!

1. Butterfly Lollipops

Besides serving these mouthwatering butterfly lollipops as sweet treats, you can use them as centerpieces, place cards, or party favors.

The individually wrapped lollipops are custom-made per order, they contain no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. A delicious treat made with organic barley that gives the lollipops them glass-like clarity

You have several flavor and color options to choose from!

2. Butterfly Sugar Cookies

Your little guests will be delighted to see these adorable butterfly sugar cookies at the dessert table!

These colors and designs are fun, but you can request specific colors to match your party!

They come individually wrapped in heat-sealed bags to maintain freshness which making them perfect party favors too.

3. Edible Butterflies

What can I say, these cupcakes with yellow frosting and lovely, delicate butterfly cupcake toppers capture the beauty of a sunny summer day.

The edible butterfly decorations add a cute detail to your butterfly party.

Place them on cupcakes, cookies, or a cake, or set them on the rim of a glass.

4. Butterfly Shaped Fruit and Veggies

The kids will love flower and butterfly-shaped foods.

Get these handy mini-size vegetable cutters. The flower and butterfly shapes are perfect for this summer-themed party.

Make butterfly and flower-shaped

  • cucumber
  • watermelon
  • pineapple

You could also cut up

  • sandwiches
  • cheese
  • brownies
  • fudge

Prepare individual fruit bowls or a charcuterie board.

5. Charcuterie Board (Using a Fun Butterfly-Shaped Board)

A collection of fun sweet or salty treats on a butterfly-shaped cutting board will be a hit! The handy stand is included! You could even use this cutting board as a fun decoration!!!

Choose from two sizes and several color palettes and create a super cool charcuterie board for the party.

Besides butterfly-shaped fruits, add other things on the board:

  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • bananas
  • apples
  • grapes
  • dips
  • chocolate chips
  • mini cupcakes

6. Adorable Macaroons To Match Your Party Colors

Macarons! Oh, so delicious! These lovely colorful, and sweet desserts are what this party needs. Pick your favorite flavors from over 20 options, such as orange creamsicle, raspberry, pina colada, cotton candy, and blueberry.

These macarons come individually wrapped so you can easily use them as party favors, too. And with so many flavor options, you can order a combination that goes well with your party colors!

7. Butterfly Rice Crispy Treats

Prepare rice crispies with your favorite recipe and cut them into butterfly shapes with a butterfly cookie cutter. Decorate with frosting or colorful candy.

8. Light and Fluffy Meringue Cookies

These melt-in-your-mouth cookies in pastel colors are a lovely, delicate dessert. They are easy to make, but you can also order a fun collection of delicious, handmade meringue cookies to save time.

9. Butterfly Punch

Create a signature butterfly punch for the party! Serve from clear cups that show the delicious punch color. These colorful butterfly straws are a clever way to mark everyone’s cups!

4. Fun Butterfly Birthday Party Games

I’m going to start with two ideas that make this party the best butterfly party ever!

Butterfly party games. A blue butterfly on a yellow striped background.
Keep the butterflies entertained with these games!

1. What’s Your Butterfly Name

What's Your Butterfly Name

Every butterfly needs a cute name! What is your butterfly name? printable is included in the butterfly party bundle. Yay!

2. Butterfly Garden or Village

Create a Butterfly Garden or Village with various activity stations.

Butterfly Village

  1. Bakery: decorate cookies, cupcakes, rice crispy treats, etc.
  2. Cafe: enjoy sweet and salty treats.
  3. Boutique: get butterfly wings and a chiffon sash (fun to wear around the waist.)
  4. Spa/Salon: butterfly tattoos, face painting, sugar scrub hand treatments, etc.
  5. Dance Club: dance! And play a couple of dance games.
  6. Fun House: play games.
  7. Library: storytime.
  8. Movie Theatre: watch a movie.
  9. Theatre: enjoy a puppet show.
  10. Shop: choose your party favors.


  1. Signs for each station
  2. Game Sheets or Butterfly Money for completing tasks. As the kids go through various stations, they will receive either butterfly money or a stamp on their game sheet for finishing the task.
  3. Personalized Paper Bags for carrying the game sheet or butterfly money.
  4. Small gifts and treats for the Shop, such as stickers, pencils, crayons, bubbles, notebooks, stamps, bracelets, playdough, lip balm, games, juice, candy, chips, etc.
  5. Get also all the things you need for each station.

