Yellow Star Baby Shower Printables – Cute and Easy

Hello Baby!

Yellow baby shower theme is fitting for gender neutral baby showers. Pretty stars and polka dots with white, yellow and gray look lovely any time of the year.

This collection has napkin rings, centerpieces, chocolate bar wrappers, a couple of options for banners etc.

I have included simple print and cut printables and print, cut, and glue printables for those who like to add more dimension to the decorations.

Star Baby Shower Printables For Girls

The collection includes:

  • napkin rings
  • water bottle labels
  • centerpiece circles
  • banner pennants
  • cupcake wrappers
  • cupcake toppers / favor tags
  • chocolate bar wrappers

All for $10.

Print a sample page to see what the colors look like.

1. Yellow Baby Shower Banner

Baby Shower Banner Printable. Baby shower banner for girls. Baby shower banner diy.

With these banner pennants you can spell: Hello Baby, Oh Baby !, Sweet Baby, Baby Shower, Little Star, Baby Star…

Just print and cut the pennants. Fold back the flap and insert a cord or ribbon. You can also hang the banners with clothespins.

You’ll also get a blank pennant (yellow with polka dots) and letter circles to cut and glue if you want your banner to have a little bit different look.

The ready made banner pennants and the cut and glue circles have the letters: b, a, s, w, e, t, h, l, o, r, !. Also a yellow and gray star.

The banner pennant size: 6 x 7″.

2. Napkin Rings

Baby Shower Star Napkin Ring Printable.

Wrap the napkins and silverware with cute napkin rings. In addition to these napkin rings you’ll also get the cut and glue version.

Napkin ring size 7 x 1.5″ (plus the star).

3. Centerpiece Circles

Baby Shower Centerpieces for Girls DIY

Centerpiece circles are a popular way to decorate the tables. And for a good reason. It is easy! And looks cute.

Cut the circles and tape to dowels. Insert into vases or mini diaper cakes.

These centerpiece circles make also fun cookie “plates”.

And you’ll also get the cut and glue version so you can add little more dimension to the centerpiece circles.

The circle diameter is 4″.

4. Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers

Baby Shower Cupcake Wrapper and Topper Printable.

Any cupcake will match this star baby shower theme when you wrap it with a cute cupcake wrapper.

Attach the cupcake toppers to toothpicks or lollipop sticks and push into cupcakes. You can also use these to decorate other food at the shower like fruit and sandwiches.

The cupcake toppers can be used to decorate water bottles, vases, diaper cakes etc. They also work well as a favor or prize tag.

5. Water Bottle Labels

Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels. Star baby shower.

Decorate water or soda bottles with these water bottle wrappers.

They make cute decorations for vases or centerpiece boxes.

You’ll get the cut and glue version too: blank wrappers (yellow with polka dots). The cupcake toppers double as water bottle decorations.

Water Bottle Wrap size: 8 x 2″.

6. Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Baby Shower Chocolate Wrapper and Favor Tag. Baby shower ideas for girls.

Chocolate is an inexpensive baby shower favor and well received.

The small chocolate wrappers work for Hershey’s full size bars (1.55 oz) and the large chocolate wrappers work with Choceur® (5.29 oz) from Aldi™ and Hershey’s™ large chocolate bars such as Symphony.

Star Baby Shower Printables

Use the printables in various ways to host a fun baby shower.

  • napkin rings
  • water bottle labels
  • centerpiece circles
  • banner pennants
  • cupcake wrappers
  • cupcake toppers / favor tags
  • chocolate bar wrappers

This baby shower printable set has 30+ pages and you can get it all for $10. (It is a download. Payment via secure PayPal, account is not required)

Print a sample page.

Star Baby Shower Printables. Banners, centerpiece circles, napkin rings, chocolate bar wrappers, water bottle labels.


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