Celebrate National Days With Easy Ideas

As a parent your time is limited. You do your best providing for the family and taking care of the day to day routine things.

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut and forget to celebrate the everyday.

You have the intention to do all kinds of fun stuff with kids but as the days and weeks go by you realize that it’s not happening. Sure you celebrate the big events, birthdays, holidays and maybe even throw in a party just for fun.

But life is not all about the big events. Most of it is a collection of ordinary days.


How can you make those days count?

How can you have simple fun that does not require a whole lot of time?

Awesome Moments With Little Preparations

One easy way to have amazing everyday moments is to celebrate national days.

There are a ton of those and surely it can get overwhelming to do them all.

What if you had a cool selection of national days; and ideas and resources for each day.

Ideas that don’t require a lot of prep work like creating stories using random objects.

Fairy Tale Day Ideas: create stories using random objects.

Great Memories with National Days

Let me introduce Great Memories with National Days!

Natinal Day Activity Ideas

What You’ll Get

1. List of 48 National Days

4 for each month, pick your favorite or do them all

2. Several Easy Ideas

food, crafts, activities, gift ideas

3. Resources

cool printables, and a list of products that make the day fun

The Great Memories with National Days ebook comes with a planner you can use to keep track of what you need for celebrating each national day on the list.

You’ll have a ton of fun celebrating days like

  • bubble bath day
  • umbrella day
  • apple pie day
  • dance day
  • waffle day
  • Mad Hatter day

You and the kids will make great memories by

  • playing brownie trifle game
  • baking moon shaped cookies
  • hosting a chocolate chip cookie and milk social
  • playing charades
  • writing encouraging notes
  • giving scarves to friends
  • having a waffle bar
Chocolate Chip Day Idea: host a chocolate chip cookies and milk party!
Celebrate brownie day by playing brownie trifle game! National Day Ideas.
Dance Day Ideas. Celebrate national days.
Make Great Memories the Easy Way: Fun Things to Do With Kids


If you wonder

“How can I be more fun with kids?”

“How can we make our daily life fun?”

Great Memories with National Days is your answer.

Easy Ideas anyone can do!