Evening Routine for Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Create an evening routine to heal your adrenals and overcome chronic fatigue!

I put a lot of effort in recovering from severe adrenal fatigue. Besides taking care of my daughters, getting better was my job. I read as much as I could, I found out about various natural treatments and I created an evening routine for myself.

My evening and morning routines were a big part of my adrenal fatigue recovery plan. Healing your HPA axis can feel like a chore but it is so worth it.

Note 2021: I wrote this post a long time ago. 

If you want to learn more about fatigue and how to support your health and create a recovery plan, check out Jess at Study In Fitness. She has lots of current info and an amazing recovery story.

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Consult your healthcare provider before starting any treatments.

An evening routine for health. This routine helped me to recover from a chronic fatigue.

My Evening Routine for Adrenal Fatigue

1. Dry Skin Brushing

Sometimes I didn’t do skin brushing in the mornings so I did it at night. Occasionally, I did it twice a day.

In addition to the lymph drainage massage, dry skin brushing also helps to get the lymph moving.

I had to start out carefully with a couple of strokes in each area otherwise I experienced increased detox symptoms. I know sometimes detox symptoms are unavoidable but at times I wanted to avoid them. Or at least did not want them to get worse.

Basics: Use a natural bristle brush. Circular moves in armpits, palms, bottom of feet and only clockwise moves on stomach. Long strokes on legs and arms toward the heart. Above and below each breast towards armpits.

Check out these dry skin brushing videos on my Pinterest Board.

2. Coconut Oil Pulling

I swished 2 tsp of coconut oil in my mouth while doing skin brushing and taking a shower. Oil pulling is said to remove toxins. It is also good for your gums and teeth. I wrote a brief article about coconut oil pulling.

3. Coconut Oil as Moisturizer after Shower

Coconut oil has antibacterial and antiviral qualities. It can also reduce inflammation… and I’d like to think that I can enjoy some of those benefits by putting it on my skin.  Lotions irritated my skin but I found coconut oil to be a good alternative. I like Nutiva Coconut Oil. If you use iHerb promo code LAB515, you’ll receive a 5% discount on your orders.

4. Legs on the Wall

This pose was quite relaxing. I lay down on the floor with my legs up against the wall, bottom close to the wall. I’d try to stay like this at least 5 minutes every day, sometimes longer. Occasionally, I also did this in the afternoons.

In addition to improving sleep, this pose helps to balance hormones and relieve stress.

5. Acupressure Points

These are not the only points I did but the ones I did most frequently. I didn’t always press all of them, but I did them as often as I could.

For Insomnia Relief

These points are all in the same link:

Consider also buying the Acupressure’s Potent Points book, it has been a great help in treating adrenal fatigue and other ailments.

6. Sleep Supplements

Sleep is something you really need. Even though I was against taking sleep supplements, I accepted the fact that I needed to sleep. These remedies are not addictive. And I reached a point where I didn’t need to take sleep supplements any more.

The ones that worked best for me were Deep Sleep with Bio-Identical Melatonin; and Native Rest.  I used Native Rest successfully when traveling to Finland and dealing with the 7-hour time difference.

Too much of melatonin can cause opposite reaction. So, I started with a 1 drop of Bio-Identical Melatonin and 5 drops of Deep Sleep.

Or I used 1 – 3 sprays of Native Rest. Dr. Sears has special promo on Native Rest. Click on the picture to take advantage of an offer.

You might also want to check out the post Natural Sleep Remedies That Work.

7. Homeopathic Drops

I had multiple chemical sensitivity, hormonal imbalance, h.pylori etc. I used many different homeopathic remedies over the years including:

  • Hormone Combination by DesBio (to treat hormonal imbalance)
  • Viral EXP by Protogenx (for viral infections)
  • H.Pylori by DesBio (for helicobacter pylori)
  • FNG (for yeast; for mold sensitivity)
  • Opti-Enviro detox by Optimal Health Systems (to help with multiple chemical sensitivity)
  • Petrochem by Apex Energetics (to help with multiple chemical sensitivity)

8. Relaxing Breathing Exercises

These breathing techniques were very effective in helping me to relax. I used them daily. They activate the parasympathetic nervous system enabling you to relax. They have been a great help in calming my body and mind.

Evening Routine Changes as Health Improves

I don’t need sleep supplements anymore nor homeopathic medicines (only occasionally) but I still do the oil pulling, dry skin brushing and relaxing breathing exercises.

Create an evening routine and a morning routine for yourself with natural treatments and let me know in the comments what works for you :).

There are several natural methods I used for treating my adrenal fatigue, my Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Plan gives you the outline. Check out also My Adrenal Fatigue Story.


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