Make it easy and grab the butterfly party plan with signs, games, butterfly money and many other fun things to make this party a blast.

3. Butterfly Catch

What You Need

When my kids were little, they had fun playing with Elefun.

How To Play

The Elefun game comes with a battery-powered elephant that blows little butterflies up in the air. The players try to catch them with the included nets.

You could also toss balloons in the air and let the kids catch them with their nets.

4. Butterfly Hunt

What You Need

  • Butterfly Stickers or Paper Butterflies
  • Or butterflies made with cardstock wings and pencils or Smarties
  • Butterfly Nets

You could also hide various butterfly items, including erasers, cups, straws, hair clips, etc.

How To Play

Hide butterflies in the party area and send the kids to look for them. You could also give them a picture of the specific butterflies they need to find. They collect the items into their nets.

5. Butterfly Sidewalk Chalk Art

What You Need

  • chalk

Everyone gets to do butterfly art with chalk. Take pictures of the art and the artist.

6. Bubbles In The Backyard

Kids love bubbles!

A bubble machine comes in handy. Get it going and let the kids have fun with the bubbles. Try catching them with a net!

7. Wooden Butterfly Magnet Craft

This wooden butterfly magnet kit comes with everything you need for painting and decorating fun butterflies.

8. Pass the Cocoon

What You Need

  • tissue paper
  • small gifts or treats
  • music


Prepare the cocoon. Start by wrapping a gift or treat in tissue paper. Add another gift and another layer of tissue paper. Keep going until you have enough gifts for every guest.

You could also have a special treat for everyone in the center of the cocoon (and small gifts in the other layers.)

How To Play

  1. Players sit in a circle.
  2. Start the music.
  3. The players pass the cocoon.
  4. Stop the music.
  5. Whoever is holding the cocoon gets to unwrap a layer. The player gets to keep the treat that falls out. This player is out of the game.
  6. Continue until everyone gets a gift.

9. Musical Flowers

What You Need

  • Cardstock flowers (numbered)
  • Music
  • Number cards
  • Prizes

How To Play

Scatter the flowers in the party area. (One flower for each player.)

  1. Start the music.
  2. The players fly around the flower garden.
  3. Stop the music.
  4. Each butterfly goes to the flower closest to them.
  5. Draw a number. (Of two if you have a lot of players.)
  6. Whoever is on that number is out. And gets to pick a prize.
  7. Remove that flower and number card.
  8. Continue the game until everyone is out.

10. Flower Garden for Butterflies

It’s playtime!

Build a garden with these fun stackable pieces! A fun activity for little butterfly party guests! The vibrant colors are delightful.

If you have more than a couple of guests, you might need two of these flower garden sets.

11. From Caterpillar Into a Butterfly

What You Need

How To Play

  1. Everyone starts as a caterpillar. Give each player an antennae headband to wear.
  2. The players complete various tasks and earn points.
  3. After a certain amount of points, they will receive an eye mask.
  4. The players complete more tasks to earn more points.
  5. Once all the tasks are completed, they get their butterfly wings.

Task ideas to complete:

  1. butterfly puzzle
  2. butterfly memory game
  3. butterfly craft
  4. decorate butterfly cookies
  5. butterfly tattoos
  6. various other games mentioned in this article

5. Memorable Butterfly Party Favors

So many fun butterfly favor ideas to choose from: straws, erasers, notebooks, soap, tattoos, lollipops, craft kits…

1. Wood Butterfly Cutouts

It will be fun for the guests to bring home a couple of wooden butterflies to decorate!

2. Butterfly Soap

Not for toddlers, but little bit older kids might find it fun to have a butterfly-shaped soap! Choose from several colors and scents! Unscented ones are available too.

3. Butterfly Bubbles

Cute little butterfly bubble wands are perfect as favors!

4. Butterfly Favor Boxes

You’ve got to see these adorable butterfly favor boxes! Lovely pastel-colored flowers and hearts… and a butterfly on the top! Cute and inexpensive!

Make Memories. The Easy Way.

A sweet butterfly-themed birthday party is fun; it is summery, whimsical, and everything cute! Simply a delightful birthday party theme.

Pick your party colors and go from there. You can create a dreamy and cheerful party with all kinds of ribbon, chiffon, and lace.

Serve delicious food and play engaging games. It will be awesome!

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