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Less Stress Blogging!

Blogging can be stressful and at times it can get lonely.

You can spend a lot of time looking for answers and a bunch of money for various blogging resources. But yet you do not have what you need.

Look no further!

(if you are here for the FREE blogging bootcamp, it no longer exists but there is something super amazing available for you: Free Blogging Masterclass. 45 minutes of knowledge. No fluff. No sales. AWESOME!

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How to Make Money With Your Blog. The Only Blogging Resource you Need.

All The Best Blogging Resources At Your Fingertips

You work on your blog, encounter a problem or have a question about SEO. You click a tab and there are your co-bloggers ready to help you at no extra cost to you.

In addition to the live help you have an access to best blogging resources that are updated frequently.

Sounds too good to be true? It is good and it is true. It is a dream come true!!

Where Are These Awesome Blogging Resources

They can be found at Blog Simple Framework.

Or if you are more interested in having an online business (your tribe, products etc.) check out Dare To Conquer.

Blog Simple Framework

Blog Simple Framework offers you fantastic courses for starting a successful blog. It helps you to establish trust and authority in your chosen niche.

The courses included in 2020

  1. Blog Simple Framework
  2. Blog Simple Bootcamp
  3. Blog Simple WordPress
  4. Blog Simple GeneratePress
  5. Blog Simple Elementor
  6. Blog Simple Content Creation
  7. Blog Simple Pinterest
  8. Blog Simple SEO
  9. Blog Simple List-Building
  10. Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing
  11. Blog Simple Analytics
  12. Ad Revenue Engines

There is also a slack group for BSF members to ask questions. You always have somebody to answer your questions.

Read more about the Blog Simple Framework.

Dare To Conquer

Dare To Conquer was formerly known as Billionaire Blog Club. The owner Paul Scrivens a.k.a. Scrivs wanted to take his courses to a whole new level and therefore changed the name to better describe what these awesome business tools can help you to do.

Ready to conquer? Join the group and start creating a business that will help you to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

What’s In It For You

There are many perks for the members!!

Make Money With Your Blog. Turn Your Blog Into Business.

1. Amazing Support

One of the best things about this club is the chat room.  There is always someone there to answer your questions and to encourage you. Or to chat about random stuff. You will have the opportunity to form relationships with other bloggers and to help each other out.

Scrivs hangs out there almost daily and happily shares his knowledge with you. He genuinely wants you to succeed too. He doesn’t just accept your payment and then leave you on your own. Nope. You will have his support.

Where else can you get an access to a successful blogger with a click of a button. And it does not cost you any extra.

Awesome blogging resources. Best blogging tricks and tips.

You’ll love the personal attention, encouraging emails and the challenges he gives you. The online business course materials he offers are outstanding.

2. Fantastic Online Business Courses

As a member of the awesome group of online business owner a.k.a bloggers you will have access to the helpful blogging courses.

DTC will open doors in March 2020 and will have awesome courses to help you to create an online business

  • 6-Figure Product Creation
  • Sales Funnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Hero Branding
  • etc

3. Community

I already mentioned the chat. It is a vital part of DTC. A great place to hang out, ask questions, get encouragement, make connections, and help others.

Who knows what else is coming. Scrivs is always developing something new!

We know one thing. There will be something even BIGGER and BETTER!

Ready to Conquer? Hop on board!

Reserve Your Spot Today and Start Making Money with Your Blog

There is so much free blogging info online that I was hesitant to join but I am so glad I did. These courses and the support you get is amazing!

Without these blogging tools I’d have spent endless hours online searching.

And I would have missed out on the awesome community of online business owners.

There are so many members in DTC with various talents and knowledge. You can ask anything and more than likely somebody has an answer for you.

Join this awesome group created for bloggers like you who want to have an online business!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity!  So come on over!

 Let’s Conquer!

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