Steps I took to Improve My Gut Health

Gut health is so important to your overall wellbeing. If your gut gets out of whack you can end up with a leaky gut and experience various problems all over your body.

It is easy to damage your bacterial balance but luckily it is not impossible to restore it. It will require, though, some effort and simple lifestyle changes.

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It takes time and effort to fix a leaky gut. But it is so worth it. These are the four things I did.

1. Improved My Diet

This can be hard for some of us. Processed food is so convenient. Just pull out the cereal box and milk and there you go: breakfast is served.

I find it always stressful if I try to make too many changes at once. Sometimes it is good to make small change or only a few changes at a time to give the body time to adjust to those.

Here are some things for I did:

  1. Eliminated Foods I Was Sensitive or Allergic to
  2. Avoided Processed Food to The Extent Possible
  3. Ate Organic Food
  4. Added Fermented Foods In My Diet (my favorites are kefir and kombucha)
  5. Ate Prebiotic Foods

2. Fixed Bacterial Imbalance

The gut should have mostly good bacteria to have a great balance.

I went through H.Pylori and yeast treatments and started taking probiotics.

Probiotic supplements are effective in balancing the bacteria in the gut and improving the way you feel. They e.g.

3. Eliminated Toxins

One thing I already mentioned, eating organic, non-processed food. Another one would be to switching to less toxic personal care and household products.

4. Reduced Stress

All of the things above reduce stress but this is about emotional stress.

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