6 Fun Stress Relief Methods for Adrenal Fatigue

We all need to take time to kick back and relax. Try these fun stress relief methods today!

If you are in the early stages of adrenal fatigue, go ahead and enjoy these methods to your heart’s content. In the late stage adrenal fatigue you need to be careful not to overdo fun activities. I know, not fun! Some of them reduce emotional stress but increase physical stress. Your body can’t handle the physical stress if you are in the stage three.

Listen to your body and do these fun stress relief activities at a level that is good for you.

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Consult your healthcare provider before starting any treatments.

Breathe in the Aroma of the Forest

Fun Stress Relief Methods. Breath in the Aroma of the Forest.

Walking in the nature is so refreshing. The sounds of birds and the scents of plants and trees are quite soothing. I love the quiet parks or paths in the woods. Plants and trees emit phytoncides “the aroma of the forest” which is said to decrease the cortisol levels. And that brings down the stress level. With severe fatigue though you shouldn’t exhaust yourself physically. So take it slow and keep the walks short. You could just sit in the nature and listen the birds singing— the real tweets. Enjoying God’s creation is good for the soul.

Live Life Together

Spending time with good friends is like having free therapy. Sharing life, laughing, and doing fun things with friends and family is a great way to de-stress. Once again, if you have a severe adrenal fatigue hanging out with friends can drain your energy. But it can be a lonely ride if you avoid seeing everyone to conserve your energy. I considered that the emotional benefits of seeing my friends outweighed the temporarily physical fatigue that followed. Live life together, share your joys and troubles.

Let Your Mind Rest

Get cozy and watch a movie preferably something funny, light, sweet with a happy ending. Watching a movie like that helps your mind to rest because it does not require thinking. Nor does it make you be on the edge wondering what’s going to happen next. I did my share of binge watching in the years I was in partial bed rest. I chose to watch movies with no suspense, no violence, and no sadness. Occasionally my girls joined me and we watched good cute old shows like Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, and Green Acres.

Immerse in the Written Word

Reading relaxes your mind, slows your heart rate and brings down the stress level. Reading before bed time is calming as long as it is not a book you just can’t put down… choose something that does not upset you nor make you want to stay up all night reading.

Bring Out the Paint and Brushes

Any form of creativity is a fun way to relieve stress.  Even if you are not an accomplished artist it can be relaxing to paint. Other creative outlets could be drawing, writing, gardening, party planning, cake decorating, and organizing a closet. When you are doing something creative, your mind is focused on that task and not on all the stressful things going on in life.

Listen to the Soothing Sounds of Baroque

Classical music, especially Baroque (a style of Western European art music from about 1600 to 1750) is good not only for relaxing but learning too. You could try listening to Bach, Handel or Vivaldi and feel its calming effects. Some say the Baroque music is soothing because its beats per minute is close to the normal heart rate of 50-80 bpm. This kind of music increases alpha brain waves which promotes healing and relaxation.

With these fun stress relief methods you can give yourself a treat of relaxation and a boost to your energy levels. Empower your body to heal!

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