Printable Thanksgiving Games

Any party is more fun with games! These printable Thanksgiving games are great ice breakers. Adults, teens, and older kids will enjoy playing them with family and friends.

1. Finish My Phrase

Finish My Phrase Thanksgiving Game Printable

In this game you choose someone to be “it”. Ask her to fill out the game sheet either before the party or during the game. All the other players try to guess what she wrote in the lines. Give them a couple of minutes to fill out the game sheet.

2. Categories a.k.a. Scattergories

Thanksgiving Categories a.k.a. Scattergories Game Printable

A fun game you can play in a couple of different ways.

Option 1

  • Give everyone a few minutes to fill out the game sheet. Whoever was able to come up with the most words, wins.

Option 2

  • Go through one question at a time. Each player reads their answers. Cross out the ones that match with someone else’s answer.
  • Players get points for unique answers, meaning no one else has the same answer.

3. Great Minds Think Alike

Do you think alike with your teammates? Find out in this Thanksgiving version of great minds think alike.

Great minds think alike Thanksgiving game printable
  1. Divide the guests into teams.
  2. Give everyone a pen and a game sheet.
  3. Read one question at a time.
  4. Each player writes down the first three things (or just one to make it more difficult) that come to their mind.
  5. After each round, count how many people on each team has the same answer.
  6. If you have five or more people on each team, give points as follows:
  • 3 points for every word 3 players have in common
  • 4 points for every word 4 players have in common
  • 5 points for every word that 5 players have in common

4. This or That

This or That Thanksgiving game printable.

A fun and easy Thanksgiving game: This or That

  1. Choose one person to be “it”. Write her name on the game sheets. (Or just leave it blank.)
  2. Give everyone a game sheet. The players try to guess what she would choose.

Make Great Memories!

Gather around the Thanksgiving dinner table and play a few easy games.

Thanksgiving game printables. Fun Thanksgiving games for large group, adults, teens. older kids.

Thanksgiving games: Great Minds Think Alike, Categories, What would _ Choose?, and Finish My Phrase.

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