H. Pylori Natural Remedies

Helicobacter Pylori, the nasty little bacterium, digs into your stomach lining and causes various unpleasant symptoms.

Helicobacter Pylori also known as h. pylori is a very common problem. I have seen estimates varying from half to two-thirds of the world population of having it. For many of them it does not cause symptoms.

I am NOT a doctor. These are just some things I learned about h.pylori. Contact your medical care professional before starting any treatments.

Best Natural Remedies for H. Pylori.

H.pylori symptoms I had: pain in my stomach, right below the left rib cage. Sometimes spreading throughout the abdomen. The pain would come and go. It was worse when I had an empty stomach or if I ate certain foods like tomatoes. Frequent burping and nausea.

My doctor recommended me some natural remedies to get rid of h. pylori. I’ll talk about them in a minute but first some basics about h.pylori.

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Consult your healthcare provider before starting any treatments.

What is H. Pylori

H. pylori is a bacterium usually found in the stomach. Its spiral-shape makes it easy for it to attack your stomach lining.

It is the main cause of stomach and small intestine ulcers. And it can also cause gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach.

H. pylori tends to overgrow when a person has a low stomach acid. And it also changes the environment to better accommodate its survival by further lowering the acid levels.

It is not exactly known how one gets it. But it could possibly be passed from person to person via saliva, or coming into contact of infected vomit or feces. It can also spread via contaminated water or food.

Chronic stress plays a part in h. pylori overgrowth. I suffered from adrenal fatigue and had a low stomach acid.

What are the Symptoms of H. Pylori Infection

H. pylori causes various symptoms such as:

  • Abdominal Pain, especially when your stomach is empty
  • Ache or burning in your abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Burping
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Ulcers

The H.Pylori Treatments I did

As for all ailments, there are many options to choose from. I used what my naturopathic MD recommended to me.

H. Pylori Homochord by DesBio

I took 10 drops three times a day. I got this one from my doctor but it can also be bought online from iPlanetHealth but you will need a consultation.

Mastica Chios Gum

This is another excellent product. I used it with the above mentioned H. Pylori remedy but this can be taken by itself too.

I took it in empty stomach: 2 when I woke up and 2 in the mid-afternoon. Mastica Gum helped me a lot. Mastica Gum is the resinous material from Pistacia Lentiscus Tree.

“Since ancient times, mastic gum has been used in Mediterranean cultures as an antiseptic, a food antioxidant, a chewing gum and breath sweetener, a flavoring additive in a variety of traditional foods and drinks, and a remedy for stomach pain, indigestion, and peptic ulcer.” (Block, Will)


Good quality probiotics were really helpful in getting rid of h. pylori.

Green Tea

Green tea has been shown to inhibit the growth of helicobacteria.

So, I enjoyed a cup or two of this delicious beverage cold or hot.

Manuka Honey

Another excellent anti-bacterial food is Manuka Honey. All types of (raw) honey are great at fighting against bacteria but Manuka honey has shown to be even better. Manuka honey has natural hydrogen peroxide in it which makes it very effective against h. Pylori.

What to Avoid When You Have H. Pylori

Based on my personal experience.

  • Spicy foods can make the h. pylori symptoms worse.
  • Tomatoes and tomato products can increase the abdominal pain. I couldn’t consume them without experiencing pain.
  • Pickled foods make things worse. I noticed that it was best for me to avoid commercially pickled foods. They increased the severity of the H. pylori infection symptoms.


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